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16mm film; 400 ft.; Silent; Color
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[Flying Moose Lodge footage] Reel 050 (F20)
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Can Descriptions
Amateur footage of activities and events at Flying Moose Lodge, East Orland. Reel numbers are NHF assigned. Reel 50 (F20): [no can/reel notes; dc 1972] note:book by Price(A bad case of moosepox) (UNEDITED) NHF cataloguer's notes for Reel 50. 01:21. Group of young men lift moored canoe. They place it in the water. All wear swim trunks. Manned by young men with oars aforesaid canoe and others start voyage across lake. Long-haired young man on gangway. Young men in canoe. One leans over, seems to be trying to balance canoe. 01:53. Swimmer approaches canoe. He climbs in. Young man with lifejacket around his neck dangles feet in canoe stern. 02:09. Canoe dips slightly with weight of crew. Young man dives from canoe into water. Under weight of crew, canoe sinks under water and crew goes for a swim. 02:25. Right-tracking pan. of canoes being rowed on lake. 02:37. Young men and canoes gathered at wharf. Man touches head as he reads what is on clipboard. Canoes being rowed in wharf vicinity. Canoe crew. Young man in stern is talking. Another young man nearer to the bow points his finger at him. 03:02. Young man blows bubble with his gum. Canoes embark, being rowed by young crews. 03:23. Young men stand in sterns of canoes. They ferry canoes ahead by alternate up-and-down body motions. Bending up and down and circling their arms, the young men continue to ferry canoes along. Evergreen trees and building on shoreline visible. 03:56. Face-to-face, two young men stand in bows of canoes. They have circular objects which look like rubber balls or boxing gloves on the ends of long poles. 04:02. They touch each other with extended rubber balls or boxing gloves in friendly duelling. One young man falls from canoe into water. 04:10. Another pair of duelling young men. One of this pair also falls directly into the lake. 04:15. Young man paints inverted canoe. Buddy arrives and paints on opposite side. 04:34. Two young men playing chess. 04:39. Young men walk forward carrying their duffel bags, luggage. 04:48. Two young men carry inverted canoe aloft. 05:01. Canoe is carried over rocky terrain. They upright canoe and set it down. Canoes being rowed over lake surface. 05:19. Fleet of canoes moored at wharf. 05:25. Group of young men at grassy area adjacent to wharf. One adjusts his swimming trunks. Two young men in canoe. One in stern rows as buddy in bow rests oar there cross-wise. 05:38. Water surface is in semi-violent motion. Two young men row canoe in this water. Bridge. Water beneath churns in white-water fashion. 05:53. Two young men row canoe on churning water surface. Another canoe beside them is also rowed by two young men. 06:06. Canoe capsizes. Young man in stern enters water with oar in hand. 06:13. Young man stirs contents of can suspended above campfire. Campfire is on shore immediate to the water. Two cans over campfire. Steam emanates from one of the cans. Meat is being fried in a pan over this fire. Young man use spatula to turn over one of the meat sections. Something else is cooking in container. 06:39. Young men at immediate shoreline with moored canoes. One young man heists his trousers up. Paddle between his legs, a young man enters canoe. 06:53. Young man paddles canoe among the reeds and shore foliage. Buddy in stern also paddles. 07:13. Canoe behind follows them. There is a third. Young man in stern rows with difficulty due to reeds, foliage. He pulls at reeds to help ferry canoe along. 07:30. Rear view of canoers paddling through reeds. View of high shoreline reeds, foliage with canoers on lake. 07:48. Wading in water, canoers moor canoes on shore. 07:54. Canoers raise canoe aloft and carry it up enbankment. 08:04. Single file, group of young men climb hill. They wear backpacks; one carries a white sack. 08:19. Three canoes manned by six young men(two to a canoe) padlle canoes on lake. Man wearing explorer's or safari hat watches from shore. 08:28. 'Flying Moose Lodge' truck motors down road. Inverted canoes atop truck and young men in bed of truck. 08:37. Young men dismount from truck. 09:01. Grasping top of canoe, young man lowers self from truck. Young men stand about talking. 