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16mm film; [? ft.]; Silent; b&w and color
[Archie Stewart--home movies] Reel 065
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circa 1940
Can Descriptions
Archie Stewart notes: Compilation reel of 'Annie Bannie' early childhood scenes over several years. [Ann Stewart Sauls, born April 18, 1930] Intertitle: 'Member Amateur Cinema League. The world wide organization of amateur movie makers. ACL.' Woman (Mary) sleeping with infant, 1930. Mary walking up path towards camera. Woman leaving house holding baby (Ann). Giving baby bath. Mother and child head shots. VS baby, rocking, with dog (Julie, English Setter), birthday cake, one candle. [Plio epdiemit at the time. Mary's 7th birthday party with doll carriages and Grand Street Gang, Gladys Port, Mary Part, Mary Sneed, Gladys with huge mop of hair, Ann, bald.] Children playing in yard. Winter scenes: children playing in snow. Mother pulls kids on sled. Birthday party (dark), 2nd birthday. Two girls in a tub. VS of children in yard, posing, George Gatter, Mary, Ann. VS Girls eating (most shots dark) at kitchen table. Winter scenes: children sledding, Grand Street Gang. Girls in bathtub. Birthday party: children eating ice cream, cake with candles brought to table. Gladys Port, Ann Brown. Three candles. Billy Hilton, Anne Northrop, Kirk Steen, Sally Smith. Winter scenes: children lying in snow. Summer: Girls playing with ducklings. Children on stilts. Girl feeding duck and chickens. Mary Stewart holding beagle dog in arms. Ducks and ducklings wading into pond. VS chicken and ducks. Farmyard: girls with cow, stroke horse. Girls riding bicycles on sidewalk, Grand Street Gang and Nancy Allott. Birthday party, happy girls eating at table covered with party favors, 4 candles. VS Ann seated with dog, shaking hands. Christmas: Woman with large doll on lap. Unwrapping presents. VS of family seated around decorated living room. Grandpas Warden and Stewart. Girl drawing in coloring book. Pan down Christmas tree to girl. Ann playing with handcuffs. Summer: Pan of children on porch swing. Girls foot race on sidewalk. Group of adults and kids on front steps. Burning smoke snakes on sidewalk, 4th of July. Winter: kids building snow "George Washington". Intertitle: 'Annie Bannie & Mary Aah.' VS of Gordon setter dog, Patsey. Autumn: VS of two girls and dog getting out of car, playing in yard. Christmas: Girls wearing pajamas. VS of family unwrapping presents. Grandpa Warden. Cooking steak in fireplace. Winter: Children sledding down small hill, Ports' yard. Mother and two daughters posing on city street. Group of girls posing outside in party dresses. Group of children at pool. Swimming races. VS Girls lighting firecrackers, 4th of July. Poolside party, Powelton Club pool. Dress-up: Ann in white wig and hat, mother's "Mae West" costume wig and hat. Birthday cake: Telegram. Miss Stewart. Happy Birthday. Hotel New Yorker. Hayride: Gang of kids and women in back of horse-drawn cart.

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