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[Archie Stewart--home movies] Reel 077
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circa 1926 – 1927, 1932
Viewing Notes
NHF cataloguer's notes for Reel 77: Archie Stewart can notes: Moving picture scrapbook. Blimp. Fish Grand Lake. Picnic Curtises. Chas. Beasleys P.D. Army Navy Train. RNG shoveling at 388 [Broadway, Newburgh, NY]. Mary Anniversary. JRC & Shorty. Group at 333, 1927. Xmas shots. Mary age 5. Dry dishes 388. Oil burner. Mary show, 1926. Mary Xmas about 27. My birthday party. May Jess [?]. Shoot 33 rifle. Ball game. Franklin Wallkill. Boat race. Night pictures. Colo GSeary [?]. Mary sing 267, 3rd. Deerslayers. TWS, Uncle Bob. Todd Wardens. Foster, Jim. HAWQ. Eclypse [sp], Barton. See [notes] from old Reel 3.
Viewing Notes
Screening notes: Appears to be compilation reel of outtakes. Intertitle: Indoor Sports -- Editing Films. MS of young Archie in dressing gown, seated at table with projector, winding reel of film. Starts projector. Intertitle: Mother Dolls Up for an April Fool Party, Grandmother Stewart. MS of older woman, fanning herself [more at end]. Intertitle: Winters Deepest. WS of woman walking down curved path between enormous snow banks. Woman wears fur coat, appears to be ca. 1926. VS of city streets choked by snow, vehicles buried under drifts (Garage, Roosa Furniture Company). MS of man leaving building, it is Henry Ramsdell leaving original Broadway Garage office. WS of man walking beside parked car, heavy load of snow falls on porch roof in BG. Aerial view of highway taken from blimp, Miami Beach causeway. Shadow of blimp crosses road, pan up to brief glimpse of harbor. Dark interior shot of passing countryside, pilots head in FG. VS of landscape below: beaches, cars in parking lot near marina. Landing of airship POV from cabin: men in uniform direct pilot and grab mooring ropes. Goodyear Blimp taking off. Shot from ground, rear of blimp rising over tent. VS of people buying postcards and refreshments from outdoor stand at blimp landing strip. Men with fishing poles paddling canoe away from small dock on Grand Lake. VS of canoe on lake, using motor. Reflections of pedestrians in car showroom window (color, out of focus), new Broadway Garage. People eating at picnic table on porch. Dog standing on lake shore. VS of lake with heavy fog. Interior of crowded train, smiling men and women. Some men wear uniform. Archie taking still photographs. All adults, well dressed, women in furs and hats. (Jiggles with movement of train.) Man shoveling sidewalk, stops to salute to camera. Woman with broom sweeps alongside. LS of man in towel (very out of focus) running from lake shore into woods, tracking shot. Mother poses in party dress (color). Mary joins her for hug. Husband (Archie) enters room, admires dress, gives her hug and kiss (two takes). Man with goatee beard (Dr. Townsend?), hat and coat, stands on porch and plays with large terrier dog. MS young girl in grandfather's arms poses beside grandmother and mother (outside). CUs on Grandmother Stewart, Mary and mother. Mother and Mary sit reading beside Christmas tree. Girl seated on floor opens present. Boy and Mary with bicycles on sidewalk (Jimmy Owens, lived next door). Hug and pose for camera. MCU of girl seated on tricycle. TS man and woman [washing dishes?, dark]. CU of girl in hat and coat, standing unsteadily. Woman's hand adjusts thermostat on wall [another take later on reel; Mary Stewart Hafer says thermostat was new--the latest thing!]. MS of oil burner. Man opens burner door, MS of flames. Young girl shoveling snow. WS of girl walking up cleared sidewalk. Christmas scene: Girl kneels on floor and opens gifts: building blocks, train set, teddy bear, xylophone, watercolor paint set, book. Man seated in open car. Seven men line up for camera. CU headshot of each man: Archie's pals, includes George Northrop and Clark Smith. Three adults and one toddler pose with two dogs on lawn. WS of Brookside Pond. Archie walks into frame, with rifle. Turns and aims carefully. Fires and turns to camera, nods. MS of Archie with rifle, water in BG. WS of African American man with handgun walking up path beside lake. Turns, aims, fires several times. Arthur Murray, later a partner in Broadway Garage. [Arthur Murray born 1909] Woman and child walk up path. WS of Archie firing repeating rifle. MS of woman smiling