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16mm film; 250 ft.; Silent; b&w
[Archie Stewart--home movies] Reel 030
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Viewing Notes
NHF cataloguer's notes, 4/96: Reel 30: 1941. Trip to Maine, August. Screening notes: (Tractors?) moving across field (too dark to make out). WS and MCU of sea gulls lined up on roof peak. Faded color: family on sea shore, Eastport Harbor, Maine. Dozens of gulls landings, circling, on rock in middle of bay. Family picnicking in sail boat. Man slowly pulls on line from end of dock, long fish struggles at end. Slow motion shots of gulls hovering, catching fish, eating while flying (interesting and well framed, color washed out). Humans catching fish. Teenaged Paul Didisheim with Rob Golding; Prof. Simkhovitch's grandson) More slow motion: gulls flying. Men lay out fish catch on shore. LS, young girl stands at doorway of small cabin. Brooks Bluff Tourist Cabins, Robbinston, Maine. Two story log house with fancy porch. Surprise, it's a doll house, young girl's head appears above roof. Three women and pile of luggage at end of dock. Motorboat arrives, man loads gear. Pan of clothing, books, stacked in boat. Campfire, archery. Mary shoots arrow at target. Ann tosses darts into circle on tree. Beach: Mary and Ann wade into water looking for shells. Launching a small homemade sailboat from miniature mooring built of sticks ("Wallopping Window Blind" still in Camp. LS of girls on shore. Archie in two-piece swimsuit walks to beach. Swimming. Ann displays fishing catch. Mary looking into metal wash tub, watching field mouse scampering in nest of straw. Brick chimney. Picnicking among the rocks on lake shore, Mary Stewart, Howard Kendall, Ann. Man cooks over open fire. Woman painting totem pole. LS of girl running into water, then swims towards camera and emerges. More totem pole painting. Man taps sign above door 'Camp Midnight Foursome'. Girl shoots rifle at target on tree.
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