2 Copies of This Film
1) 1375.0000B_F16
16mm film; [450 ft.]; Silent; b&w
2) 1375.000A-.000C_IN3/4
3/4inch-video; Silent; Color
[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis--home movies] Reel B
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Viewing Notes
B. Lightning in harness, Lassie, Hembrook, [?] and Bill Franz. NHF Cataloguer's notes Reel B: 11:00. Screen inter titles: 'Lightning in Harness. The Training of the American Standard Bred, Trotter for the Classic, Hambletonian Stake'. Words projected against photo of group of jockeys astride their sulky. Screen inter title: 'Presented by The Trotting Horse Club of America. E. Roland Harriman, Chairman. Directed by George T. James. Photographed by Bill Franz. Word-by-word description by George T. James. Imperial Stables, Newark, N.J.' 12:12. Two jockeys with horses, sulky race down track. Spectators in stands. Pan., overhead shot of jockeys, sulky, horses, spectators. Tree branches overhanging group of spectators. Spectators rise. Racers, horses side by side scurry down racetrack. Horses, colts, foals grazing, assembled in field. 13:10. Pan. of field, horses. Horses with their colts, foals run about field. 14:02. Graceful running, prancing continues. Shots of mares with their foals. Mare and offspring, both with white sections at top of foreheads. Horse drinks from trough. Colt kneels, settles in field as mare watches. Mare swishes tail. 15:07. Colt suckles milk from mare's udders. Horses walking down side of field. Primarily mature steeds. They turn around, break into moderate run. Side by side they run to trough to communally feed. 16:06. C.U. of one horse. Horses behind look on, wait turn. Two other horses in C.U. Man astride horse rides down field. Another horse runs along at side. Bouncing astride horse, man, other horse jog harmoniously along. 17:04. Moving pan. of harmonic action. Man leads horse along on extended rein. They are in field. Man walks behind horse. Horse tosses head. Horse, blanketed, stands on platform in farrier's shop. Forge is aflame. Farrier fits shoe to horse's foot. 18:08. Shoe smokes, fresh off of forge. C.U. horseshoe. Shoe, in varied positions. Jockey, horse at stable exterior. Reined horse nudges jockey. Sleek, black horse runs near to fence in field. Horse arches, moves head. Prances in opposite direction. 19:04. Rears, shakes head. Trots, runs in coordination. Pauses by fence, commences running. Horse, jockey racing aboard sulky. Harmonious trotting, smooth riding. 20:02. The horse, jockey accelerate their pace. We move with them along track in pov. ride. Jockey smiles, pleased with steed, ride. 21:01. We continue superior equestrian pov. ride. Side view horse, jockey. Another horse, jockey. Jockey wears beret, sunglasses. Side view of the two. This horse picks up pace. 22:06. Five racing units, jockeys, sulkies, horses go along track side by side. Same group in slow motion photography. Continuation of same. 23:03. Same group in normal motion. End Title- 'Lightning in Harness. The End.' (Reel B continued in next record) NHF Cataloguer's notes Reel B continued: 23:29. Two horses with sulky attached. Jockey is aboard one sulky while the other has no rider. Slow motion as racers progress along track. Black sleek horse pulling sulky. Slow motion continues. Two men watch from side of field. 24:08. Horse, sulky go by fenced area which resembles tennis court. People walk about in this area. Horse continues pulling riderless sulky. Jockey astride sulky behind. Fine dust, almost like a mist caused by horses, racing rises from track. 25:06. Repeat of action in normally-paced photography. Riderless horse at side of track. Both horses pick up pace in their journey around track. Riderless horse leads. 26:00. Return to slow motion photography. Resumption of normal photography. Riderless horse. Man walks along on racetrack. Riderless horse turns around and walks up track. Man takes him by rein. Slow motion photography once again. Dust rising from track. Riderless horse in lead. 27:01. Continuation of same. Normally-paced photography resumed. Riderless steed has lead. 28:02. Man walking on racetrack. Two horses with sulky and jockeys follow behind. Slow motion. Racetrack. Sulky, horses, jockeys enter from down track. Go up track at leisurely pace. Sky above. 29:10. Horses race down track. One horse has neither jockey nor sulky. Parked cars. Older man sits on car fender. Pan. of parked cars. Surface of racetrack. Grandstand. Horse with sulky attached, but no jockey runs down track. 30:01. Man walks on track as riderless horse goes to side. Man grasps riderless horse by rein and leads him off of track. Stables, parked cars, trees at side of track. Horse with sulky, jockey trots leisurely along track. Protective track fencing. Man walks along track. Little boy, man walk in area just outside of track. Horse with jockey in sulky enters area immediately off track. Jockey is usual young man. Parked cars. Horse caparisoned in checked blanket. Shot of horse. Men standing near stable. Boy with hands in vest pockets. 31:35. Man holds horse by rein. (End Reel B.)
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