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16mm film
6) 1108.0061_F16
16mm film; 415 ft.; Sound; Color
7) 1108.0057-.0061_DVD
DVD; Unknown
8) nhf-1108_0061a Romeo & Juliet-Apple ProRes 4444 24fps.mov
[Archie Stewart--home movies] Reel 061
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1950 – 1956
Viewing Notes
Reel 61: [Archie Stewart can notes: Sound. Movie party starring Are Yoall Happy Douglass.] SOUND Screening notes: Archie holding microphone (Color), explains tests. Two takes: Archie lipsyncing to recording of 'Home on the Range.' Mary kneeling on floor to play toy piano, 'Swanee River.' Woman on ladder, underdressed man, Dr. Douglass, on ledge. Enact variation on balcony scene of 'Romeo and Juliet' Group of women genuflect, tend to man in bedouin dress. Spoof of Valentino's 'The Sheik.' Clip of belly dance, Frances Proper. Quartet of men and women wave flag as they lipsync to 'Star Spangled Banner.' Then sing their version. Monopoly game. Dr. T. R. Proper playing ragtime piano, singing 'Turkey in the Straw.' Five men dressed as surgeons at operating table [all doctors except Jim Allott, who was a veterinarian--doctors Proper, Snyder, Douglass, Traub]. Hand-lettered sign behind 'St Juke's Horspital.' Remove balloons, balls, weiners, rocks, etc. from his stomach. Man lipsyncing to 'Home on the Range.' Ukelele piano duet, Drs. Proper and Douglass. Multiple takes, man and woman playacting, fluffing lines., Dr. Douglass and Ruth Traub doing takeoff on Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson.
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