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1) 1428.0020_F16
16mm film; [? ft.]; Silent; b&w and color
2) 1428.0015-.0020_DVD
DVD; 44 min; Silent
3) 1428.0015-.0021_IN3/4
3/4inch-video; 54 min; Silent
4) 1428.0015-.0021_VHS
VHS; 54 min; Silent
[Birch Rock Camp footage] Reel 20
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Viewing Notes
Amateur footage primarily of Kimball Union Academy. NHF Cataloguer's Notes: B&W (39:01) Building with triangular mullioned windows. Wooded area. Tree branches on the ground. LS boy cutting felled tree with axe. Administrative building with shutters. Young man using axe on felled tree. Young man dragging several felled trees. More of boys doing woodswork. Mountain in distance shrubbery in foreground. LS older man working on trunk of felled tree with axe. More shots of felled trees and landscape. Diagonally strung wires like telephone wires. Boys continue with woodswork. Older man smiles and waves. (41:00) Two men in area being cleared. One man saws lumber on sawhorse. One man stands on trunk of felled tree while cutting into it with axe. Side of building. LS two young men sitting on ground talking. CU older man playing trombone with sheet music attached to trombone. He plays trombone while boys play football. MS boy cheerleader. Team in a huddle. Football game. Team on bench. (43:03) MS school band with instruments marching out onto field. Young maestro leads band. CU well dressed smiling young man standing in field. More football. Men talking at edge of field in semi-formal and casual dress. One grabs his friend by the scruff of the neck, joking around. Group talking. Some sit on bleachers. One has a dog on a leash. Another has a small child in his arm. LS football flying through the air. More football. Mother sitting at edge of field with infant, lifting it up and down. (45:07) Two older men walking down field. MS group of dogs running down field, most are black and white spaniels. LS dogs outside of pen. Smaller dog stands on hind legs and looks through fence. (46:01) Other dogs wag their tails. COLOR LS cabin being constructed. Snow on ground. Underexposed film. Football players seated on bench. More football. Referee walking down field with stick in his hand. Players running down field and tackling. MS three men talking on field, one wears shorts. Boys dressed for soccer. Ball is thrown then one player kicks it. Soccer game. (48:03) Young men in woods probing ground with long objects. Pan of birch trees to reveal young man sitting in branches near top of tree. LS hillside. Two young men sit on ground with square wooden object between them. They appear to be sawing. MS middle aged man kneeling down to young men. Planks have been sawed. Boys sawing. CU young man's face as he saws. End of reel.
Camps, Sports
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