for camera. Street scene, car backs out of driveway onto street. MS of man behind hand crank movie camera on tripod. Man leans against car talking to two women inside. MS Archie in shirtsleeves casting fishing line into stream. MS two women arm in arm, Florence Northrop and Mary Stewart. MS of man casting fishing line into stream. Men and women stand arm in arm for camera, George and Florence Northrop. LS Man [selling?] umbrellas and hats inside sport stadium, few people in stands. WS of [river?], big steam ships on far shore, small rowboats and onlookers in FG. Woman in profile, turns and smiles [two takes, very dark]. People walking down stone steps. Mother seated on grass helping daughter eat from large bowl on ground, much dribbling on chin. Others in BG. Three people seated on grass eating watermelon, Adeline Hill, Mary Stewart's Wellesley roommate, and Florence Northrop and Mary Stewart (mother). Offering drink from milk bottle to little girl. Moving shots from water of buildings on shore. Mary playing piano, singing. WS of wooded glade. WS of Hudson River, buildings in FG. MS of girl climbing into wicker chair [cute]. WS of bushes waving in wind. Girl walks out front door, puts doll in carriage and pushes out of frame. Waves at camera, hat askew [nice shot]. Man in plaid jacket, carrying luggage, steps out door and looks around. MS Older man stands on porch, lights up cigar. Interior of train, passengers. Train pulling out of station, behind two parked cars. Archie in hunting regalia, with mustache, head shot. Head shot of Howard Kendall. VS Loading luggage on train, including deer carcass. LS man in canoe paddling toward small dock, Dobsis Lake at The Pines. Man stands beside dead deer on dock, calling reluctant dog. Two dead bucks beside luggage and canoe on dock. WS two men use ax to dismember/clean deer carcass. Man throws offal into woods. MS of wall thermometer. Woman's hand adjusts setting. Four older people pose in hats and coats on lawn outside large house, Uncle Samuel L. Stewart. MS of each (focus problems). Young girl in coat and hat hopping beside mother. CUs of girl hamming for camera. Group of men and women (in furs) pose in line, holding little girl and cat. Older man poses, turns stiffly to profile. Another family group [Great Grandfather Archibald L. Todd, Grandfather and Grandmother Warden]. CUs of Grandmother and Grandfather Stewart VS Two men in raccoon coats, and bowlers, smiling and smoking cigarettes. More family groups and CUs. Two women and two men pose in front of flowering [hydrangea?] bush. WS of car parked on dirt driveway in front of barn. MS of women leaning out parked car window with flower. Pan of mountain view (dark). Slow pan of grass fields, horse drawn cart in BG. Woman stands with foot on car running board, sketching or writing on pad. People picnicking in grass beside road. Car drives by. Partial solar eclipse (grainy and faded), 1932 from Vermont. Group of people talking beside car. Pan of countryside, farms on hillside. More shots of solar eclipse, wispy clouds. Ku Klux Klan parade, crowds watch on sidewalks, Broadway, Newburgh, NY. WS pans with parade [another shot later on reel]. Two men talking beside truck. Electric trolley street car passes horse drawn cart. Banners waving above street (includes Union Jack in one corner). VS street scenes of small town. British flags hang from light poles. LS of five [boats?] in water. MS of Mary, hair marcelled, in profile. Man seated on [ice cutter / tractor?]. Child in high chair clutches big spoon, eating oatmeal. Smacks hand to forehead, peek-a-boo. VS Grandmother in April Fool-ery, with fan. WS Ku Klux Klan members riding in car in parade. Intertitle: "Memorial Day on Old Broadway." Marching Band. African American men in uniform, followed by drums. School girls [scouts?]. CU of man in bowler, tips hat and smiles--Dr. Townsend. Three older men pose with young boy (Mack Balfe and his two grandfathers). Ice harvest: Machine cut blocks, men guide with poles through sluice, blocks traveling on conveyor belt. Nice shot includes older worker in FG. [Archie Stone who bought Ice Co., Uncle Sam Stewart and Mary] More people posing with young girl. House surrounded by snow piles. Large crane bites into huge snow piles to remove from city street. Rob Golding and wife Jane.
Parades, Families, Hunting
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