09:16. Young men on wharf, gangway. They are manually active, either making or cleaning something. 09:20. Two young men playing chess. Young men with backpacks approach truck. They load backpacks and luggage into truck bed. 10:03. Continuation of backpack and luggage-loading into truck bed. Young man climbs up side of truck bed guard fence. Sign guard gate....'or bust.' 10:26. Three young men at cab of truck study map. Young man folds map and hands it to truck driver. He and driver shake hands. Young men wave while standing in truck bed. Truck motors away. 10:56. Road side sign: 'Mt. Katahdin. Baxter State Park. Route 157. State Highway. Millinocket.....' 11:07. All wearing backpacks young men walk single file up hill. Copious trees and abundant foliage of area. Rear view of same with mountain side in immediate distance. 11:36. Young man kneels at side of brook. He dips his canteen in the water and drinks from it. Brook. Young men wearing backpacks wade in the brook. They walk very carefully. Boulders and shoreline foliage. Young man sitting atop shoreline boulder. 12:05. Group of young men by pile of rocks. They have ignited a campfire. Young man sitting on large rock points outward. Upward vertical shot of tall birch trees, foliage, looming mountain top, horizon. Left-tracking pan. of mountain top, horizon with clouds. 12:42. Two young men have map spread out on ground in boulder area. Upward vertical shot of copious evergreen trees and mountain top in immediate distance. Mountain peak. 12:52. Sign. 'A.M.C. Cathedral Trail. Baxter Peak. 1.7 mi.' 13:06. Group of young men carefully walk between boulders. Vertical shot of mountain side foliage consisting of evergreen trees. A mountain peak. 13:19. Group of young men sitting on rocky terrain. One points outward. Sign. Group of young men walking upward. 14:06. Group approaches mountain peak. They continue upward walk. Distant shot as they ascend mountain. Rocky mountain side terrain. Mountain peaks. 14:54. Still walking single file, group continues trek, ascent. 15:00. Copious evergreens, foliage at sides of trail. 15:06. Flowing stream with boulders in its midst. 15:08. Two young men playing chess. 15:16. Group of young men by campfire. One at side chops block of wood with axe. Another young man takes blocks of wood from side and lays them atop the fire. The fire increases. Fire blazing. 16:00. Young man stands in water. He wears trunks. He hurls something. He has net. He takes it to shore. Other young man throws seaweed which is placed in wooden box. Young man kneels in water. Retrieves something and throws it. Young man on shore waves red cloth. 16:33. Vegetables in a bin. Potatoes, string beans. Bushel basket at side. Young man dumps vegetables into bin. 16:50. Very carefully, the young men place eggs among the vegetables. 17:01. Older man rows boat. Lobster trap is attached to bow. Moored at shore, he removes lobster from wooden box and places them in collapseable net. Net is in form of a pail. 17:24. Three young men carry wooden box forward. One in rear grasps ropes attached to box. 17:39. Young men place live lobsters in bin with vegetables and eggs. Lobsters now conceal other contents of bin. 17:57. Young man rakes shovel over campfire. Water has been added to insure that fire is extinct. Other fire blazes at side. 18:14. Clump of seaweed is thrown on ground. More is added. Steam emanates from fire. Bin containing lobsters is carried forward by several young men. Bin is placed on fire beneath seaweed. Profusion of steam emanates. Legs of people standing at side. 18:45. Silhouette of trees against horizon. Silhouette of people sitting at side, watching steam emanating from lobsterbake fire. Left-tracking silhouette pan. of group watching lobsterbake. 19:05. Extremely large pot such as is used in commercial cooking. People reach down into pot with ladles. They place stew or soup into individual bowls. Steam emanating from fire. Young men remove coverings from fire. 19:21. Number of lobsters cooking, reddening in the process. Steam ascending. 19:30. Group of young men at shoreline. Tide, foaming waves coming shoreward.
This item may be available for reuse, please contact Northeast Historic Film for more information;This item may be available for reuse, please contact Northeast Historic Film for more information;This item may be available for reuse, please contact Northeast Historic Film for more information
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