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16mm film; [900 ft.]; Sound; Color
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DVD; Unknown
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Maine's Harvesters of the Sea
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Can Descriptions
General description: narration and appearance by artist Laurence Sisson. Fishermen in trawlers, draggers, purse seiners and lobster boats. Fishing for cod, haddock, whiting, ocean perch, shrimp and lobster. Booklet accompaniment available. NHF cataloguer's notes: Genesis: beginning, growth in, on or benefit of the sea. Mystery of discovery. Starfish held by a boy named Ed. Artist/painter Laurence Sisson. Commentary by Sisson during shots of lobstering, sardine fishing, clam digging, shrimpers, scallopers. Sisson in small boat on the sea. 'A special kind of man to do a special kind of work.' Harvesters of the sea. Sisson's studio. Lobsters hauled, clams dug, etc. Early morning, winter. Lure of the sea. Independence. One generation to make a living. Another generation. Lobstering. Setting traps, taking traps up. Bad weather. Packing lobsters. Problems. Shrimp fishing up and down the coast. Good shrimp industry in Maine in winter months. Summer: sardines and lobsters. Some still caught in weirs. Digging clams. Sea urchins, a newer industry. Equipment needed on fishing boats. Importance of conservation. 'To see what comes in and goes out is the best it can be.' Laboratories that test waters and fish. Freezing fish. Ends with Sisson talking to boy Ed. // Booklet accompaniment for this film in collection folder.
Laurence Sisson
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