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3) 1108.0143 - 1108.0144_F16
16mm film; [? FT.]; Silent; b&w and color
4) 1108.0143-.0145_DVD
DVD; Unknown
[Archie Stewart--home movies] Reel 143-144
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Can Descriptions
Reel 143 & 144: Archie Stewart can notes: 1. Camp November, 1962. 2. Thanksgiving. Mary-ah's. 22 November at 330 Dogwood, Park Forest. 3. Christmas Mary-ah's in Park Forest. 4. To Ann's in California. 5. Trip to Hawaii. 6. At Ann's, Camp Pendleton. NHF cataloguer's notes for Reels 143 and 144: [Running timecode approx. from head of VHS tape.] VS group of older people play cards around table with patterned cloth. Tommy Lockhead, Rob Golding, Mother, "Tecky" and Earl Bonness, Archie Stewart. Interior, lamp light, B&W. 3:15: Exterior camp shots, color: Hand made doll in grass skirt. [Mary Stewart Hafer, this is a typical Rob Golding artifact.] Man and woman look at owl pinned up to camp exterior. Man dancing on table (Earl Bonness). Mary Stewart with rifle. Men with guns along stone wall (Earl Bonness, Archie and Mary Stewart, Rob Golding). People walk along stone wall. Group by lake (poor exposure). Man points out new window frame to woman (Earl Bonness and Mary Stewart). Woman shows off dead fox; man with beaver (Mary Stewart and Rob Golding). 5:30: Color, interior, family at dining table, man brings turkey to table. [Mary Stewart Hafer, Hafer house, Park Forest, IL 330 Dogwood. Fred's parents, Archie and Mary Stewart, Hafer kids] Young girl wears party hat. (Archie and Mary Stewart with daughter's young family.) VS serving cake, talking. 6:40: Christmas; children in pajamas open presents. Woman on sofa. Boys in plaid bathrobes and leather slippers. Grandparents. Woman puts on ski mask. Abby with doll in bridal gown; magic wand. Boy with rifle. 9:00: Exteriors, color. Snow scenes. Tree branches laden with snow. VS from above out window and from street level. 9:25: Intertitle: 'Last visit to G.G.'s house.' 388 Grand Street, Newburgh. VS of buildings: door with wreath; brick buildings with tall columns, Dutch Reformed Church on Grand Street in Newburgh. WS steel bridge under construction, Newburgh Beacon bridge. Two elderly women stand outside by brick house. Quick lawn shot. House sign: 516. VS of ranch style house on wooded lot. 1960s car beside brick house. Street sign: Crosswoods Drive. Commercial signs: Drake Motel; Green Derby BarBQ Chicken & Ribs; odd revolving ball with spikes. WS of motel, parking lot. Sign: Auto Magic Car Wash. Men work on car, man in uniform chews gum and washes car. Sign: Yucca Lodge Motel; AAA; Best Western; Carte Blanche. VS of motel, Mary Stewart lounging on patio. VS scenics of desert area. Mary Stewart poses by car; Archie in bow tie and dark glasses stands in desert, drinks from a bottle. VS of roadway, WS desert. Moving shots from car driving through mountain pass. MS of rock pile. Sign: Ellis Wayside Rest, Cleveland National Forest, mountains and car driving in BG. Another angle of sign with cars driving along curve in roadway. VS of park bench, pan up to rocky mountain. Mary Stewart in picnic area drops trash into covered bin. 14:00: Young woman in riding gear (Ann Stewart), poses with Elizabeth. Various cars in BG: Chrysler, Pontiac, etc. Mary Stewart pulls Elizabeth in red wagon down residential street. MCU of child in wagon, car with trunk open in BG. 14:45: Rex Sauls approaches toy cannon, removes stick from barrel and aims. [Short, but nice ground level angle.] 15:00: MS Mary Lou in Brownie uniform stands beside door, exterior. MCU Rex in wicker chair, grins. Street sign: corner of Sixth and Pacific. Sign: Bella Vista Motel, Kitchens, Free TV. VS of two story white motel. 