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16mm film; [450']; Silent; b&w
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16mm film; [450']; Silent; b&w
4) 0996.0002.02_F16
16mm film; [450']; Silent; b&w
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16mm film; [450']; Silent; b&w
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DVD; Silent; b&w
7) 0996.0001-.0004_VHS
VHS; [58 min.]; Silent; b&w
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BetaCamSP; Silent; b&w
9) 0996.0001-.0004_IN3/4
3/4inch-video; Silent; b&w
10) 0996.0001-.0004/1025.0001-.0012_VHS
VHS; Silent; b&w
11) 1025.0001-.00012/0996.0001-.0004_BSP
BetaCamSP; Silent; b&w
Maine and New Hampshire, ca. 1929--Elizabeth Woodman Wright--home movies. Reel 2
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1929 – 1931
Viewing Notes
Two people raising an American flag up a flagpole. People cutting brush. Two children in the back of a car. A man (Uncle Charles) and a dog (Ted). Charles sharpening a scythe. Charles cutting hay with the scythe. A man (Curtis) driving a horse-drawn mower. Close up of a boy and a girl. A man raking hay. A group of seated people with a dog. A horse-drawn plow. Men digging up sod. Taking out a large stone. A horse pulling a basket of dirt. A crowd gathered for an auction. Close up of a man holding up a pitcher. A horse-drawn wagon. Children in the back of a wagon. A man cutting wood. (Dan Thorne?) An older man and woman (Mrs. Maxim). Mrs. Maxim with a birthday cake and people seated around an outdoor table. A group of men on scaffolding, putting shingle siding on a house. A man (Mellie Dunham) playing the fiddle. A woman sways in the background. A picnic in a field. (Grafton Notch) A man moving logs from a pile onto a wagon. The wagon coming up the road. Unloading the logs. Sunset over the mountains. Lowering an American flag on a flagpole. A person walking up a snowy road. A boy throwing snowballs. He shakes snow loose from a tree branch. Two young men and a boy walking in the snow. A boy running up the front steps of a house. A man, a woman and a dog exit. A group of people playing in the snow. A boy sledding. [End of Reel]
Donor-supplied Notes
Flagpole. Chopping at the Buckfield turn, clearing the road, by Curtis & CCW. 1929 Ford station wagon. Uncle Charles & Ted the dog. Uncle Charles sharpening his Scythe and cutting hay. Curtis on the mower, horses pulling. W3 raking. Mary and Brooks, Uncle Ell, Charles Weston raking. Mrs. Weston with her dog. Mrs. Langley, Mary, Curtis, CCW, Charles, W3 Ready to build the tennis court. 1929 & 1930 Sod squares on the stone drag, huge rock removed. Charles Weston Conrad Wesselhof. Uncle Ell, boys. Mary, W3, BW Auction, Albert Parks (stopped talking when he saw EWW filming) Wood load backed into Windy Ledge barn by Uncle Ell. Filming missed the emptying. W3 putting the wood into the shed. Empty wagon returning to the Farm. Dan Thorne, handyman. Mrs. Maxim's Birthday party 1930. Mary Hallerin, maid from Cambridge. CHCW in his usual straw hat. Shingling the barn - gib shaw; notice Curtis clinging to the side; he didn't like heights. Mellie Dunham, famous violin player from Norway & his wife. (Notice the cat's tail passing on the lower right) Picnic - Grafton Notch. W3 and Curtis in Lena, other family members in the field Loading wood down the road - unidentified man. Sunset view. Flag comes down at the end of the day. Cambridge - snow - 9 Lowell St., 1930 & 1931. 3 boys playing.
[They are preparing location for tennis court, according to Aagot Wright, wife of Walter Woodman Wright.] // Donor note: The elderly woman having the birthday is Mrs. Maxim, no relation, who lived down the road about a mile.
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