25 Items in This Collection
1) [Laura Nickerson--home movies] Reel 1
Adults and children playing in a field. A woman washing dishes. A man building a shelf. Children opening Christmas gifts. Shot of the Christmas tree, gifts and television. Dark shot of...   more
2) [Laura Nickerson--home movies] Reel 2
A dog swimming in the water. An older man and a little girl next to a beached motorboat. The little girl carrying firewood near a tent. People swimming. A man carrying supplies. People...   more
3) [Laura Nickerson--home movies] Reel 3
People in an airport. A DELTA airplane taking off. A person mowing a lawn. A boy in graduation robes. A graduation ceremony. A woman roller-skating, followed by a dog. A woman beside a...   more
4) [Laura Nickerson--home movies] Reel 4
Shots men eating at tables in a large hall. The men milling about the room. [End of Reel]   more
5) [Laura Nickerson--home movies] Reel 5
A duck and ducklings. A picnic beside a pop-up camper. A man seated outside a van. A baseball game. People around a pool. A picnic beside a camper. A crowd of people on a porch. A group...   more
6) [Laura Nickerson--home movies] Reel 6
People in a kitchen. A baseball game. A man in a lawn chair. People in a kitchen and tables laid for a large number of people. A group of people on a porch. People seated around the tab...   more
7) [Laura Nickerson--home movies] Reel 7
A crowd of people on a porch. People in a field. A volleyball game. Children seated in a circle. Adults seated in a circle, reading. (Possibly a Bible study group.) A woman reads to a g...   more
8) [Laura Nickerson--home movies] Reel 8
Dark shots of people in a church. A woman seated at a piano. A wedding ceremony. A line of people congratulating the bride and groom. The wedding reception. People seated around tables....   more
9) [Laura Nickerson--home movies] Reel 9
A group of people outdoors. People seated around large tables. A man hands out certificates. People pose of the steps of a building. A graduation ceremony. Graduates shaking hands. Grad...   more
10) [Laura Nickerson--home movies] Reel 10
A young girl sweeping the kitchen floor. The girl standing next to the bathroom sink. Dark shots of people indoors. A dog sitting on the front step. A snowy yard. A car covered in snow....   more
11) [Laura Nickerson--home movies] Reel 11
People gathered around parked cars. A boy playing with a toy truck. Children playing outdoors. A man on a motorcycle. A woman and children playing on the beach. A baby in a stroller. Pe...   more
12) [Laura Nickerson--home movies] Reel 12
A baseball game. A little boy running. People outside of cabins. A baby crawling on a porch. People in a kitchen. A volleyball game. People swimming. Children playing baseball. Two wome...   more
13) [Laura Nickerson--home movies] Reel 13
A boy blowing out the candles on a birthday cake. A boy posing with a gun and dead deer. Dark indoor shot. A boy carries a birthday cake to an older man to blow out the candles. People...   more
14) [Laura Nickerson--home movies] Reel 14
People playing games outdoors. A woman teaching a class of children. A group of adults seated in a circle. A boy playing outdoors. People walking past cabins. Two men washing dishes. Ch...   more
15) [Laura Nickerson--home movies] Reel 15
People seated indoors. People seated on a porch. A group of people in a dining hall. A person working on a car engine. People on the porch. Parked cars. Women fixing their hair. People...   more
16) [Laura Nickerson--home movies] Reel 16
Three children eating outdoors. Adults seated by parked cars. Two women pose next to a camper. People talking outdoors. A girl on a tire swing. A wedding ceremony. The wedding party pos...   more
17) [Laura Nickerson--home movies] Reel 17
People playing horseshoes. People seated on a porch. People in a dining hall. A game of horseshoes. (Camp Winniaugwamauk) A woman seated in a lawn chair. A volleyball game. People seate...   more
18) [Laura Nickerson--home movies] Reel 18
People gathered beside a van wave at the camera. People in a car. A crowd of people gathered near an information desk. People on a ferry. Ships in a marina and buildings along the shore...   more
19) [Laura Nickerson--home movies] Reel 19
A baby in a stroller. Shots of rooms inside a house: kitchen, living room, bathroom etc. Outside of the house and yard. A man pushing a stroller up the road. The baby playing. People se...   more
20) [Laura Nickerson--home movies] Reel 20
A wedding procession, including bridesmaids, ring bearer, flower girl. The bride and groom. The wedding ceremony. The wedding party leaving. Children seated around a table. The wedding...   more
21) [Laura Nickerson--home movies] Reel 21
A parade with a marching bands, fire trucks, (Clayton Fire Department, Dexter Fire Department and others.) and race cars. People working on a house with ‘M’s on the shutters. People sea...   more
22) [Laura Nickerson--home movies] Reel 22
Babies on a camp porch. People eating in a dining hall. Cleaning the dining hall. A woman holding a baby. Adults and children washing dishes. People sitting on the grass. (Camp Winniaug...   more
23) [Laura Nickerson--home movies] Reel 23
A child waves at the camera. The child and an older man walking down the street. The man and child sitting in a chair. The child riding a tricycle indoors. The child playing. People ind...   more
24) [Laura Nickerson--home movies] Reel 24
A man and a woman arrive with a baby. The woman changing a baby’s diaper. A different woman holding the baby. A man holding the baby. The baby on a couch. A cat seated on the hood of a...   more
25) [Laura Nickerson--home movies] Reel 25
People seated on a porch, watching a volleyball game. People outdoors at a camp. A baseball game. Groups of people. Children sitting on the porch. (Camp Winniaugwamauk) Adults seated in...   more
Nickerson, Laura Collection
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Credit: Laura Nickerson Collection, Northeast Historic Film. A little girl plays on a couch, circa 1980.
Primary Format and Extent
film (1210 ft.) : si., col. ; Super 8 mm
Collection Date Range
1976 – 1985
The collection consists of the [Laura Nickerson--home movies], 25 reels of silent, color, Super 8 film, totaling approximately 1210 feet. The films were shot by Laura Nickerson and feature Christmas scenes, weddings, family camping trips, and events at Camp Winniaugwamauk in Brooksville, Maine.
Biographical/Historical Notes
Laura Nickerson was born on April 11, 1925 and passed away on June 21, 2003. She was a frequent attendee of Camp Winniaugwamauk, a camp run by the The Congregational Christian Council of Maine.
Northeast Historic Film
Access is restricted; consult repository for detail.
Condition Governing Reproduction and Use
Authorization to reuse and/or reproduce must be obtained from Northeast Historic Film. See http://oldfilm.org/content/stock-footage-licensing for more information.
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