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[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis--home movies] Reel 32
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1934 – 1935
Can Descriptions
32. 1934--Sept 27, Ocean City, Oct 28, both on bikes, Oct 31, Halloween, Nov 11 [1934], Thanksgiving parade, Dec 21 [1934], nursery school, Jan 5 [1935], Tom ice skating, Jan 5 [1935], Erik and Jane skating, Jan 22, San in deep snow, Jan 24, Jan and San in snow, Jan 26, Billy and Re in ice house, Feb 7, nursery school, Feb 21, Tom and Mary Kirkpatrick, Apr 21, Easter.
Viewing Notes
NHF Cataloguer's notes Reel 32 :17:45. 18:00. Toddler stands before open door of garage. She pedals forward on tricycle. Boy, astride large tricycle emerges from garage, shutting garage door as he does so. He daredevil drives tricycle, allowing it to roll along while he dangles his legs in the air. Toddler emerges from home. She is dressed like a railroad engineer, complete with cap, neckerchief. 19:03. She walks over to car. Chauffeur opens door. As chauffeur starts car, she looks out of window and waves. Children in sand, play box in park. Toddler emerges therefrom carrying small case. Boy reaches into small cloth bag. Two women, children playing ring-around-the-rosy. 20:02. One child wears extended unusual hat. At a more leisurely pace, they continue circling. Children playing on, ascending playground gym set. Toddler walks up long slanted board. Boy walks up behind her. Woman helps her off of board. 21:14. Boy, dressed like Native American chief, emerges from home. He wears mask, unusual jacket. He carries bow. He does dance on sidewalk. He skips to side of car and gives salute. He waves from front seat of car. Boy, still dressed like N. A. chief waves while standing on steps of home. Toddler, outlandishly costumed, is by his side. She wears mask, oversize hat, white jacket with black collar. Toddler removes mask. 22:11. Parade. Men dressed like Turkish zouaves or soldiers drag large, inflated rubber elephant. Clowns, outlandishly dressed man sitting on float. Rubber, inflated dwarf with fishing pole. Spectators at side of street. Horse in parade is more than adequately draped, blanketed. 23:02. Clowns. Grotesque float animal. Mickey Mouse waves. Large, inflated Pluto. Santa Claus and rather mature elves. Christmas tree secured in center of children's sandbox in park. Children using teeter totters. Santa Claus enters park. He approaches sandbox where group of children are gathered. He bears large pack on his back. 24:00. Santa shakes boy's hand. Santa talks to group of children. Two women gather children in circle. Santa hands presents to woman, who in turn, hands them to individual children in group. Winsome in her snowsuit, toddler walks forward shaking box which has been given her. Santa, three women, children. Santa departs. 25:04. Ladies, children with their individual presents in hand. Boy emerges from home ready for hockey game. He carries stick across shoulder. Man carries skates. Man and boy carrying ice skates. Wearing ice skates, boy walks down sidewalk. Boy walks onto ice skating rink. He walks along somewhat clumsily. 26:06. He courageously attempts to balance himself. Other skaters skate by, around and past him. He falls, but rises. Other skaters on rink. 27:08. Man skater walks along as he holds boy by hand. Boy falls, his clothes be-snowed. He rises. Falling and rising continues. 28:01. At edge of rink, woman takes his hand. They enter rink together. Clad in snowsuit, toddler walks across snowy ground. She climbs up snowbank. She smiles, enjoying snow and self. She rolls, burrows in snow. Boy approaches. 29:00. He, also basks, rolls in snow. Holding toddler by hand, the two walk through snow. She falls. Boy helps her up. They walk forward. High snowbanks. Toddler walks forward, plowing through snow using just her feet. 30:02. Very high snowbank at side of house. Children playing in snow. They shovel in bank. Boy helps toddler rise from snow. He walks into indentation he made in snowbank. Hand in hand, boy and toddler walk across snowy yard. 31:02. Both fall into snow together. He helps her rise. Group of boys emerge from snow fort. Boy salutes. The other boys in group do the same. Two boys burrow in snowbank. Two boys clear area outside of sandbox in park of snow. 32:04. Boy falls in sandbox. Props himself up with shovel. Woman shovels in area. Two children descend hill on sled. Three youngsters descend hill on sled. Other children ascend hill. Woman, boys at top of hill. Children walk, run at top of hill. Boy descending on sled runs into boy ascending. Woman helps child up from ground. 33:02. More children ascend hill. Child descends. Children with their sleds at bottom of hill. Toddler descends. She smiles in her success. Boys shovel, play in snow just outside of sandbox. Toddler attempts to push sled up hill backwards. Wooden buildings with balconies, upper level porches. Has tenement aspect. Sign on brick building states: 'South Orange Community House.' Toddler descends slide on her stomach. Woman looks on. Children playing in snow. Toddler crawls off of slide. Walks away. 34:00. Group of children playing in snow. Boy walks across inclined board. He jumps down into snow. Girl rides tricycle around on driveway before garage. Standing in back, boy holds onto her as she pedals. They repeat journey. Toddler, boy, woman emerge from home. Toddler carries large hat. Woman carries purse, blanket on other arm. 35:04. The three approach convertible-coup'e car. Woman takes hat from toddler. Woman helps toddler into car. Toddler with plush animal, woman, boy on bicycle. Easter lily on front step. This is an Easter photo. Man appears in doorway.
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