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16mm film; 400 ft.; Silent; Color
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DVD; Unknown
5) nhf-1521_0037-nhf- Hiram Percy Maxim-Uncompressed 10-bit .mov
[Maxim--home movies] Reel 37
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1937 – 1939
Can Descriptions
Amateur footage. Content description for Can N34; can numbers are donor assigned. Can Note: 'Quarry 1937-1939.' NHF catalogers notes for Reel 37: (23:02) Pleasure craft. Bare tree and sparse bush. Homes, foliage of opposite shoreline. The beginning of this reel is tinted a medium rose. Bare bushes. Man walks on enbankment above. Downward vertical scan of the bushes and a few flowers. Slender-trunked trees [birches]. Boulders at top of enbankment. Man continues walking. More embankment foliage. Downward vertical shot of bushes, birch trees. Rocks, boulders below. Upper enbankment which circumferences water surface. A number of people walking in the area. Wharf extending into the water. The film now becomes blue-tinted. Water surface in moderate motion. Trees, foliage of shoreline. Extended boulder area of shoreline. Pan. emphasizing water surface. Man standing in bow of pleasure craft. Woman boards boat from dock. Man sits in lawn chair on upper enbankment. He is smoking a pipe. Younger man approaches also smoking a pipe. Two men standing by tent. Copious trees, shoreline shrubbery. Tent exterior. The two men. One gestures outward. Man walks along. Gestures while smoking pipe. Varied and richly-leafed trees of area. Slight breeze wafts limbs of trees. Tranquil water surface. Buildings of opposite shoreline. Low-lying foliage in lawn chair area. Child climbing a tree. Older boy in adjacent trees watches carefully. Child stands between the two trees. The two men. Third individual has been lying on the ground. Front of camp. Debris which may have been furniture at one time is at left of steps. (26:00) Closer view of camp exterior. Three children at corner of camp. (Camp resembles house.) Pan. which stops at tent. Two men by truck. Bed of truck is laden with furniture. Truck motors forward. Man points outward as he touches the side of the truck. He examines gate of bed. Two men standing in front of truck. One is guiding driver direction in which to go. Truck motors cautiously forward. Two men gesture to driver in guiding heavily-laden truck forward. The men run forward as truck moves along. Man climbs among the furniture. He springs down from truck. Man gestures to side. Truck moves between bushes. Man gestures for truck to stop. Three men commence moving furniture from truck bed. Man stands amidst furniture as truck is driven forward. Consecutive vertical windows of camp. Side view of super-camp. Consecutive windows. Rowboat moored. People in inflated boat or raft. Man rows boat with oars. Water surface in moderate motion. Moored rowboat. Foliage of shoreline. Sailboat traverses water. Buildings of opposite shoreline. Pleasure craft leaving small wake. Bushes, trees of shoreline. Silhouette shot of tree. Gentle breeze moves branches. (29:01) Tranquil water surface. Moored water craft. Wharf. Buildings of opposite shoreline. Wild flowers in foreground. Woman on wharf. She is either painting or sandpapering boat exterior. House on hill. Boulders. Bare tree. Sparse foliage. Boat being painted. Side of house-camp. Sparse grove of trees. Finely-foliaged bushes whose leaves resemble mist. Boat traverses water surface. The sparse, leafless trees. Two enormous boulders; one on immediate shoreline. Side corner of camp. Steps lead up to narrow screen door. Side window. Well-made stone chimney extending down side of building. Child walking in field. Another child running in field. Inverted boat amongst boulders at shoreline. Man pauses in painting boat. He smokes pipe while painting. Coast Guard emblem engraved in stone. Side of camp. Wind blows trees. Man rakes yard of camp. Cloth wrapped around diagonally extended pole. Sparse foliage. Rear of parked car. Wind wafts tree branches. Grounds. Tree branches in motion. Cloth wrapped around sticks appears pink while remainder of shot stays blue. Man raking in yard. (32:01) Consecutive side windows of camp. Three children in boat moored at side of wharf. One child climbs out of boat onto wharf. Two remain standing in boat. Rowboat