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March 3 2019 at 19:15:02
[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis--home movies] Reel 93
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1963 – 1964
Viewing Notes
NHF Cataloguer's notes Reel 93: 35:41. Man, boy, girl at side of car. Man holds shy boy in his arms. Little girl has doll, paper bag. Children enter car. Group adults, two couples talking on path. 36:03. Couple beside foliage wave. Man pushes luggage on dolly down gangway. Family group on boat landing talk. Man smokes cigarette. Shoreline trees. Boat drifts on water. Children playing by car. Boy bounces basketball. 37:03. Man removes cloth item from car. Children play. He folds item which may be small tarpaulin. Boy applies pump to basketball to inflate it. Toddler bounces basketball after its been inflated. Little boy walks along on crutches. Left leg in cast. 38:03. He smiles resignedly. Woman helps little boy. She carries him up porch steps. Holding rope, little girl smiles. She jumps rope expertly. Woman descends steps. Older man follows, holding little boy with crutches in his arms. Using crutches, little boy hobbles along as older man attends him. 39:02. He walks alone on crutches. Group assembled on path. Man wears paint-stained clothes. Man crouches down. Boy gestures behind him. Man ignites firecracker, permeating the air with smoke. Boy covers ears with hands. Woman ignites firecracker. Steps back. Pyrotechnic display. Roman candles, sky-fireworks. Family aboard cabin cruiser. 40:13. Boat docks. Man helps children out of boat. Little girl runs on dock. Followed by boy on crutches. (These shots a bit faded.) Luggage removed from boat and loaded on dolly. Boy ascends gangway as girl looks behind her. Boy, girl seated in bed of pickup truck, luggage. Truck backs up. (Darkness, blankness.) Small lights visible. Action not yet discernible. Children in carriage. They wear lifejackets. 41:29. Large vessel on water surface. (Shots faded, overexposed.) People watch large vessel while aboard smaller boat. 42:00. Three-sailed boat, cabin cruiser in foreground. Sailboat skims water surface. Dock, gangway visible. (Shots still poor.) 43:04. Sailboats skim water. (Photography back to normal.) Boat with 'E' on smokestack. Canoe enters water. Varied watercraft. Boat in water or car. If it is a boat, it has appearance of car. 44:00. Crowd assembled along shoreline. Boat skims along with man standing on bow. Man working on tower or church steeple. Children, woman on path. 45:04. Boy on crutches leads the three. Woman has packages. Man pulls rope hung from porch. His arm is in cast. He manipulates rope. Top church steeple. Group assembled near tent-like structure. Rope strung between trees. Varied trees. Church photographed between trees. 46:01. Woman, man on boat landing. Woman has infant in arms. Two men walk up gangway. Man carries infant in backpack like device. Woman sitting on porch, infant in lap. She talks as infant wiggles. Older man. Man behind him has infant secured to back. 47:02. Woman follows. Infant smiles from backpack. Woman puts hat on infant. Men walk along. Older man has luggage. Group sits on dock railing. Scan of dock area, rocks , loose boards. Woman, two men stand on dock. Older man bears bundle on shoulder. 48:01. Cars. Man, in white suit, sunglasses stands outside of cabin, motel unit. He carries woman across threshold. Man in white naval uniform, other people outside of motel. Ladies, man with luggage. People emerge from motel. Woman points to within. Man carries planks. 49:02. He sets them down. Man saws plank. Family assembled at foot of porch, luggage. Man rubs boy's head. Woman has luggage. Man wheels luggage in wheelbarrow. Woman, older man walk on path. Man carries small tree in box. Little boy, girl sit in stern of boat. 50:00. Woman waves. Girl rides about on bicycle. Boy pedals about on three-wheel tricycle. He wears an eyepatch. He removes hands from handlebars. Flowers in pots. Machinery, curved pipes. This is attached to truck. 51:03. Older man, three girls assembled before home. All wave fervently! Girls jump up and down. Cars outside of garage, one a 'Volkswagen'. Woman emerges, brushes skirt off. Girl walks cautiously along. Snow, ice on ground. Older man kisses girl. He carries cloth items. Family in livingroom. 52:11. Small table removed from box. Children, woman emerge from car. Wearing fur stole, carrying package woman twirls about like fashion model. Three girls, woman walk jauntily forward by cars outside of garage. Little boy stands at side of porch. Clamps palm over mouth as he coughs. Girls skip, run forward. Girl lifts boy from step and twirls him around. 53:02. Girl chases little boy around in garage area. Boy grasps belt of girl's dress. (End of Reel 93.)
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