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16mm film; 200 ft.; Silent; Color
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[Flying Moose Lodge footage] Reel 045 (F15)
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Can Descriptions
Amateur footage of activities and events at Flying Moose Lodge, East Orland. Reel numbers are NHF assigned. Reel 45 (F15): [no can/reel notes; dc 1966] note:book by Price(A bad case of moosepox) (UNEDITED) NHF cataloguer's notes for Reel 45. 41:20. Group of young men all in their bathing suits. Two young men wrestling. The two swim and wrestle while in the water. Young man grabs buddy by his chin. He pulls him backward down into the water. Two other buddies wrestling. One of them has slight beard. They also stand in water. They swim. Young man swims behind his bearded buddy and grasps him from behind. Bearded man grasps his buddy from behind. This young man spits fountain of water out of his mouth. Two other young men commence wrestling. One places foot on his buddy's shoulder. Then he grabs him by chin. 42:01. The two start swimming. They dive under the water. One young man grasps the other and begins rubbing his chest. The two swim along. 42:11. Young man paddling canoe. He lays oar aside and,fully-clothed jumps into the lake. He swims behind canoe as it commences to drift away. He climbs back into canoe. He resumes rowing. From stern of canoe, he steps back into the water. He grasps capsized canoe by the side. He paddles canoe though it is sunk beneath the water. 43:09. Young man smiles as he paddles immersed canoe forward. Now canoe is afloat on surface. Young man steps into stern capsizing canoe. He swims as he grasps stern. Now he grasps oar and paddles along. 43:38. Fish swimming beneath clear and transparent water. Man smooths fish that has been caught. He picks it up in his palm. CU of fish. 43:51. Train enters station, smokestacks exuding steam. Train cars. 44:01. Cabins amongst trees. Shot tracks to right. 44:09. Boys standing in moving canoe. One has hands on hips. 44:26. Crew of young men rowing canoe. They row canoe backwards. Man sits in bow of canoe. 44:44. Open car with group of young men in back. Three men on wharf. Lumber is piled in background. Boy wearing captain's hat waves. He blows kiss. Man. Two boys carry wooden box between them. 45:01. Sails furled around beams of ship, the 'Stephen Taber'. Boys on wharf. Young man waves. Rigging, ropes of ship. Young men on deck. More young men enter ship's deck from wharf. Crew moves about deck. Mustached man smiles. He points outward. Boys, men on deck. Men, boys on wharf. 45:37. Inverted canoes along shoreline. Young man in swim trunks. He has oar. Man leans over in front of inverted canoes. Boy uprights inverted canoe. Two young men stand in back of inverted canoes. 46:00. Two young men upright inverted canoe. They place canoe in water and row it forward. 46:11. Lying on stomach in bow of canoe, young man propels canoe along by splashing with hands in water. Trees of shoreline. Other young men observe from wharf. Group of young men stand by canoes with oars in hand. 46:25. Man leans out of cabin window. He waves by moving fingers back and forth. 46:35. Young man removes cover from gas or oil container on top of engine hood of truck. Liquid within fountains up. 46:52. Group of young men sitting on elevation in woods. One of them points outward. Foliage, leaves of trees. Small animal darts almost imperceptibly on branches. 47:08. Group of young men walk single file in wood. Trees. Assembled logs. Looks as if cabin is being constructed. Group gathers around assembled logs. 47:32. Young men crouching on ground. They reach into their cloth bags. Boy walks forward carrying two lengths of timber. One young man wears sun visor. Another has canteen from which he is untwisting the lid. Young man drinking from canteen. He wipes his mouth with hand. Group sitting down. One young man moves frantically about in comic manner. Two young men break into a wrestle. 48:02. Group with books in hand. Man stands before group. Group convened at cabin exterior. Quick pan. of group. Right-tracking pan. of birch trees. Others and wood structure silhouetted. 48:40. Canoes moored on shoreline. Short gangway leads up to shore. Rocks, boulders on shore. Water surface in slight motion. Young man kneels at side of gangway. He steps into canoe. 49:02. Left-tracking pan. of shoreline with trees, boulders. Two young men approach canoes. Together they upright inverted canoe. CU of shoreline boulders, trees. Water surface rippling. 49:40. Truck with inverted canoes atop it motors down road. Young men sitting in bed wave. Some have oars with them. 49:52. Wall map. Pointer ascends. Map is of state of Maine. 50:13. Right-tracking pan. of area. Silhouetting appears to be wooden structure with openings such as beneath a building. Large containers, cans are piled up. Three men stand by canoe. One scratches his head. Group of young men walking by inverted canoes. One has duffel bag. Rent exposes fraction of contents. Cargo has been placed in canoes. Two to a canoe, the young men begin paddling them. 51:07. One behind the other, the men paddle canoes forward. Rippling water. Rocky shoreline terrain. Continuation of same. Young man waves from canoe, tips hat to camera. 52:07. Meat in frying pans. It is being cooked over campfire. Flames of campfire. 52:21. Young men paddling canoes. Boulders in water. Water swirls, ripples. One man paddles as he stands in canoe. Buddy sits while paddling in bow. They row over rippling water. 53:03. Canoe is stopped in midstream. Young man grasps bow. Buddy and young man grasp canoe at side. They get in canoe and begin rowing it in the shallow water. 53:23. Young man wheel inverted canoes along on wheeled device. Young man in front waves. Equipment piled in one canoe. Young man holds canoe by side. Young man sitting on side of wheeled device as buddy pushes canoes on device along. Group of young men push inverted canoes down center of railroad track. 54:00. Rippling water surface. Two young men paddle canoe over the surface. Buddy rows from stern. Other young man rests in bow. Two other young men. One in bow rows as he chews gum. Tarpaulined equipment is in canoe. Water ripples, swirls. Two young men wield oars in both bow and stern. Trees of shoreline. Canoe moored at shore. Young men in white trunks, briefs. 55:02. Clothes, washing hung on diagonally-placed pole. Group of young men gathered around campfire. They are toasting and cooking a meal. Birch-tree structure or frame in campfire area. Squirrel grasps white, narrow object with mouth. Squirrel stands, nibbles on object. Young men paddling canoes on lake surface. One canoe laden with equipment. Bare-chested young canoer waves to camera. Rear view of several canoes and rowers. Two canoes, one behind the other. 56:03. Rippling water. Canoe being rowed adjacent to shoreline. Swirling, rippling water. Three canoes successively round corner near shoreline. Young man stands in water as he grasps stern of canoe. He pushes canoe a bit forward. He mounts exterior stern with his thighs. 56:33. Horizon with many small clouds. Below trees and young men rowing canoes silhouetted. Continuation of scenic horizon. Silhouette of canoes, shoreline extended. 57:00. C.U. man stroking moderate beard. Young men secure equipment to top of vehicle. They rope it to the top. Horse and man at side. Hand reaches out of vehicle to pat horse on head. (End of Reel 45.)
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