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16mm film; 350 ft.; Silent; b&w
4) 1521.0023-.0026_DVD
DVD; Unknown
5) nhf-1521_0025-nhf- Hiram Percy Maxim-Uncompressed 10-bit .mov
[Maxim--home movies] Reel 25
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1930 – 1933
Can Descriptions
Amateur footage. Content description for Can N25; can numbers are donor-assigned. 25. 'John Lee Family No. 4. Pussy - [?] Wharf. 1930-1933 - Bayshore.' (UNEDITED) NHF Cataloguer's notes for Reel 25:33:35. Snow-covered ground. Evergreens in background. Woman skis down hill. 34:00. Elderly man now skis down hill. Woman does so once more, but falls on completing run. She rises, skis in hand she walks back up hill. Skiing down, she falls at end of run. Car motors down highway. She has another skiing excursion, but stays upright at end of downhill trip. 35:02. No longer winter, a woman holds infant in her arms. She waves his hand for him. Toddler pushes tricycle forward. He pedals tricycle. Man assists toddler with tricycle. Tricycle almost tips over. Toddler carries tricycle. 36:01. He mounts it and pedals forward. CU toddler sitting on tricycle. Car goes down street. He dismounts. Woman and toddler in boat. Man launches it from shore. It has canvas covering. Woman, children on shore. Older woman with toddler. Children. One sits in bow of boat. Others are on shore. Three boys in boat. One rocks it back and forth. Infant in high chair. 37:00. Infant has small pan in hand. Shot holds. Infant bites on teething ring. Extracts ring and moves it back and forth. 38:01. Woman, man and toddler on wharf. Woman removes toddler's hat. Toddler waves with hat. Infant crawls along on grass. Woman gives infant stick. Toddler joins the two. Infant hitches self along on 'all fours'. Toddler does somersault. 39:05. Man sitting on grass claps hands, encourages infant to come to him. Toddler turns another somersault. Woman in bathing suit sits in water. She sits on float not visible. She has infant on her lap. The two move along in the water. Infant crawls in grass. He approaches pail. Supports self by using pail to stand. Infant places hand in water. 40:00. Finds small container in pail. Pushes container back in water. Toddler approaches and lifts container out of water. Infant has small paddle. He dables it in water. Toddler dips hand in container. Woman playfully pokes infant in stomach. She holds infant by hands. 41:04. Infant smiles as he walks along. Infant and woman in water. He splashes about in water. Woman floats along on invisible float or inner tube. Infant splashes water. He retrieves small item from water and places it in woman's hand. Infant sitting in water. 42:04. Toddler approaches infant. Infant gives him a light touch. Infant splashes water. Woman raises him up. Toddler stands at right. We are in the parlor now. Older woman has infant and toddler on her lap. The three are reading a book. Man, infant, toddler outside by fence. (Infant is maturing into toddler.) 43:05. Man rubs small knife against container. The two watch kneeling man. He continues frictionizing the small knife. Exterior of home with its white fence. The aforescribed three are still at right. Rear exterior of another home with overhanging trees, foliage. Front exterior of another home, contemporary late 1920's. Exterior of yet another domicile. 44:01. Another home, car parked in yard. Large home. Exterior shutters. Bare tree. Shot tracks to right. Man on bicycle, toddler on tricycle, woman on bicycle all going down the street. Woman has infant in small wooden box on front of bicycle. Woman cyclist in yard. She talks as she looks behind her. Winter now. Man places infant on sled. Toddler nearby. The three are in park. 45:02. Man pushes infant on sled down small incline. Man holds sled as infant regains footing. Infant walks along in snow. Man gives toddler on sled push down incline. Attached to paralell bar by straps, woman wings therefrom. Caat enters area. Man gives sled a push. Infant and toddler are on it together. 46:01. Toddler approaches kneeling woman. Toddler has hat in each hand. Infant takes one of them. Infant has plush toy. Young boy or toddler also has plush toy. 47:05. Woman looks on as both have plush toys. Toddler places plush toy on ground. (End of Reel 25.)
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