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16mm film; [400 ft.]; Silent; b&w
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3/4inch-video; Silent; b&w
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March 3 2019 at 19:16:42
[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis--home movies] Reel 4
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Can Descriptions
4. 1928--Tom on sulkey, chickens, G'wood Lake, first suit on Barringer, E.P. game, 2nd birthday, Newton, Christmas sled.
Viewing Notes
NHF cataloguer's notes for Reel 4, 6/1/99, JS : (00:02) Two men wheeling infant on ricksha-like device. Man walks forward while holding reins of fully-blanketed horse. Toddler approaches hens, roosters in barnyard. Toddler approaches miniature child's wheelbarrow. Turns wheelbarrow on its side. Pushes wheelbarrow forward. Toddler sits on kiddiecar. Very poor shot, only partially exposed. Shot clears as toddler approaches front steps of home. Toddler play with kiddie car. Calendar states only: 'November 9th, 1928.' Toddler pushes toy wheelbarrow down walkway. 03:06.Toddler play with wheelbarrow, push-toy, and car. Toddler is now inside home. Toddler stands, hands on wall. He appears to be clad in pajamas. Man lifts toddler, sits on floor. Man buttons coat toddler wears. Toddler yawns. Man hugs toddler. 06:01. A parade. Marching band. Spectators. Goal post. Football team runs onto field. Band once more. Football team running on field. Male cheerleaders. Horse-drawn wagon with two men within goes across field. Marching school band enter field. Football game resumes. Poor underexposed shot which appears to be birthday party. Cake has three candles on it. 09:00. Shot is grainy. Only one candle remains lit. May be toddler and his father. Photography is flickery, grainy. Toddler looks up at shelf. Woman enters. Leaves item. Toddler pushes item back and forth. May be small swing. Toddler has long-handled broom or shovel, child-size. Woman enters room. She gives toddler toy horse. Woman lifts toddler from sitting position. He now plays with teddybear. Toddler is before birthday cake. He's trying to blow out candles. He leans over in attempt to blow out last candle. Finally, does so. 12:00. Exterior of home, front steps, railing at top. Man emerges with toddler by hand. Toddler walking on snow at base of steps. (Photography is normal now.) Toddler runs to man crouched at foot of steps as another man walks away. Man makes snowball, throws it. Toddler and adults play in snow. Two girls walk with toddler. One of the girls runs round and round as toddler and girl stand still. Family group. Woman crouches down. Toddler joins her. 15:01. Man lifts toddler over railing. Toddler sits on middle step. Sets small bottle on step. Removes hat and salutes. Homes, park, mid-town in winter. Woman hauls toddler along sidewalk on sled. Toddler runs around over snow. Woman joins toddler. Toddler tries to haul sled along by himself. He staggers a little in the snow. Now he sits on edge of sled. (End Reel 4)
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