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16mm film; 400 ft.; Silent; b&w
4) 1521.0023-.0026_DVD
DVD; Unknown
5) nhf-1521_0026-nhf- Hiram Percy Maxim-Uncompressed 10-bit .mov
[Maxim--home movies] Reel 26
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Viewing Notes
Amateur footage. Content description for Can N26; can numbers are donor-assigned. 26. 'Gaspe trip - 1935.' (UNEDITED) NHF cataloguer's notes for Reel 26:Intertitle: 'Member of Amateur Cinema League Inc.' This is projected against sky of shifting clouds. 'The world wide organization of amateur movie makers.' This is projected before a weather vane. Dark clouds shift in background. 01:49. Initials, 'ACL' enclosed in triangle. Rays of sun in background. 'Vacation Shots, 1935.' Parked car. Trees, wood in background. 02:01. Intertitle: 'At Boston we put the car on the boat for Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.' Elderly has little girl by hand. Younger woman follows behind. Two men follow. Woman, man. Several people. Water surface. Bow of boat. Smoke stack, rigging, deck appurtenances. 03:00. Lettering on side: 'Yarmouth.' Passengers in deck chairs. Circular window in door. Steward carries deck chairs. Intertitle: 'Long stretches of lonely forest road in Nova Scotia.' Highway with tall evergreen trees on either side. Intertitle: 'A New Brunswick river. Loading pulp wood.' River surface. Foliaged hills. Houses. 04:01. Pulp wood on conveyer belts. Evergreen trees in background. Men working. Shot tracks to right. More conveyer belts. Ship. Intertitle: 'The glossy, brown mud of Bay of Fundy inlets.'Beach, muddy area above. Houses. Beach, grass. Covered bridge. Intertitle: 'Signs of poverty begin in New Brunswick'. 05:01. Two shacks enclosed by wooden fences. Exterior of poor home. (This part of film is rose-tinted.) Man walks in yard. The ramshackle dwellings. Intertitle: 'The ferry across the Restigouche River at Campbellton, N. B.'Ferry boat navigating waters. (Black and white photography resumed.) Foliage, mountainside in background. Smoke emanates from chimney. Car parked on wharf. Another parked car. 06:00. Bar is raised at end of wharf. Water surface is in motion. Intertitle: 'Along the southern shore of the Gasp'e.' Highway, mountainside. Evergreen trees. Mountainsides with clouds looming immediately over. Telephone poles, landscape. Intertitle: 'Now let's shift to color.' Houses, low-hanging clouds. (Film is tinted a light rose.) Well-kept home. Fence posts. Barns. Fleecy, low-hanging clouds. 07:01. Intertitle: 'Rounding a curve famous Perc'e bursts into view.' Long protruberance of rock which looks like cliff. White fence. Shot tracks to left. Houses, landscape. Mountainsides with overhanging clouds. Homes, landscape. Shot tracks to right to reveal rocky protruberance. Intertitle: 'The famous pierced rock from which Perc'e gets its name.' 08:00. Two gigantic rocks sculpted by nature. There is natural arch in one. Impressive expanse of rock. Intertitle: 'The little town of Perc'e.' Rolling hills, houses of Perc'e. Pan. of mountainside. Well-kept homes.Older woman sits on bench by fence. Intertitle: 'French-Canadian twins.' 09:00. Two middle-aged women walk along. They wear identical white dresses. They walk by horses in yard. Intertitle: 'Loading dried codfish. No wharves. Boats land on beach.' Fishing vessel. Men working on vessel. Little boy, woman walk past horses tethered in yard. People walk onto boat from primitive wharf composed of two boards and essential pilings. Quick scan of wharf. People in yard of home. 10:12. Boat begins voyage. Priest is aboard. Boat is open with sails still furled. Intertitle: 'Going out to Bonaventure Island at Perc'e.' Passengers on boat. Boat drags rowboat behind it. Water surface, cliffs, rocky promontories. Right-tracking pan. of rocky terrain. Jutting cliff. Pan of scenery continues. The cliffs. 11:01. Closer view of sides of cliffs with their varied rocky prominencies. Sea gulls fly over cliffs. Sea gulls roost on cliffs. Pan. of roosting sea gulls. Upper cliffs with varied rocky promontories. Sky. Sea gulls fly over upper jutting cliff. The roosting sea gulls. 12:00. Sea gulls continue flying over cliffs. Intertitle: 'After battling the Old North Atlantic for 500,000 years, Bonaventure Island shows these scars.' Worn-away rocky cliff sides with uneven, deteriorated crevices. White or chalky cliff sections. Right-tracking pan. of rocky terrain, vertical pan. Variegated, uneven lapidarian prominencies, 13:01. Chalk-white vertical rock. Water surface, the long Perc'e cliff or rock. Homes below the rock. One home built on smaller rock below. Sea gulls, sailboat, water surface, shoreline homes. Intertitle: 'Famous, remote and beautiful Restigouche, P. Q.' Landscape, homes, horizontally-placed telephone wires. Intertitle: 'Lots of cars from U.S.A. every night at Restigouche.' 14:01. Parked cars of every make and description. CU of license plate. License plates of assorted states. Intertitle: 'Back to black and white. The most easterly hotel in U.S.A. Eastport, Me.' The 'Hotel East' in Eastport. Tall, vertical windows, exterior porches, balconies. (Photography has reverted to black and white.) Scan of hotel exterior. Cars parked outside hotel. Intertitle: 'Every place full up. We try a 'Tourists Accommodated'. Sign: 'Rooms...' at side of building. Overhanging leaves of tree. Woman sitting in canvas chair on porch. 15:01. Intertitle: 'Winter Harbor, Maine.' Water surface. Homes and nautical storage buildings. Wide-angle shot encompassing Winter Harbor, Maine. View taken on land. Evergreen trees. Mountainsides of opposite shore. Intertitle: 'Grindstone Inn at Winter Harbor, is delightful.' Inn exterior. Roffed arched doorway over square entrance. Trees, foliage on either side of entrance. Immediate exterior as viewed from interior inn windows. Water surface. Small island jutting out into water. Evergreen trees. Intertitle: 'Frenchman's Bay water is as clear as crystal and cold as ice.' Turbulent, in-motion water of Frenchman's Bay. 16:02. The waves curl, undulate. Boulders, rocky shoreline. Little boy stands on rock as tide comes in. Woman sits on rock. Trees, low-lying foliage behind her. CU little boy sitting on rock. Intertitle: 'The Samoset, Rockland, Maine.' Exterior of the large and extended Samoset Hotel in Rockland, Maine. Wide angle, panoramic view. Man leans as he talks to woman in rocking chair on hotel porch. 17:05. Porch of hotel. Awnings. Low cliff jutting out into water. Trees of shoreline. Sparkling water surface in moderate motion. Two tree trunks silhouetted at left. Adjacent park. Overhanging trees. People seated on benches. People playing golf in vicinity of a gazebo. Copiously-leaved trees in area. Intertitle: 'We ran across this sample of architecture at Kennebunk, Me.' Victorian-style mansion with jutting pinnacles and vertically-arched doorways. Trees in yard. 18:06. Quick pan. of dwelling. Intertitle: 'And finally, beautiful Kennebunkport.' Beach. Incoming tide brings foamy waves. Bathers. Buildings along immediate shoreline. Building crowned with a cupola. Flagpole extended on building. Clouds in sky. 19:01. Pan. view of this area, comprising shoreline, assorted buildings thereof and increasing intensity of foam as tide comes in. Sun illuminating clouds against the horizon. Intertitle: 'The End.' (End of Reel 26.)
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