4 Copies of This Film
1) 2167.0026_F8
8 mm film; [200 ft.]; Silent; b&w
2) 2167.0026_unknown
3) 2167.0025-.0028_BSP
BetaCam; 54:52; Silent; b&w and color
4) 2167.0025-.0028_DVD
DVD; 53:52; Silent; b&w and color
Birthdays and Christmas--King Family--home movies. Reel 26
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1942 – 1943
Can Descriptions
VINEGAR SYNDROME // Dates from edge codes on film. // Label on can: 'Dec 42 - March 43. Jim + Elinore Dec 42. Patsy's 3rd Birthday. Christmas 42. Billys 2d Birthday Spring 43. Babylon LI. Virginia Beach VA. Patsy's 4th Birthday. Xmas 43. Patsy Villy Jamie Carrie. Sledding in Snow Winter 42-43.'
Viewing Notes
b&w Soldier walks outside house with family members, poses with mother? Wife comes out of house. Soldier in overcoat puts out hand to shake (it's not shaken). He is preparing to leave. Patsy King, 3 1942 birthday cake. Backlit children at table. Patsy blows out candles, opens present wrapped in tissue paper, tilt up to doll house. Another child takes her doll. Opens present of beads with laces for stringing. Outside, children in snow suits in the snow on sidewalk. They hold hands, snow falling. Dog comes racing out, children have a flexible flyer sled. Father in hat puts children on sled and pulls them. Inside, Christmas, camera person’s hand comes into shot. Child on wheeled train. Girl with doll dress. Boy in bib on spring horse bounces. Girl displays doll. Parade outside house, children stand at edge of house walk, watching soldiers march by with guns. Children look at camera. Children on backyard bench swing set. Boy crying really hard, overexposed. Birthday with two candles, "Bill 1943." Girl blows out his candles. In yard, overexposed, boy with wheelbarrow. Child in striped overalls on back of tricycle, girl pedals. Girl with hose, laundry on line behind her, and two toddlers. color, women up to their knees in ocean wave at camera. Patsy and Billy sit on sand, waves come up. People in the ocean, small waves. Toddlers and parents; mother pulls her swimsuits skirt down to cover herself. Woman with inflatable maroon mattress, two women surf with inflatables. CU blonde toddler. Person on surfboard. View of beach with ship in distance. Mothers, children and inflatable mattress. b&w, children outdoor birthday party, blonde child wailing while holding lollipop. Mothers in striped knit shirts. Inside, presents and children including Tinkertoys. Patsy birthday cake, she has on smocked dress. The cake is tall with rosettes on it. Children in pair Adirondack chairs, they wear hats and coats. Boy on tricycle with leather helmet hat. Girl pulls Bradley, Jr. toy wagon. (This is a convertible wagon; the sides come off, visible in next shot.) Girl and younger brother fight over wagon. Small boy on tricycle with knit hat on, dark and light triangles. Christmas inside with the tree. Boy at wooden desk. Various views of boy and girl and toys. Boy sits on stuffed bear on wheels. Girl stands next to him. Snowy hillside, small children in snowsuits, women help them with sleds. Woman in skirt descends with children on sled. Large brick building behind them on hill. Spring: girl on trapeze in back yard. Carrie, African American housekeeper, walks holding children’s hands; she wears a uniform, glasses, waves as they leave the front gate. Children on bench swing. Boy pushes girl on tricycle. Man in glasses at gate, children and dogs around him. Boy hangs upside down from trapeze.
Grace O'Hara King
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