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16mm film; 315 ft.; Silent; b&w
[Archie Stewart--home movies] Reel 024
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Can Descriptions
NHF cataloguer's notes, 4/96: Reel 24: Archie Stewart can notes: 1932 Picnic at 'Home' Camp. Cheepy. Deer hunting at Unknown [Lake]. McQuade picnic. 1. Picnic at Camp of Home for the Friendless. 2. Cheepy the Robin. 3. Deer hunting at Unknown Lake in Maine, November 1932. Screening notes: Women lead small children along path; everyone in white. Stop beside gorgeous gentle waterfall down ledges of rock, bathers stand on various levels. Large group of children posing on rocky incline. Wee children nervously test the waters in shallow pool. Multitude of swimmers frolicking in water. Picnicking beside water. Mary feeding bird ("Cheepy") perched on her finger (great shots, including CUs of bird). Kids sliding down short waterfall. Packing up picnic; launching canoe; hunters loading gear and deer on horse drawn cart; dragging dead deer through woods (similar scenes as Reel 23). Men pushing car on road in woods. Lashing deer to fender. Mary Stewart Hafer notes: Grandmother Stewart became a Director of the Montgomery Street orphanage, "The Home for the Friendless" at about this time. Her first act as a Director was to persuade the Board to change the ugly name to "The McQuade Home." Dr. McQuade, himself a Canadian-born foundling, had a good medical practice in Newburgh. He never married, and left his entire estate to the orphanage. The McQuade Foundation is still active in Newburgh. he was a hunting and fishing pal of Grandfather Stewart's. The next thing Grandmother did for the orphanage was to find a large farmhouse in a beautiful location in the Shawangunk Mountains and rent it for the summer. The entire orphanage then moved to "summer camp" There was a nearby mountain stream with icy waters that flowed through large shallow pools carved from the rock. These were not deep enough for much danger of drowning, but were delightful for playing. My parents and their friends, George and Florence Northrop, toddlers Ann Stewart and Anne Northrop, and I are shown having a picnic at this stream with the orphans.
Rivers, Hunting, Swimming
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