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1) 1521.0053_VHS
2) 1521.0053_IN3/4
3) 1521.0053_F8
8 mm film; 300 ft.; Silent; Color
4) 1521.0053_DVD
DVD; Unknown
5) nhf-1521_0053-nhf- Hiram Percy Maxim-Uncompressed 10-bit .mov
[Maxim--home movies] Reel 53
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Can Descriptions
Amateur footage. Content description for Can N49; can numbers are donor assigned. Can note: 'First pictures through Nan's wedding - June 1959.' (UNEDITED) NHF cataloguer's notes for Reel 53: (This is 8mm film.) 20:05. Winter scene. Trees are in leaf, though snow is on ground. Man approaches little girl. Both dressed for winter. Woman, boy enter. Both carry paper bags with produce in them. Couple enter. Man touches buddy on shoulder. Yet another couple enter area. Man smokes cigarette. Woman kisses little girl. Man touches little girl who is standing. 21:00. He lifts her up on his shoulders. Three men talking. One at far right smokes cigarette. Boy with fur-hooded jacket. He touches side of car. Family group shot. Woman pats dog who joins group. Man backs car up. Passenger in car waves 'Goodbye'. Man polishes dark car, different from the white aforementioned vehicle. Boy pedals toy tractor forward. Woman stands by sparse, bare-branched tree. 22:04. Little boy runs up to car. Dark shot starkly-branched tree. Man in area. Red flowers in bloom. Tree with small birdhouse hung on lower branch. Tree has fungi or caterpillar webbing around branches. Bird eats seed at exterior of birdhouse. Other birds soon join in. 23:00. Bird eats from seed bell appended from tree branch. Bare tree branches. Snow-covered ground. Birds eating seeds, food therefrom. Interior of parlor. Extensive picture windows. Flowers in bloom. Woman, man sitting on couch. Man straightens bowtie. Woman smiles. 24:00. Woman unwraps present. It is a glass item. Silhouette or shadowy shot of four family members. Couple, two youngsters. Flowers in bloom, family members silhouetted against picture windows. Members of family in silhouette. Ground outside snow-covered. Shadowy shot. Man appears to be shoveling snow. People are burying bottles in snow. 25:02. Couple silhouetted in picture window. Man places arm around woman's shoulder. Infant wrapped in blanket. He is in woman's arms. He yawns. Woman sitting on end of couch, one hand on back of neck. Woman beside her shows ring she is wearing. Other woman shows her wristwatch she is wearing. Little girl leans on arm of couch. 26:00. Man and woman. Family sitting around. Shot a little shadowy. They are dining. Silhouette scan of various members at table. Man talks. Large table bouquet. Another scan of family. Flowers blooming in picture window. Exterior of modest home. Car parked in yard. 27:03. Man in yard. Road. Trees. Home with parked car. Two men in yard. Individual in doorway points upward. Woman, man stand in exterior doorway. Exterior of home, man in yard. Long chimney at side. 28:05. Trees. Small sloping roof at back of home. Cars go down highway. Woman, man two children in yard. Woman takes child by hand. Woman rubs little boy's head. Girl stands at man's side. Car drives off. Other car remains in yard. Family group gathered in yard. Some sit in lawn and wooden chairs. Two children run. Two men, woman talk with child. 29:06. Red flowers. Tree trunk. Other flowers in bloom in ground immediately beneath windows. Stone wall upholding picture windows. Side of home. Dog joins family. Various flowers blooming in yard. Shrubbery. Cat or dog lying on lawn. Left-tracking pan. of yard, exterior of home. Lawn chairs, unoccupied. 30:01. Pan. of immediate area extends. Lawn, trees. Well-kept, landscaped. Tulips, multifarious flowers of yard. Two women, man. Woman at right points outward. Three men, two women. Woman wears dress with extended train, similar to bridal gown. Three men talking, two wear suits. Other more casually clad. 30:44. Men walking in yard. Another man, two women. 31:05. Assorted family members walk in well-manicured yard. Low-key lighting, semi-silhouetting. Boy holds back of train of woman's gown as she walks along with man. Dog walks along wagging tail. Two boys. One holding train of woman's gown. Family group converses as they stand on lawn. Man grasps woman by hand. Primarily male group stands at end of line. Man talks to woman and man holding hands. Copious trees in background. More family members. Blurry, out-of-focus shot. 32:00. Appears to be extension of the aforescribed. Man wears black top-hat. He has cane. Woman wearing top-hat. She has cane. (Poor photography, blurry continues.) Family members walk about in yard. Woman laughs as she sits in lawn chair. Ladies wearing pink dresses. Bride and groom. Bride carries bouquet. She shakes hands with man. 33:00. Man straightens tie. Clergyman and other man. Bride and groom. Various family members. (Photography is still very poor, barely discernable.) Boy holds bride's train aloft as she walks forward with groom. Woman holds bride's train aloft. (Improved, graphic photography!) Various members of the wedding party. Man lifts child and gently returns to ground. Ladies with bouquets. Man with camera. Bride holds goblet as groom sips from it. She now sips from goblet. 34:02. Men of the wedding party. Older man walks along. Ladies on lawn indentation. They appear to be planting seeds. Woman at side of shrubbery. Infant and woman. Woman talks to infant who is sitting on a table. She pokes infant on chest. Infant claps hands. Woman talks to him as he continues 'patty-caking' with his hands. Woman nods 'No-no' with her head. Now she nods 'Yes'. Infant smiles. He stands, hugs woman. 35:02. Infant waves hand. Infant sits by self. He has wire or string in his hand. He smiles, picks up shoe near him. Infant crawls along floor. He smiles and advances forward. He peaks out from behind table-leg or post. Couple kiss near shrubbery. Woman has a rake. 36:01. Scan of trees, shrubbery. Man hews shrubbery down using axe. Man and woman dressed for swimming. They're on wharf. Man has infant in his arms. Woman touches man. She also touches infant. Little girl, also dressed for swim, is on wharf. Woman sits on wharf. She is older, wears blouse. Little girl dives off of wharf. Other family members on wharf. Woman emerges from water. Man holds infant by hands as infant walks a few steps. Dog walks on wharf. Girl dives from wharf as woman watches. 37:07. Man loosens mooring rope on row or motorboat. Man stands in water while holding infant. Woman on wharf touches infant on shoulder. Infant wears life-jacket. Man swims with infant in his arms. Infant kicks legs. Man swims while holding infant. Infant wiggles legs beneath the water. The two continue their 'buddy' swim. Girl pops to surface of water from her swim. She has inner tube for support. CU infant sitting in easy chair. 38:01. Moves his arms. Moves around a bit. Little boy, three or four, hands infant what may be teething ring. Boy has small stick with blue knob on the end of it, a toy. Family sitting on couch. Little boy, infant, woman. 39:00. Little boy holds infant's hand. Boy points outward. Infant, boy in chair. Infant has a book. Boy has small pair of binoculars. Little girl is kneeling. Woman gives infant a drink from glass while he is on her knee. Little girl looks on. (End of Reel 53.)
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