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16mm film; 580 ft.; Silent; b&w
6) 1108.0070-.0071_DVD
DVD; Unknown
[animation and commercial shorts] Reel 71
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circa 1927
Can Descriptions
Reel 71: [Archie Stewart can notes: Kids cartoon's and other animation.] Screening notes: Faded title drawing 'MJ Winkler presents Felix in the Swim.' Copyright 1927. Pat Sullivan Studio. B&W, silent. Cat finds mouse in trap. Balloon from mouse: 'Spare me!' Cat releases, mouse: 'Anytime I can do you a favor, Felix, call on me.' They shake hands and part. Cat runs to house, whistles. Young boy comes to dormer window. Felix: 'Come on down to the old swimmin' hole.' Mother in backyard washing clothes in bucket. Calls to 'Willie' to practise piano - the end of the swimming plan. Felix walks away, meets up with his friend the mouse who has a scheme. Mouse calls his three brothers who 'Play' the piano while boy Willie and cat Felix sneak off to the swimming hole. Mother is so impressed by how much better the boy is playing, she decides to reward him with some pie. She spots the mice thru the window and realizes she's been tricked. Meanwhile, Felix and Willie have changed into swimming gear and dive in water. Willie spots a goat eating their clothes piled on the ground! Intertitle: 'That Night.' Willie and Felix sneak back to the house wearing barrels. Willie slips inside window -- silhouette against shade shows Mother with stick beating boy 'Bang! Wow!' Mouse joins Felix 'Didn't I fix it for you?' End. Title: 'Chip the Wooden Man in 'The Land of the Wooden Soldiers' Produced by Kinex Studios, Hollywood.' Claymation, B&W. Chip, a block shaped man riding on dinosaur. Approach castle, chips peers over wall to see soldiers drilling in courtyard. Chip talks to guards, they threaten his dinosaur. Dinosaurs rolls himself into a ball and rolls beside Chip as he joins the troops inside. While Chip is talking to soldiers, mechanical dinosaur knocks down castle wall. Troops roll out cannon, mechanical dinosaur eats cannon balls shot at it, then attacks cannon. Chip's dinosaur slowly unrolls and unravels and chases off the attacker. Both Chip and his dinosaur receive medals. Title: 'Snap the Ginger Bread Man in 'Mush On' produced by Kinex Studios, Hollywood.' Claymation, B&W. Snap emerges from snow bank, digs to find dog. Dog pulls sled to North Pole. As they celebrate, polar bear approaches, then chases Snap. Snap hides in snowbank beside snowman, is discovered and runs back to Pole and climbs up. The bear pulls a book from snowbank beside pole -- its a Register! which Snap signs just below signatures of Byrd, Amundson. Title: 'Snap the Gingerbread Man in 'Darkest Africa' produced by Kinex Studios, Hollywood.' Claymation, B&W. Snap with rifle and his dog walking to jungle. Meet monkey hanging in tree. Monkey jumps on dog and rides him; then tosses cocoanut and knocks out dog. Lion arrives, Snap jumps on lions back. Snap and his dog trap lion in hollow log. Title: 'Killing the Killer, Produced by Ufa. Enemies of long standing - the cobra and the mongoose.' B&W, silent film. MS of coiled hooded cobra. WS of huge cobra snake slithering along ground. MS of mongoose. Remainder shows fight between cobra and mongoose interpersed with titles. Includes slow motion. Title: 'Kodak Cinegraph. New Release each month. Living Fairy Tales.' Silent, B&W. Hand opens book to text and picture for 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears.' Drawing of Goldilocks animates and jumps from page to view of her home and mother. Goldilocks goes for walk and comes upon house with sign 'G. Bruin.' Remainder depicts standard tale of trying the porridge, the chairs and the beds; return of the bears (wearing clothes); discovery of girl in bed; chased by bears; they shake hands and part friends. End title: as hands close book 'The End. A Carpenter -Goldman Production.'
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