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1) 1578_F35
35mm film; [800 ft.]; Silent; b&w
2) 1578_VHS
3) 1578_IN3/4
4) 1578_BC
5) nhf-1578_0001 Umatic.mov
[1920 Fair]
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Can Descriptions
NITRATE // NFPF grant allowed for film transfer to beta, 3/4' and VHS. Transfer is a little slow. Compared to film 'Aroostook County 1920s'- Acc 0916. Confident that there is no overlap in shots/ footage. Shot descriptions follow: 01:00:13:01 Opening scene tractor/trailer pulling barrels. People and a dog sitting on them. 01:00:14:14 within scene [damage, poor quality] 01:00:29:20 same scene, new angle of tractor 01:00:34:00 horse and buggy hauling barrels through town [faded] 01:00:44:01 same angle new horse and buggy traveling through town 01:00:48:25 intertitle: ìState Farmî 01:00:53:03 LS cows in a field. Pan from cows to barn, farm. Continues to pan cows walking 01:00:53:07 within scene [emulsion damage] 01:01:18:00 Intertitle: ìA Day at Northern Maine Fair. Presque Isle, ME.î 01:01:21:28 Intertitle: ìOn the way to the fairî [unstable, sprocket damage?] 01:01:25:20 MS to CU family of 4, porch & car/ family getting into car 01:01:34:28 car exits frame left / MS porch remaining second of footage 01:01:35:27 MS to LS busy town, cars, people, etc. 01:01:46:28 cars exit frame right 01:01:47:14 CU to MS of horse hooves pulling buggy / man in left of frame 01:01:52:14 family (CU) sitting in back of wagon, wagon pulls away 01:01:58:21 intertitle: ìBirds eye view from top of Grand Standî 01:02:04:28 LS looking down onto cars parking pans across right 01:02:13:26 [damage in center of frame, deterioration] 01:02:14:24 MS to LS cars, people 01:02:15:24 LS people, farris wheel, pans to right 01:02:25:24 intertitle: ìOn the Midwayî 01:02:29:11 LS small buildings, pans right 01:02:58:00 intertitle: ìStreet Scenes Presque Isle, MEî 01:03:02:08 LS city street, 3 people, horse & buggy pans to right 01:03:06:16 horse enters frame from right 01:03:07:18 LS people, tentsÖpossible farmers market 01:03:20:18 intertitle: ìSome of the Prize Winners on Parade in Front of the Grand Standî 01:03:24:26 MS man and woman with something in hands [major deterioration, faded---1st frame or 2 of this scene] 01:03:31:08 intertitle: ìGood Roads and Excellent Transportation Facultiesî 01:03:38:08 intertitle: ìBangor & Aroostook R.R., Canadian Pacific R.R., Aroostook Valley Electric R.R. and State Roads Presque Isle, ME.î 01:03:47:00 LS train station. Train entering center coming toward viewer, people in shot 01:04:12:01 same scene different angle of train station as train has pulled up and people unload freight 01:04:22:12 Ms train blowing steam as it pulls away 01:04:23:21 car enters frame right and drives along side of train 01:04:30:10 car exits frame left 01:04:33:04 LS train track, 1 train car cruises by pan right show bridge 01:04:56:12 different angle of bridge, lonely train car rides back toward frame left (oppposite direction than previous shots) 01:05:10:24 train's view of pulling into station 01:05:17:07 LS railroad station, train comes into view, pans right over crowd 01:05:42:17 LS hillside road in foreground, horse and buggy come into frame and exit left 01:05:50:05 Covered bridge 01:06:16:10 train track to train cars, shot looks between the two train cars to view of river, hillside, horse & buggy 01:06:31:20 MS unloading barrels 01:06:46:27 LS bridge over river, pans right, train enters from right and travels across bridge 01:07:19:28 same river bridge scene, new angle, different train enters on lower land track from right, men standing on roof of train car 01:07:40:25 intertitle: ìThe Best Farming Country in the U.S.A.î 01:07:46:25 LS farm house/land, countryside pans right 01:08:07:06 same countryside footage, new angle. A train travels by, people in shot. Pans right 01:08:48:23 LS Farmhouse 01:08:56:23 CU woman with horse, hugging and grooming it 01:09:06:01 LS kids, cows 01:09:32:26 same scene new angle: MS kid riding cow with man standing besideÖman kicks cow 01:09:43:00 MS three people eating berries 01:09:52:28 same scene new angle: 2 men on frame right, beside fruit tree, points to fruit pans right
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