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16mm film; [? ft.]; Silent; b&w and color
[Archie Stewart--home movies] Reel 154
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Can Descriptions
Reel 154: Archie Stewart can notes: 1966. 1. End of trip to Ann's. 2. Abby's birthday. 3. Gurnee Hart's wedding. 4. Camp 9-21 May. 5. Garden upon return from camp. 6. Kids to camp. NHF cataloguer's notes for Reel 154, 10/8/1998 JB: Girl kneels in yard, painting colorful landscape. Family poses in front of house in Sunday best. Car pulls out of driveway. Boy carries birthday pie, presents to Archie. Children help him blow out candles. Girl poses with drawing of hippopotamus. LS of of mountain scene, steam or smoke rises in midground, Mary Stewart standing beside car. VS of Mary and Archie looking at canyonlands [Grand Canyon from rim?]. WS of Mary Stewart beside log cabin. VS of snow covered mountain roads, woods. WS of cowboys driving cattle herd beside road. WS of walkway over highway. Mary Stewart at rest stop restaurant. Photograph of Maurice Chevalier. Waitress carrying tray of food walks toward camera. High shot of highway traffic. VS of family eating at dinner table. Chocolate birthday cake presented to young girl, slices awkwardly with huge knife. Second cake presented. Young girls in party dresses seated around table. Guests arriving for wedding pose outside church. Men planting seeds in garden. Pontoon plane at shore, Mary Stewart debarks. Plane takes off. Mary displays fish catch. Mary in rain gear walks on lake shore, lobster boat in BG. VS of gardens, flowering trees, lilacs. Mary Stewart painting at easel in garden. Maple, dogwood. Man places label on woman's dress [illegible, name tag?]. VS Children swimming, diving in pool. Waterskiing at lake, pulled by canoe with motor. Children canoeing, swimming. VS children posing with fish fillets. Seated beside campfire. Earl Bonness breading fish, cooking over campfire. Carrying picnic table out of cabin. Setting table, eating lunch, cabin in BG. CU of Earl Bonness talking. VS of children seated on bench in front of bonfire on shore, moon in BG. VS children loading in canoe, moving shot on water, boy steering motor. Boy poses in odd costume with gun in holster, football helmet, pads, mittens.
Anecdotal Comments & Reflections
Mary Stewart Hafer notes: Mary Lou painting sunset scene. Family dressed up. Car departing. Rex bringing pecan pie to Archie for 64th birthday, Feb. 27. Trip back East. Car. Mother, distant mountains. Mother and Archie looking down on spectacular eroded landscape. Mountains and woods in snow. Cowboys on horseback herding cattle. Will Rogers portrait. Interstate highway. Mary Hafer's house in Arlington VA. Abby's 8th birthday with family. Friday, March 31, 1966. Next day, Saturday, April 1, party for her friends. My mother [Mary Stewart] had great idea for April 1 joke. We made lovely frosting and iced the bottom of an inverted cake pan. This was served to Abby to slice. She attempts to slice. We then produce the real cake. April 23 wedding of Col. Percival and Peg Hart's son, Gurnie (sp?) Col Hart was Archie's boss at Ford Motor Co. during World War II. They became close friends. May 9-21 Camp. Earl and Rob planting garden. Mother arriving in little flying boat. Mother with two big fish. Warm clothes, windy lake. Rob by lake. Mother walking into woods. Newburgh, NY. Spring flowers in back yard at388 Grand Street. Magnolias, lilacs. Mother with easel painting flowers in yard with Mt Beacon across the Hudson in background. Fred and Mary in back yard. June 26-July 6. To camp with kids. Swimming at Augusta Holiday Inn (?) More water skiing, paddling canoe, Abby swimming. Mary Lou wtih lots of small fish. John also. Outdoor cookout. Earl preparing fish for frying. Pan full of frying fish. Eating around table carried outdoors. Earl with soot around eyes. Mr Fitch with kids at big bonfire on point. Earl and kids pushing off in canoe. Rex in costume.
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