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16mm film; [2350 ft. total for 7 reels]; Silent; b&w
[commercial shorts] Reel 054 (C1)
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Can Descriptions
Various commercial shorts. Reel numbers are NHF assigned. Reel 54 (C1): 275 ft. B&w. Si. Woody Woodpecker. 'Knock Knock.' (UNEDITED NHF Cataloguer's notes. Reel 54. 03:39. Screen intertitles. 'Castle Films presents Woody Woodpecker. Knock Knock. A Walter Lantz Cartoon.' 03:38. Cartoon pandas at desks. Large and small panda. 03:41. Screen intertitle: 'Daddy, can you catch a bird if you put salt on its tail?' Large panda at desk. Screen intertitle: 'Don't bother me, son. Can't you see I'm busy?' Large panda at desk. Satirical racing form. Panda traces form with finger. Screen intertitle: 'Knock-Knock'. 04:07. Large panda rises, goes to door. Gazes out to emptiness. 04:18. Screen intertitle: 'Knock-Knock.' Panda exasperatingly opens door and peers out. Shuts door. 04:27. Screen intertitle: 'Knock-Knock'. Panda peers out, angry expression on face. Shuts door. Removes it from hinges and places it on floor. Panda breaks door into pieces. Jumps angrily up and down on remains. Little panda approaches and touches big panda. 04:54. Screen intertitle: 'Daddy, it's that Woody Woodpecker again!' 04:57. Little and big panda talk. Hole in ceiling drips water. Big panda very angry as water descends on him. He grasps a stick. 05:12. Screen intertitle: 'So!' Big panda climbs up to ceiling, observes dripping water. 05:16. Screen intertitle: 'Guess who?' 05:18. Woody Woodpecker sticks his head through the hole. 05:20. Screen intertitle: 'Honk! Honk!' Woody Woodpecker pushes panda on his nose. Woody outside on shingled roof. He laughs, struts about. He begins pecking at roof as panda runs around corner of building. Panda climbs ladder as Woody continues pecking. 05:37. Screen intertitle: 'Now I'll get him!' Panda swipes at Woody with a shingle. Woody grabs shingle and pummels the panda with it. Woody dusts off hands and hands the shingle to panda. Circles over panda's head show that he's still dizzy. Little panda climbs up ladder at side. 05:49. Screen intertitle: 'Did you get him, Daddy?' Big panda motions little panda away. 05:55. Screen intertitle: 'Give me that gun!' 05:59. Big panda grabs gun away from little panda. Woody is now pecking at top of roof. Big panda pushes him along rim. 06:07. Screen intertitle: 'I'll fill you full of holes just like you put in my roof!' 06:12. Woody's feathers fly as big panda shoots bullets at him. 06:15. Screen intertitle: 'Click-click-click.' Panda shakes gun, peers down site. Woody fires gun. Panda takes gun and fires it. Sets it down on roof. Circles, stars appear over panda's head and he falls over. He falls off of roof into barrel. Ball falls down drainpipe. Panda reaches out of hole in barrel and grasps it. Water flows from barrel. Panda pops up. 06:47. Screen intertitle: 'I'll get him yet!' While panda makes frustrated motions while in barrel, Woody watches from rooftop. Little panda is behind Woody. Little panda has salt shaker. He sneaks upon Woody. Woody turns just as panda is about to pour salt on his tail. 07:03. Screen intertitle: 'You're not going to try to pull that old gag on me, are you?' Woody pokes panda in stomach. 07:12. Screen intertitle: 'The last fellow who tried that landed in a hospital!' Woody threatens panda who is backing down on rooftop. Woody walks along rooftop. Big panda is winding something. 07:36. Screen intertitle: 'This will fool him'. Time bomb with 'off and on' switch. Woody continues to peck at rooftop. He does little dance with section of shingles that he removes. Big panda sets lady bird strutting along rooftop. She looks at Woody as he continues to dance with shingle sections. Lady bird sashays along. Woody puts wood blocks down and runs after her. He tips his hat to her. 'Oh you kid!' is written inside of hat. 08:15. Lady bird kisses Woody. In his happiness, he flies away and begins pecking holes in a tree, almost decimating it. He does same to several trees. He pecks telephone poles in half. 08:29. He returns and kisses lady bird. Explosion! Lady bird was disguised time bomb!. Woody writhes. 08:35. Screen intertitle: 'Betrayed!'. Woody lies down and cries.Little panda peers around the corner. He has salt shaker. 08:41. Screen intertitle: 'Now to get him for sure!' Panda pours salt on Woody's tail. Woody stands and holds a mug of beer aloft. Panda salts the beer. 08:49. Screen intertitle: 'Thanks, kid.' Woody throws the glass of beer in the panda's face. Woody drinks remaining contents. He throws glass aside. 09:00. Big panda is beside of chimney, rifle in hand. On other side of chimney, Woody begins pecking at rooftop. Panda and Woody face each other. Screen intertitle: 'Honk! Honk!' Woody and panda chase each other round the chimney. Panda looks for Woody. From right behind him, Woody pulls panda's nose. They begin madly chasing each around the chimney once again. Panda leans down and points the rifle. Frustrated, panda removes his hat. Woody is atop his head. Woody pecks panda's head. Woody rubs his chest with pride. Panda clasps his hat down over Woody. 09:35. Screen intertitle: 'I've got him!' As panda begins to gloat, Woody pops through top of panda's hat. 09:40. Screen intertitle: 'Yeah, he's got me!' From atop panda's head, Woody presses panda's nose together like an accordian. Woody starts to fly away. 09:47. Screen intertitle: 'Hold tight, Pop. Here we go!' Panda stands atop a lawn mower pushing it along with Woody still on his head. Lawn mower slices hose in two. Individual hose-fountains spring out of the ground. 10:01. Sow or mother pig with piglets feeding from her breast. Mother pig leaps into air as lawn mower rolls beneath her, piglets still nursing. 10:08. Little panda with rifle. Big panda walks along with Woody still on his head. Little panda fires rifle. Big panda sails into the air. Both panda and woody begin to descend. Woody smiles as he waves. 10:18. Screen intertitle: 'Last one down is no good!' Woody points while smiling. Panda falls through the roof and lands dazed on porch. Woody is behind him, laughing. Little panda approaches and pours salt on Woody's tail. Woody tries to extricate his tail from salt. Clouds ascend as he tries to free himself. 10:34. Screen intertitle: 'It works! They've got me!' Woody glances around in frustration at his tail affixed to porch. He cries, thrashes around. Both big and little panda sit laughing at him. Two uniformed woodpeckers arrive with nets. One of them goes and whispers in panda's ear. 10:51. Screen intertitle: 'Confidentially, that Woody Woodpecker is crazy!' White-uniformed woodpecker continues whispering in panda's ear. He points to Woody. Woodpecker near Woody with net. 10:59. Screen intertitle: 'Yes sir, his whole family is balmy!' Woody is struggling to get out of salt. Uniformed woodpecker continues to talk to panda. 11:09. Screen intertitle: 'But we're different!' Attendant or uniformed woodpecker with bag continues to converse with panda. He laughs and swings bag. He dances up and down. He tweaks panda's nose. Attendant with net rushes by panda and fellow attendant. Attendant beats panda over head with bag. 11:23. Screen intertitle: 'The End. Castle Films. A Walter Lantz Production. (End of Reel 54.)
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