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16mm film; 302 ft.; Silent; b&w
[Archie Stewart--home movies] Reel 045
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Can Descriptions
NHF cataloguer's notes, 7/96: Reel 45 Archie Stewart can notes: 1935 hunting. Not of general interest. Screening notes: Men shooting rifles. Mary taking notes with older man, Uncle Sam Stewart. Ann and Mary kissing Archie goodbye on sidewalk. Enters car. Archie on deck of ferry, men read newspaper. Walking away from diner 'Rhinebeck Quick Lunch.' Bonnet of car in FG with Packard hood ornament [Stewarts were also Packard dealers]. Hunting trip with snow on ground. Loading gear into canoe. Campfire, eating. Two dead bucks loaded in canoe. Rob Golding paddling, dragging deer to shore. VS of men with movie cameras taking pictures. Moving shot, on lake, towing a rowboat. WS of Archie and friend standing on hillside looking at farmland. Deer lashed to grill of car in courtyard of large white building, Rob Golding's house, Perry, Maine. Greeting collie. Removing dead deer from car, hauling to train platform. Standing on pier, Eastport, Maine. Line of fire buckets. Billboard 'Saltesea Brand. Fresh Opened Oysters.' WS of port, tug pulls away from large ship. WS of (fishing boat?) pulling away, towing dinghy. WS Three men leaving store, sign above 'Cherry.' WS men approach, departs from large rock mound with arched doorway. WS of very large two story wood frame building under construction. Men roofing. VS of sites, piles of lumber, other buildings. Birdcage with sign below 'These birds were caught stealing gas.' VS of hunters, riding in boat, shooting rifles. LS sawing logs in wooded glade beside cabin. VS of men sawing, chopping, splitting wood. Cleaning out (crab shell?) Man feeding dog outside log cabin. VS hunters with dogs, teasing with dead fox. Dragging deer through woods. Loading canoe, setting off from shore (nice night shot). Snow covers ground, man digging. WS of men by boats. MS of line of deer carcasses lying in snow.
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