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1) 2167.0030_F16
16mm film; [100 ft.]; Silent; b&w
2) 2167.0029-.0030_BSP
BetaCamSP; 23:23; Silent; b&w
3) 2167.0029-.0030_DVD
DVD; 22:23; Silent; b&w
Prior Lake, Minnesota--King Family--home movies. Reel 30
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Viewing Notes
Title: Prior Lake, Minnesota, July 1924 Title: Mr. Westlake, Major O'Hara One man smokes and walks toward the camera (O'Hara), the other man (Westlake, with white hair) holds screen door open. A small girl comes out of the door, a woman with a handkerchief stands by the door. Man picks up girl (Grace O'Hara). A couple walks out of the door (white haired man and woman in checked dress). Group of 8 converses. Title: Mrs. IcIvor and Mrs. Westlake. Two women with their hair up in buns, two men and little girl. Under a tree, family group in shade. Title: Miss Grace O'Hara Little girl from previous shots walks to camera. She has bangs and smiles. Mrs Westlake walks toward camera. The lake is in the background. Title: Jess Steiner, Win O'Hara Two young women walk in the shade, one rolls up her sleeves. Another shot with them out in the sun, smiling. Grace O'Hara walks to camera. Two men on the grass, one sits, the other reclines. They are relaxed. Two women stand by the house talking. Grace O'Hara stands behind seated man and has her legs around his neck as he rocks. Older woman stands in shade Title: George Steiner, Laddie O'Hara, Ki Steiner Three boys walk and then sit on the grass. Grace is just off screen to the right. Another shot with children and white haired man reclining White haired man standing under tree. More views of Jess Steiner and Win O'Hara, the two young women. Title: Mr. Westlake and Mr. Steiner close a deal. The men have a sheaf of paper, they shake hands. White haired man saunters off. Title: Major O'Hara Dark haired man with bow tie and pipe, he smiles and raises pipe to his mouth. Older woman with lace collar. Two young boys, one with towel around his shoulders, the other in singlet.
King Family
Was attended by
Grace O'Hara King
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