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1) 1519.0013_VHS
2) 1519.0013_IN3/4
3) 1519.0013_F16
16mm film; 300 ft.; Silent; b&w
4) 1519.0013-.0015_DVD
DVD; Unknown
[Price--home movies] Reel 013 (P1)
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Can Descriptions
Amateur footage of family activities shot primarily in Maine. Reel numbers are NHF assigned. Reel 13 (P1): [no can/reel notes; dc 1924] note:book by Price(A bad case of moosepox) (UNEDITED) NHF cataloguer's notes for Reel 13: 01:21. (This reel is in black and white.) Woman descends steps. Group of children playing. They run forward. Lone child dressed in white. Man with child. Man crouched down. Child standing. Man waves child's hand for him. Child stands with small American flag in hand. Two women standing by foliage at front of building. Man walks by. Group children. They run, skip forward. They are in front of brick building with French doors and small-sectioned windows. May be school. 02:00. Children take turns jumping on and off sidewalk. Woman with children. She looks on as children gather flowers or leaves from shrubbery. Child in white stands next to woman who is kneeling down. Two children commence to turn somersault. Child in white walks away carrying shrubbery branch. Man stands by tree. Car goes down street. Child hands shrubbery branch to woman. Woman stands by door of building. Child emerges carrying two dolls. 03:00. Child sets dolls down on step. Child in white sits at left. Boy wearing glasses emerges from building. Boy emerges from building carrying toy vehicle. Woman watches children playing from doorway. Children sitting on steps and sidewalk. Child on lawn. She secures circular object. Children continue playing. Boy enters group. He has small toy wheelbarrow. Girl has small shovel and the circular object. 04:09. Boy has mechanical toy. It is chute with rubber filaments on each side which turn. Girl looks on as two boys play. Woman looks on. Little girl falls. Woman secures her in her arms. Woman sets this smiling girl down. Woman enters building. Two women talking. One wears fur coat. Man appears. Woman kisses his hand. Woman touches child on head. 05:02. Two women and man enter building. Children playing. Girl grasps at rising balloon. She is near shrubbery. As it falls, she bats it back in the air. Car goes down street. Girl in proximity of hedge. Balloon has become stuck in bare branches of tree. Woman sits in chair outside. Dog stands on her shoulder with front paws. She hugs dog. 06:02. Dog approaches another woman. Girl in vicinity. Girl shares snack with dog. Girl has bottle, small picnic basket. She has cloth item which may be blanket or tarpaulin. She walks away carrying items. Children playing. They scooch down, run forward. Girl sets small items down in grass. Girl runs forward. Dog is present. They run together. 07:03. Girl runs back, secures item. Two girls crouched on ground. They are eating snack. May be peas or snap beans taken directly from pods. Group of children snacking. Some sit on ground while others stand. Boy stands in rope device. Rungs for each foot while up above rungs for each hand. Child near to him swings in conventional swing. Shadowy indoor shot. Girl has small animal on her lap. It is a cat. Children playing outside. Boys have baseball bats. Man enters with baseball glove. Another man dons protective body shield. Man throws baseball. Boy looks for it in grass. 08:01. Game is in progress. Man goes down field as boys continue game. Boy comes up to bat. He hits ball, runs forward. Boy falls, rises quickly. Boy throws ball. Group assembled by fence. Game continues. Man catches ball. Dog. He is leashed. He wags tail. He barks. Boy crouched down to catch ball. He wears protective face mask. Man with hands on knees. When ball is thrown, he runs forward. 09:06. Continuing baseball game. Boy grabs man in horse-play. Boy in white runs forward. Boy catches ball, but drops it on ground. Group of boys jump up in down in celebratory victory. Man points as boys run forward. 10:05. Boy pursues man. Baseball game resumes. Man smiles as he talks. He has clipboard or similar item. Cat atop firewood in basket. There are two cats. Cat sniffs firewood. Someone dangles object on end of string for cat to play with. Lighter-furred cat begins to toy with object. Puppy joins the fun. 11:00. Cat crawls out of basket. Puppy nudges cat. Pupy nudges other cat who attempts to crawl on wood in basket. Both cats attack puppy. Cat rolls on floor. Other cat runs forward. Puppy pursues this feline. Puppy follows cats where they have gotten up on wood. 12:01. Cat bats at puppy. Puppy gently bites paw of cat. PUppy frolics with item on floor. Woman has cat on lap. Two cats at side. Dog tries to get cat on woman's lap. Woman pats dog, but holds cat up where dog cannot get to it. Other kitten crawls on woman's lap. Two boys mowing lawn with individual lawn mowers. They are in vicinity of tree. 13:08. They continue to mow. Wind wafts branches of tree. The boys continue their task. Trees are well-kept, copiously-leafed. Boy continues to mow. Bottle near railing of porch. Two boys sit at foot of tree drinking from similar bottles. May be soda. Boy at left spits out some of consumed beverage. Boy at right does same. 14:00. He drinks soda and then spits it out. He brushes his legs. 14:16. Young man working at foot of shrubbery. He is digging, working with garden tool. He pulls out roots, chops them. Man, woman walking arm-in-arm. Three boys playing game. They tackle each other. Form of football. They continue their tackling, wrestling. 15:00. Right-tracking scan of the three young men. Boy in center kicks ball. Ball looks like basketball. Cars motor down highway in back. Little girl in coat. Boy kicks ball into shrubbery on opposite side of road. He retrieves it. Shot of little girl with the three young men. Two young men turn around to reveal numbers on back of uniforms, '10 and 21.' Boy with ball in hand. Girl at right of him. Children emerge from car. Children in background skate on pond. 16:03. Children, man assembled on field. Small fire is lit. Child throws leaves on fire. Fire flares, emanating smoke. Children skating on pond. Woman, girl walk on pond. Boy kicks hockey puck. Youngster has scooter. Two children hand-in-hand. 17:07. Boy stands at edge of actively-flowing stream. Waterfall feeds stream. Boy throws item into stream. He kneels down and then wades into stream. He has item on end of string which he throws into stream. He gestures, waterfall flowing in background. (End of Reel 13.)
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