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16mm film; [400 ft.]; Silent; Color
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3/4inch-video; Silent; Color
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March 3 2019 at 19:15:20
[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis--home movies] Reel 84
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Viewing Notes
NHF Cataloguer's notes Reel 84:36:06. Older woman turns little boy about. Woman has book. She holds infant in her arms. Various family members with their gifts. Older man holds watch in box up. Mother feeds infant with spoon. Infant is in tilted, padded recliner. 37:08. Shadowy shot. Looks to be small, illuminated Christmas tree on table. Family seated about in parlor. Family gathered about parlor table. Chandelier alight. Mother in chair moves infant's arms back and forth. Toddler dons sport jacket. 38:15. Toddler poses in jacket which has college emblem on it. Shadowy shot. Appears to be infant in high chair. Shadows, poor exposure render shots indiscernible. 39:01. (Photography back to normal.) Toddler in cowboy hat and flannel shirt. Man, wearing flannel shirt identical to toddler's uses hands to raise toddler on his feet. Toddler smiles, waves in elevated position. Man brings toddler gently down. Woman looks on. Man-toddler repeat pedal elevation. Woman crouches down, smiles enjoying father-son fun. Toddler crouches down, stands, waves. Son sits on Dad's chest. 40:08. The two rise. Man stands behind boy. Boy does somersault on rug. He waves. Man turns boy around. CU older man wearing plaid cap, smoking cigarette. He lights cigarette. Waves. Walks over to car, gets in. (Return of shadowy photography.) 41:04. Woman near large basket of flowers.(Photography back to normal.) She touches flowers. She wears corsage. She looks at flowers with sad expression. May be from funeral. Older couple, woman emerge from car. Woman carries package. Christmas tree in parlor. Ladies admire infant in yellow outfit. Two women, one carrying infant, older man walking on path.42:06. Woman admires infant while holding it. Car parks outside of garage. Man and woman, carrying infant emerge. Infant lying on quilt. Woman pulls bib down. Woman touches infant's foot with her stockinged toes. Infant smiles while touching small doll. Infant moves legs back and forth while lying on quilt. 43:09. Infant smiles. Mother holds infant on lap. Mother straightens infant's dress. Mother moves infant's doll back and forth. Cat lapping milk from dish. Circular, UFO-like object at left of cat. Cat looks up, continues meal. Woman holding bundled, wrapped infant in lap. Older child, little more than toddler at right. 44:00. Older man takes infant in his arms. Mother has plush toy in hand. Older child walks forward. Three men. One at right has objects in hand. Older man holds infant. Mother joins male confab. Older man tickles infant under chin. Man pats infant's posterior. 45:01. Older child approaches side of building. Woman, older man holding infant emerge from home. Man walks over to car. Other woman emerges from home. She carries small object which may be key. She hands key to man. Ladies, toddler, man in commercial garden area. Flowers growing, blooming in plots. Woman strokes toddler's hair. Ladies look area over. 46:01. Woman takes camera out. Other woman has envelope. Pan. of flowers, appear to be tulips. CU large white flower, possibly narcissus. Infant in small cradle-rocker. Sign at left of rocker: 'Capt. T.B. Eustis'. Older man looks over infant. Group people. They look at object enclosed in glass. It is historical or monument marker. 47:01. Woman with purse on rocky embankment. She cautiously descends rocky embankment. Woman at end of embankment helps her down. Holding purse aloft between them, the women walk forward. Man, woman walk down rock path in area. Woman, man, toddler, infant, older man, another woman. Toddler waves. Mother guides infant's hand in wave. Man crouched at side of building. Huge tractors. 48:03. Pan. of tractors. Front of tractor. Trucks, jeep, lorry. All vehicles military property. Many-wheeled army truck. Pan. of truck. Nearby building. Varied watercraft, tugboats, etc. Front of larger watercraft. Side of craft. Side of boat proclaims that all craft are property of 'U.S. Army'. Pan. of boats with their attached lifeboats and emergency rowboats, etc. 49:07. Exterior church, chapel. People talking on sidewalk. Car goes by. Group enters chapel. Two little boys. One pulls the sides of his sport coat aside. He displays his shirt and shorts in manner of fashion model. He gives back view. He buttons up as buddy watches from side of car. Ladies ascend steps of home. 50:09. Large cottage similar to those of Shakespeare's era. It has tall side-chimney as well as roof chimney. Large, academic-looking building. Bare trees, cars parked near to building. Side of building with arched and circular windows. Woman with infant in arms. Toddler boy with straw in mouth stands in front. Woman lowers infant so toddler can get closer look. (Color in these shots a bit faded.) 51:00. Gate entrance to large building. Woman in colonial dress enters building. Group looks on. Top of building with coat-of-arms engraved. Windmill turning inside of rustic wooden fence. (Colonial Williamsburg) Woman outside of fence beholds turning windmill. Woman carries toddler in arms. Woman laughs while standing in front of garage. Older man joins her. He removes his hat, proudly displaying his bald head. He walks away. 52:02. Repeat of woman before garage. Shadowy shot. People are having meal. Candles glow on table. Birthday party. Infant is in highchair. Adults grouped around. Man places ribbon from gift on infant's head. Infant in playpen. Woman 'clunks' building block at top of pen. 53:03. Infant-playpen footage. Woman touches infant's foot. He sits down in pen. Infant nods head as if saying 'yes'. Infant stands. Cigarette in hand, woman observes infant.
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