skimming on water. Extensive shoreline buildings. Storage and boathouse facilities. Water is in moderate motion. Boy rows out from wharf in boat. Child on wharf holds rope which is still attached to stern of boat. Boy goes on rowing. Tranquil water surface. Boulder which is obscured by bush. Scraggy tree. Rocky terrain of shoreline. Low-lying foliage. Wind blows foliage. Feathery, mist-like leaves of trees on immediate shoreline and foliage higher up on enbankment. Water surface as viewed between assorted foliage. Right foreground tree leaves silhouetted. Girl has wooden toy. She pounds on it with a hammer. Flowers [lilies] in bloom amidst foliage at side of house. Moored pleasure craft with cabin house. Man steps from wharf onto foredeck. As he walks thereon, people on wharf talk to him. People from wharf board the boat. Wharf. One-sailed boat. The sail is pink while rest of scene is blue. Shoreline trees, building. Varied water craft. Individual rowing rubber raft or boat. One-sailed boat moves forward. Woman watches from wharf. Boy manipulates boat with device attached to interior of boat. He comes into wharf. Water surface. Tree branches. Rubber raft passengers. Girl sits in bow as boy rows with attached oars. People on wharf. One-sailed boat skims over water. Different from the aforementioned pink-sailed one. The crew. Two men, three ladies. (35:07) Man wearing dark glasses waves. Boat skims over the water. Sky. Clouds. Rubber raft with its crew of predominately children. Woman rowing raft. People on wharf. Pleasure craft with boat attached to roof. Bow of this craft. People on wharf. Water surface. Man stands in rowboat at wharf. Older woman walks on wharf. She leans down to pat black and white dog. Color in film is now becoming more variegated. Standing in bow, man rows away in boat. Woman on wharf looks up, smiles. Two children crouched down on wharf. Woman with knees bent looks out over water. Woman waves with hands pressed together. Parked cars. Man removes his hat. Trunk of car is open. Woman holds dress aloft which she has retrieved from car. Two other cars have open trunks. Man carries cloth entwined about two poles into house. Boy holds ropes. Little girl has camera. Woman helps girl focus camera as another girl watches. Girl and woman dock rubber raft at wharf. Swimmers dives from wharf into the water. Woman, little boy stand in rubber raft. Boy dives from wharf. Woman does the same. Woman swimming forward. Boy dives. Little boy, not much more than a toddler grasps side of wooden boat as he stands in raft. Man dives into the water. Man gets into raft and pulls self up on wharf. (38:07) Section of wharf where rocks are piled on each side. Moored, roofed pleasure craft. Expanse of rocks in area. Stern of pleasure boat, the 'Surprise'. Wind blows curtain at side of this boat. Ropes, gear of this craft. Swirling water at its base. Boy watches from shore. Gear, appurtenances of the 'Surprise.' Swirling water. The 'Surprise' drawn dry astrand. Low-lying shrubbery on shore. Color is all natural now. Long, large vessel, something like a steamer or small liner, skims surface of water. Wrecked debris. Delapidated building that is on verge of falling down. Scan of area. Inverted boats. More debris. Large-lettered sign: 'Mystic Shipyard.' Shoreline buildings. Boats of various kinds in shipyard. All sizes and makes. Many are inverted. Man reels in rope on coil. Man in full-diving gear emerges from water. He ascends ladder. Man assists him to remove diving gear. Ship that has 'done its duty' sinking in water in vicinity of posts, pilings. Large inverted boat. Pilings, posts. Last remains of craft that has 'done its bit'. Large ship, vessel with tear or 'rent' in its hull. Shell, skeleton of boat astrand on rocks. More ruined water craft. Two women on boat. Scan of gear, interior. (41:01) Large building, ropes, debris of area. Rocky surface. Rigging, masts of ship. Pilings, water surface. Ruined craft. Once a cabin cruiser. Brick building. Inverted boat. Fallen tree limbs. Buildings. Telephone poles, homes. Fence. Ruins of a boat. Three ladies walking in area. Parked car. Skeleton of boat. Side of home. Small, long trees. Circular sign on upper side of home states: 'Snapper Duck'. More deterioated water craft. (End Reel 37)
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