15:45: Moving shots from a Pan Am plane. Airport terminal. Runway as plane taxis. View from air of [ocean?] shore. Aerial views of city, highway. Man and woman descend stairs of airplane, wearing Hawaiian leis (Mary and Archie Stewart). VS of Hawaiian city with mountains in BG. Older woman walking, wading on beach in swimsuits. VS of buildings, waterfront. Moving shots from boat of shoreline. Sign: 'Anchor raised from hulk of USS Arizona, Cast in Chester, Penn. 1911. Weight 19,585 Pounds.' WS of two women [Mary Stewart and Mrs Fackler?] standing beside massive metal anchor. VS of flowers. VS of Siamese cats [poor light]. WS of crowds in stands, shielding heads with newspapers. Various WS of Hawaiian dancers, musicians, crowd in BG. Six woman in grass skirts standing holding letters to spell 'Hawaii.' VS of palm trees, ocean. Tourists attempt to learn hula dancing. Woman hold letters to form 'Aloha.' 21:49: Hawaii continued, VS of golfing. House sign: 615, Col. R.F. Fackler. VS of ranch style house, flowers in garden. [Probably Col. Facklers' military quarters] Man leans against tree, playing ukulele. WS of mountain with huge fluffy clouds [car roofs pass in FG]. Moving shots, from car, of fields. 23:45: VS of people walking along beach. MS two women pose in front of church tower with clock. MCU orchid. WS of city, ocean in BG. Mary Stewart sways and plays ukulele, straw hat, flowered dress, palm tree in BG. 25:15 Young man holds two Siamese cats in arms, MS standing. Two women stand beside tropical plant, smile and wave at camera. WS men in pith helmets in field of high grass. Truck in BG with huge steel platform [harvester?]. WS of oriental style gazebo, Pan Am Logo on building in BG. VS of tourists, man in USAF uniform, women with leis. WS of airport control tower. 26:35: MS of grandparents seated on couch with Mary Lou and Rex and Elizabeth Sauls. Girl displays birthday cards. Elizabeth holds toy cash register. Girl cuddles dachshund dog. Ann carries birthday pie with lit candles to table. Places in front of older man who slices pie (Archie Stewart). VS motel, ocean, beach VS of litter of puppies in sunlit box. MCU of puppy held by woman. [Ann's dachshunds] 30:10: WS of Ann in riding habit walking past barn to group of horses. VS equitation, riders in rink, jumping WS of woman strolling on [boardwalk? dock?]. VS ocean waves. Flag pole: American and state flag of California waving in stiff breeze. LS of [hotel?], Mary Stewart on pedestrian bridge in FG. 32:10: VS Elizabeth watches TV (b&w). 32:20: Two men play handball, filmed from viewing balcony above; Reg Sauls and ?. (b&w) 33:15: Young woman kneels beside box of puppies, sunlit. 33:30: Color [pastel?] portrait of young child followed by MCU of subject, Elizabeth. 33:50: Exterior, faded color. Man on stilts hammers roof of porch, demonstrates stilts. 34:10: WS of kite in blue sky. WS of children with kite. WS of desert landscape. TS of Elizabeth walking up hill, crying. Joined by Rex in cowboy outfit. 35:15: VS of blooming bush, red flowers. Sign on building: Archie Burgers, 19 cents. VS of small town. 1960s cars on downtown street include Volkswagen, Chrysler. Tall palm trees line each side of road. VS of colorful flowers, California plants. 36:00: Highway. Moving shot from inside car approaching military guard post. 36:30: VS of young woman and child with puppies, playing in grass. More moving shots, highway. WS of ship on ocean, sunset behind. More puppies. 37:25: Street Sign: Dogwood Road. Ranch style house, Sauls' quarters. Water tower. Ann and Mary Lou ride horses in ring. 38:25: WS of truck: Camp Pendleton Marines, Base Special Services, and logo painted on side. VS children with puppies. VS flowers, ice plants. Roadside diner. Sign: Hamburger Heaven, Food to Go. VS woman with children. WS of train passing through residential area.
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