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16mm film; 438 ft.; Sound; Color
[Archie Stewart--home movies] Reel 051
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Can Descriptions
Reel 51: [Archie Stewart can notes: Sound. 1. Flowers in park set to music. 2. P.D.'s visit.]
Viewing Notes
SOUND Screening notes: Color, Strauss waltz. VS of gardens, Downing Park, Newburgh, NY. MS of beds of tulips of various types; pansies. Nice WS of head of girl peeking thru thick evergreen boughs of tree she is climbing. VS of flowering trees, bushes (apple?, forsythia). Peacocks. Swans. Pigeons. Man leans on bridge railing watching birds. Young girls shades eyes to look at statue (not shown). MS, WS of young girls and women amidst flowers. American flag waving on flagpole. Archie narration: Man in uniform (P.D.Weikert) kneels to tie mooring rope for plane to stake. WS of man beside plane. Kenner Hartford (also World War II general) with cigarette and uniformed man, P.D. Weikert, wearing pilots cap, in living room, stand and shake hands. [Mary Stewart Hafer: Joke about assignment to Fort Leavenworth, which is a military prison] Mock interview, presented with toy plane. At end 'reporter' pushes goggles down over pilots eyes. Another gag scene: Kenner Hartford stands giving speech with P.D. Weikert behind providing his arm gestures. Pulls out tie; wipes face with handkerchief; tweaks nose, strokes chin, etc. Various takes: P.D. seated with another man talking; different man each take. General conversation, of no interest. WS of pilot, P.D. Weikert, zipping into flight suit beside plane. Engine startup, propeller turning. Man helps pilot put on parachute. Mother and children saying goodbyes. Climbing into cockpit. Taxiing, takeoff.
Birds, Airplanes, Gardens
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