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3/4inch-video; 10 min.; Sound; b&w
Arctic Thrills
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Can Descriptions
NHF cataloguer's notes, 3/96: 'They're off to the land of the eskimo.' Small two masted schooner under sail. 'Headed Baffin Bay-wards.' Schooner in heavy 'following' sea. Lee rail wash. Crew in rigging. 'Seals are sighted.' Lookout in crow's nest. Seals in water and on beach. 'These Greenland seals provide most of the commercial pinseal leather.' Bull seals with 'harem,' challenging. 'Headed north. ice is sighted.' Passing iceberg. 'A huge iceberg breaks up [into] a perfect arch.' Schooner sails in front of, and then through, arch. Shot of iceberg rolling. man at wheel. Shooner tying up against ice. 'A fest of walrus.' Eskimos cutting up walrus and eating raw flesh. Small child being fed. Schooner sailing, working way through ice. Polar bear swimming. Bear climbs out on ice, attempts to elude men. Two men in canoe work way through ice floes. Bear on ice, and swimming. Dory with three men approaches bear. Men lasso bear in the water. 'A mother bear and her cub appear.' Cub is caught and brought aboard schooner. Lassoed bear struggles. Bear in [American] zoo cage. Bear fed fish. The end.
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