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16mm film; 350 ft.; Silent; b&w
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16mm film
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16mm film; Unknown
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7) nhf-1521_0021-nhf- Hiram Percy Maxim-Uncompressed 10-bit .mov
[Maxim--home movies] Reel 21
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Can Descriptions
Amateur footage. Content description for Can N20; can numbers are donor-assigned. (UNEDITED) NHF Cataloguer's notes for Reel 21:19:01. Intertitle: 'Up the Moose River in 1928. Hiram Percy Maxim and Percy Maxim Lee. As usual it rained most of the time'. Car parked on highway. Foliage at roadsides. Woman in driver's seat. Intertitle: 'At Jackman we transfer from automobile to motor boat.' Woman, man with luggage, man in motorboat. Evergreens of opposite shoreline. Man places luggage in boat. Man wields long pole. Intertitle: 'Ruel Holden's head camp Attean Island.' Trees, rustic porch of camp. Percy Maxim Lee standing on porch. Hiram Percy Maxim walks down woodland path. Small boulders on either side of path. He halts for photo. 21:01. Percy Maxim Lee holds pole in water. She walks along wharf. Older man with luggage on wharf. He reaches into stern of motorboat. Places suitcase in center of motorboat. Man crouches down. He has lantern. Woman places lantern in boat. She draws motorboat toward wharf. Two men on wharf. 22:02. Man in boat opposite. Hiram Percy Maxim in boat as it starts its voyage. Boat leaves foamy wake. He points. He makes circle with finger. Intertitle: 'At the head of Attean Lake is the first carry.' Man in raincoat approaches boat which is raised on wheels. Other man is loading items into boat. Man in coat hands man boat motor. 23:05. The men check items which have been loaded into boat. They rearrange items slightly. Boat moored in water. Two men are checking boat. Boat with its cargo, motor. Woman enters boat. Intertitle: 'Henry Holden guided us in 1928.' 24:00. Middle-aged man wearing glasses. He is on shoreline. Foliage. He walks along shoreline. Camp. Inverted canoe. Woman wearing raincoat. Intertitle: 'Holeb Falls Cabin where we lived for a week.' Exterior of cabin. Sign "Coming back next year? Leave no fire burning" Pail, pack basket. Woman in doorway. Middle-aged man and older, distinguished man. Middle-aged man has slabs of wood. 25:00. Distinguished man with hands on hips. Two men in 20's walking along woodland path. Woman on porch. She is delving into items on porch. 20ish man loads self with backpack. Backpack is similar to basket. He adjusts straps. He picks up basket and walks away. Silhouette of woman as she watches man. Frame of doorway. Bare tree. 26:00. Overhead view of camp. Trees surrounding structure. Avenue of bare trees adjacent to, at side of cabin. Woman on boulder. The stark trees. Percy Maxim Lee with gallon bottle. She walks on grounds adjacent to cabin. 27:01. Lee on cabin porch. She is wringing out cloths. She washes her hands. Shakes them dry. Woman having meal at table. She stirs beverage. Intertitle: 'Our garbage disposal system.' Lee, wearing sweater with D on it, (Dobbs School?) emerges from cabin. She hurls refuse on plate into the woods. 28:02. Throws item from porch into woods. Does so again. Rear view of man carrying pail walking down woodland path. He is smoking pipe. Door frame of cabin limns foliage, trees, scenery of immediate area. Man returns carrying pail. Scenery as framed by doorway structure. Moderate white-water rapids in brief distance. Intertitle: 'A long trip up stream without guide.' 29:01. Hiram Percy Maxim carries boat motor on his back as he walks along. Sets in down opposite inverted canoe. Intertitle: 'In case they don't take the flies.' Lee leaning over. Seems to be digging in ground with stick. She reaches down. (Cataloguer speculates she is digging worms.) 30:02. Using oar, Lee in canoe. Nearing shore, she stands in canoe. 31:01. She carries motor for boat. She sets motor down. Lee folds coat and places it in canoe. She takes two oars. Tangled trees along ground. Rower sets forth wielding oar. Silhouette of evergreen trees, lake surface. 32:02. Other trees. Lake surface. Intertitle: 'The lonely little cabin we call 'home'. Evergreen trees silhouetted against the sky. Woman fishing from bow of canoe. She casts her line. Glances upward briefly. 33:01. She continues fishing, casting her line. Rustic shoreline fence. Lake in motion. Fish leaping. Rippling lake. Woman reels in fish which she has caught. It spins on hook. Woman removes fish. Trees, lake surface. Woman sets forth in canoe. She wields oar. 34:03. Logs piled, connected on shoreline. Woman walks along in vicinity. Lake surface. Overhanging trees, foliage. Woman flicks hand, possibly brushing away entomoligical creatures such as flies or mosquitoes. Sparse foliage, stark tree in wood. Woman hews with axe at fallen tree trunk. She steps over tree trunk. Older man with axe. Silhouette of looming evergreen trees. Lake surface. Trees. 35:02. Older, distinguished man moors canoe. Trees, boulder, lake surface. Other genus of trees along shoreline. Rower vigorously wields oar in water. Axe in hand, older man walks along in woods. He continues walking. 36:03. Birch, assorted trees of wood. Woman with axe walks in same area. Lake surface. Overhanging shoreline trees. Intertitle: 'Hurrying home. It's getting dark.' Lake surface with bent birch trees almost falling into the water. Woman walks along carrying two fish on hook. Has garments over other arm. Older man places canoe into water. (End of Reel 21.)
Anecdotal Comments & Reflections
The first issue of Amateur Movie Makers proposed the establishment of a film exchange. Some available films were listed, including these offered by Maxim himself: Fishing Trip--A canoe trip through the Moose River Country from Jackman, Maine. 800ft., two reels. Film History The Amateur Cinema League and its films. Article from: Film History | April 1, 2003 | Kattelle, Alan D

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