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VHS; 52 min.; Sound; Color
[Archie Stewart--home movies] VT3 (part 1)
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Can Descriptions
Stewart International Airport footage. NHF Cataloger's notes [times from VCR display]: Stewart Airport. Sign in front of Stewart International Airport. Coast Guard headquarters, planes on runways, parking lot, terminals, tower, 'Stewart Welcomes American' sign, balloons, (5:00) gift shop, car rental services, party preparation, street corner and parking lot outside airport, radar tower, view of airpot from a nearby hill, (11:30) American Airlines plane on runway, band welcomes flight crew, portrait of Stewart's grandfather, outside under tents, inside at the party people standing around, back out under the tents band plays 'Star Spangled Banner', (16:00) All the politicians at the event are welcomed, Keynote Speaker Vice President of American Airlines Jerry Jacobson makes a speech, another speech, (22:30) another speech, FAA rep's speech about the ASR-9 radar, tower but not the radar tower that the speaker is talking about, (29:00) presentation of an alabaster eagle to Mario Cuomo who isn't there, presentation of another alabaster eagle to Archie Stewart, (31:30). Archie Stewart makes a brief speech, plane flies overhead, another speech from postmaster, (36:00) view of audience, another speech (40:00) the actual cutting of the ribbon with very large very dull scissors, news talks to Archie Stewart, (42:00). Inside, (42:00) 26 June 1990, a view of the portrait, a meeting outside McGuinness's office and the signs on the building, signs inside the building, view of a woman through a window, photocopier, baggage claim. Title at the end incorrectly says that this was transferred from 16mm (52:00)
Anecdotal Comments & Reflections
Mary Stewart Hafer notes: Videotape 3 Part 1 Stewart Airport Airport history dates: 1930 Uncle Samuel L. Stewrat gave 170 acres to City [Newburgh] for airport. 1934 Airport given to federal government for development as military airport 1939 Opened as military airport 1970 Deactivated April 17, 1990 American Airlines makes first commercial flight from Stewrat Airport. April 17, 1990 Scenes around airport. Gettying ready for first flight. Rows of old barracks and military buildings. American Flight 793 to Chicago and 1299 to Raleigh-Durham. Bands playing, speeches, portrait of Lachlan Stewart. American Airlines gives alabaster eagles to Governor Cuomo and to Archie. Archie gives portrait of Lachlan to Airport. Archie cuts ribbon. Family: Archie, Mother, Ann and Reg Suals, Tom Hafer and I pose by AA plane. Post Office gives special envelope June 26, 1990 Meeting of Stewart Airport commission, chaired by Jim Wright. Picture of Lachlan on wall. Discussion of greatly expanded passenger service.
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