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1) 1521.0001_VHS
2) 1521.0001_IN3/4
3) 1521.0001_F16
16mm film; 300 ft.; Silent; b&w
4) 1521.0001-.0004_DVD
DVD; Unknown
5) nhf-1521_0001-nhf- Hiram Percy Maxim-Uncompressed 10-bit .mov
[Maxim--home movies] Reel 1
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Can Descriptions
Amateur footage. Content description for Can N1 in quotes below; numbers are donor-assigned. 1. 'The Family Album, No. 1. Our first film showing Jess, Percy, Hester, John, HPM, Miss Powell, Tuska, Leonore. Our inimitable Sophie. Bethany Trip.' (UNEDITED) NHF Cataloguer's notes for Reel 1: 01:26. Intertitle: 'Josephine and I present Ourselves and Our Friend. 276 North Whitney Street. Nov. 2, 1924. Percy Maxim Hester Hone, John Lee, Hamilton Maxim, and Mother.' 02:02. Two men, woman stand by car. Large woman in front of them holds white paper aloft. She approaches group by car. Third woman is in car group. Intertitle: 'Mother and Percy'. Three women, two men standing by car. Woman has unfolded white paper. Woman talks to this woman. Other woman brushes hair out of eyes. Woman with paper touches other woman on shoulder. Two women walk along, large woman reading white paper. Woman beside her looks on. Both women read paper. They return to car group. Man there reads paper. 03:06. Intertitle: 'Ham and Hester'. Man by car does dance while holding white paper. Large woman points outward. Man with paper walks forward with woman. She reads paper as man holds it. Large woman gestures to these two to return to side of car. Intertitle: 'John and Percy.' Woman holds paper as man walks forward with her. 04:00. Man lights pipe. Woman tries to divert smoke by waving paper. The two return to car. Large woman now has paper. Intertitle: 'I show them how.' Woman smoothes hair as man and large woman hold hands. Older man now has paper. He and large woman walk forward. Large woman reads paper and gestures outward. Arm-in- arm, the two return to car group. Older man, other woman now walk forward. This man now has paper. He points to paper as woman reads it. They return to car group. 05:02. Intertitle: 'Nov. 3, 1924. Lenore and Miss Powell, Clarence Tuska, Jess and Me.' Group of people standing on walkway. Shrubbery nearby. Older man points outward to woman who has puzzled look on face. Woman gestures. Man with other woman removes hat. Large woman gestures as man walks forward with her. They shake hands. They return to group near shrubbery. Two women gesture toward dog who has joined group. 06:00. Woman claps hands, Older man and woman walk forward. Man gestures downward. Woman seems to be disagreeing with him. She takes him by one hand and they rejoin shrubbery group. Large woman shields eyes from sunlight. Older man now has white paper in pocket. Large woman points outward. Other man doffs hat. Intertitle: 'Our inimitable Sophie. Now watch carefully. December, 1924.' 07:00. Large woman making 'Come here' gesture. Woman emerges from home. Large woman points outward. Woman beside of her laughs, covers face with hands. The two talk. Large woman points outward, then to self. Intertitle: 'Run into the house and come back again'. Large woman points to house as other woman runs in. 08:00. Woman returns, but reenters home. Intertitle: 'Now begins Percy's and my trip to Delaware and Maryland, July 1925.' Group of people stand near dock railing, Intertitle: 'We cross the Hudson River at Yonkers.' Railing near water, water surface. Intertitle: 'A glimpse of the Palisades.' Iron railing, water surface, mountain side extending into water. Steamer boat traversing water surface. 09:03. Intertitle: 'Approaching the landing on the west shore.' Hill side. Wharf, protective railing. Intertitle: 'Now we have arrived at Bethany Beach, Delaware, a beautiful white sand beach, with wonderful surf.' Woman in bathing suit raises foot. Does same with other foot. She is standing on tree trunk. Intertitle: 'We carry our little motor with us and hire a row boat.' 10:01. Woman stands in rowboat moored near shore. Pleasure boats moored nearby. She gathers rope and attaches it to boat. Leans over. Intertitle: 'After seeing this picture Josephine says Darwin was right.' Older man in bathing suit sits in stern of rowboat. He grasps sides of boat. Woman sitting in stern of boat with legs dangling over side. She has small net with catch in it. Intertitle: 'Crabs-the inside bays were alive with them.' 11:00. Woman examines fishing net. She is in rowboat. She holds net aloft. She wafts it to test strength. Dips it in water. Lone crab is in net. Intertitle: ' A frugal lunch-Crackers, cheese and warm water.' Older man sitting in stern of boat nibbles on slice of bread. 12:03. Consumes bread, drinks from cup. Places crab on side of boat. Intertitle: 'Miles and miles of shallow warm water like this.' Woman dips fishing net into water. Holding net aloft, she wades through water. She has crab in net. 13:12. After examining crab, she places it in container in side of boat. She has other crab in net. She examines crab while it is still in net. Intertitle: 'Ocean City, Maryland. Famous for its glare, heat and awfulness.' Woman standing on wharf, shields eyes from sun. She rubs her eyes. Looking around, she sees man as he bicycles on wharf. Intertitle: 'Big surf takes in a fog. The water was very cold.' 14:01. Woman wades, skips into ocean as surf, tide is coming in. She wipes mouth with hands. Intertitle: 'Percy takes my picture-Wow-but it was cold.' Older man watches as boat plows through surf. Swings his arms as surf comes in. Intertitle: 'And thus ends Reel 11. [Cataloguer's note: Perhaps photographer meant Reel 1?]'
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