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1) 1094.0001_VHS
2) 1094.0001_SVHS
25 min.; Silent; b&w and color
3) nhf-1094_0001-Uncompressed 10-bit.mov
[J.D. Davis and Louise Davis--home movies]
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Can Descriptions
Films of family and community events including wedding, parades, graduation, snow and winter, outdoor activities and a town meeting. Other footage shows a park ranger feeding three bear cubs, the first L.L. Bean store and other shops in Freeport, a Barnum & Bailey circus with the big top being set up by African American workmen, and a woman being pulled on snow skis by a horse and rider. NHF cataloguer's notes, 11/94: Some kind of meeting at a hall or church. L.L. Bean store, on city street. Hotel Clark and other shops. Early model cars, townspeople. Girls and boys ice skating on a pond. Pet mouse. Schoolhouse and children. A house on fire. Scenes of men trying to save it but cannot. Winter scenes. Heavy snow. Little bear cubs playing inside and outside cage. Being held and fed by a uniformed man. (Color) men using snowblower. More winter shots. Parade. Church choir. People boating and swimming. Picnic. Ringling, Barnum and Bailey circus. Elephants, big top, African American workmen setting up. Another parade. Girls with tambourines dressed in Eastern European type dress. Holland style outfits on a young couple doing a dance. Four young women in 1890s style outfits. A graduation. More boating and swimming. School picture. Large outdoor picnic, men playing horseshoes. Wedding. Women sawing wood and pumping water, at camp? Man with long snake. Boy being pulled on skis by horse and rider.
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