7 Items in This Collection
2) [Passamaqoddy Dancing on Pleasant Point, Maine]
No description available   more
3) [Apple Picking in Burnham, Maine, Littlefield Farm]
Location is different than Littlefield Farm in 1926.001   more
4) Rubber Products in the Making
Industrial film about production of Kleinert's rubber clothing. 'Warner Bros. presents the Vitaphone Pictorial'. Color segments spliced in.   more
5) River Farmer, The
Video documentary about mussel harvesting   more
6) [Miscellaneous stories]
Three feature stories: Vinalhaven Press, Maine Wood Heat Co., Sugarloaf Dorsets (sheep)   more
7) [3000 Mile Garden Dub]
Raw video footage of Washburn-Norlands Living History Center museum   more
Glenn, Sean Collection
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The collection consists of 4 reels of silent, 16 mm film, totaling approximately 1275 feet and 3 3/4 inch umatic videotapes.
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