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16mm film; [? ft.]; Silent; b&w and color
[Archie Stewart--home movies] Reel 088
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Can Descriptions
NHF cataloguer's notes: Reel 88: Archie Stewart can notes: Maine, Spring, 1947. The Year Grandpa Barnes caught the big fellow. Grandpa Barnes big trout. Fall 1947. WS Archie in overcoat standing on shore watching waves crash in heavy surf. Four women pose in front of house, wearing coats, hats. Second shot with two men. Three people eat box lunch on picnic table beside road. Four men, one older woman seated in moving boat; Rob Golding, Mr. Barnes, others. Moving shot of shore of lake through cabin porthole. Boat with cabin beside shore, man on deck. Unloading gear from canoe (Dark) Two men displays very large trout, fish suspended on pole held between them; Mr. Ed Barnes and trophy lake trout. VS of men standing in circle, admiring fish, taking. CU on fish (30 inches?). VS man raking up dirt, Rob Golding at camp garden. Tall pine tree at dusk. WS, moving from boat, of barge guiding hundreds of logs. VS circling around lashed together logs floating. Log drive: rowboat, towing lashed logs. VS men fishing from canoe with motor in stern. VS of boats of various types and sizes moving on lake, trees in FG. Man holding hose pumping water, attached to motor resting on dock; garden pump. U on motor and pulleys. Interior of cabin (dark): men reading in camp. Christmas scenes: Woman (Mrs. Mary Stewart) standing in front of tree, putting on bracelets. Archie enters frame, they pose together. MS Man in plaid shirt starting fire in front of log cabin (nicely framed by two tree trunks). CU on fire. CU on filleted fish in grill cooking over fire. MS of man cleaning fish. WS of canoe on lake. MS of Rob GOlding relaxing in bow of canoe, leans against gunnels facing rear. Moving shot from boat past rocky point, Thorougfare. Older man seated on bucket BG, looking at scarecrow swinging from pole FG. Stick pokes at logs piled in square, logs fall (trap?). VS moving, from boat: cabin in woods (dark), rocky shore, driftwood. Various shots from inside cabin of views out window. Moving shots of lake shore from boat. Birthday party for older man (B&W). People gathered around table, bringing cake, blowing out candles, handing presents. Grandfather Stewart at camp. Wild flowers and ferns in forest glade. Rob Golding with wheelbarrow. Man kneeling on ground (like sprinter). Potatoes in wheelbarrow. Laundry hanging on line, archery target in BG. Bear skin hanging from tree. Man chopping down tree (dark), sawing wood. MS Tommy Lockhead from Broadway Garage (an avid hunter) shows of features of hanging dead bear. WS of large boat docking, unloading gear. Tommy Lockhead carrying dead bear on shoulders. VS of group of hunters relaxing in woods.

This item may be available for reuse, please contact Northeast Historic Film for more information
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