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16mm film; [700 ft.]; Silent; b&w
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BetaCamSP; Silent; b&w
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DVD; [00:31:00 min.]; Silent; b&w
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[Fryeburg Sesquicentennial, 1927]
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Can Descriptions
Box notes: 'Moving picture reels of Fryeburg Sesquicentennial celebration 1927. 2 reels--(1) original and (1) duplicate.' // Can notes: (reel 1 of 2) 'P.K. Frye, 78 Portland Street, Portland ME. Sesqui A.' (reel 2 of 2): 'P.K. Frye, Portland, Me. Sesqui B.' //
Amateur film of 1927 Fryeburg Sesquicentennial Celebration of the incorporation of the town. With intertitles. Film is dated July 13, 1927, connecting 150th anniversary of incorporation of Fryeburg and 200th anniversary of Lovewell's fight. Footage of Main Street, Fryeburg from vehicle. Parade. Pageant enacted by children and young adults in a field. Governor Ralph O. Brewster and Mrs. Brewster. Veterans of the GAR. Picnic dinner outside. Motorcycles parked on Main Street. Band being conducted. Speeches.
Viewing Notes
Title: ‘THE END OF A PERFECT DAY’. Intertitle: ‘SESQUI-CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION HELD AT FRYEBURG, MAINE JULY 13, 1927 COMMEMORATING THE 150TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE INCORPORATION OF THE TOWN OF FRYEBURG AND THE 200TH ANNIVERSARY OF LOVEWELL’S FIGHT’, ‘MEMBERS OF TOWN COMMITTEE H.A.D. HURD, CHAIRMAN H.W. HASTINGS, SECRETARY A.D. MERRILL, TREASURER GEORGE O. WARREN, IN CHARGE OF BATTLE GROUND’, ‘ASA O. PIKE, IN CHARGE OF SUBSCRIPTIONS MRS. A.J. LOUGEE, IN CHARGE OF DECORATIONS MRS. L.D. CHARLES, ASSISTANT DIRECTOR OF PAGEANT’, ‘ASSISTANTS OF TOWN COMMITTEE E.C. BUZZELL, CHAIRMAN OF RECEPTION COMMITTEE CHARLES E. FOX, IN CHARGE OF DINNER WALTER H. BURNELL, IN CHARGE OF SEATING FRED T.ELA, IN CHARGE OF LIGHTING FRANK L.MARK, IN CHARGE OF BAND’, ‘BERLIN W. TINKER, IN CHARGE OF TRAFFIC ASA O. PIKE JR. IN CHARGE OF PROGRAM DISTRIBUTION MISS HARRIET ABBOTT AND MISS ANNA BARROWS IN CHARGE OF INVITATIONS’. Intertitle: ‘MAINE STREET FRYEBURG VILLAGE’. The road filmed from a moving car. Intertitle: ‘THE BIG PARADE WRITTEN AND DIRECTED BY H.A.D. HURD’. Horses, marching bands, cars, and people in costume in a parade. Parked cars. Intertitle: ‘DAWN PEQUAWKET VILLAGE MAY 8, 1725’. Children performing, dressed as Native Americans. Intertitle: ‘LOVEWELLS FIGHT MAY 8, 1725’. Children act out a battle. A person dressed as an angel. Intertitle: ‘FOUNDING OF THE CHURCH 1775’. People in costume reenact the founding of the church. Intertitle: ‘INCORPORATION OF TOWN JANUARY 11, 1777’. People in costume dancing. Intertitle: ‘FOUNDING OF FRYEBURG ACADEMY BY WILLIAM FESSENDEN 1792’. Women dancing. Close ups of people in period dress. Intertitle: ‘THE CHALLENGE OF THE PAST TO THE FUTURE’. People in costume. A parade of children and adults in costume. Intertitle: ‘THE GOVERNORS PARTY’. A group of people pose for the camera. Intertitle: ‘GOVERNOR AND MRS. BREWSTER COL. JOHN C. HULL, SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE, MASSACHUSETTS, AND MRS. HULL’. Governor Ralph Own Brewster, Dorothy Brewster (née Foss) John C. Hull, and his wife. Intertitle: ‘VETERANS OF THE G.A.R.’ Panning shot of the line of veterans. Intertitle: ‘THE GOVERNORS COUNCIL AND THEIR LADIES’. Panning shot of a line of men and women. Intertitle: ‘THE GOVERNORS STAFF’. Men in uniform. Intertitle: ‘THE TOWN FATHERS’. Three men talking together. Intertitle: ‘THE DINNER HOUR’. People eating outdoors. Intertitle: ‘GUESTS AND CITIZENS SNAPPED BY THE CAMERA MAN’. Shots of various people. People serving food from long tables. Shots of various people. Three young children. Shots of various people. A band performing. A man with round classes. Various people. A line of parked cars. A motorcycle. Two men in uniform. The band performing. Intertitle: ‘ORATORY’, ‘CHAIRMAN H.A.D. HURD INTRODUCING GOVERNOR RALPH O. BREWSTER’. H.A.D Hurd speaking from a platform. Governor Brewster speaking from the platform. Intertitle: ‘COL. JOHN C. HULL SPEAKING FOR MASSACHUSETTS’. John C. Hull speaking. Intertitle: ‘SUSAN WALKER MERRILL DELIVERING AN ORIGINAL POEM’. Susan Walker Merrill reading from the platform. Intertitle: ‘DR. HENRY DUNNACK DELIVERING THE HISTORICAL ADDRESS’. Dr. Henry Dunnack speaking. Panning shot of people rising from their seats in the stands. People milling about parked cars. Governor Brewster in the crowd. A group of men seated on the steps of a building. Cars parked in front of a large house. [End of Reel]
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