11 Items in This Collection
1) Children, winter scenes, flowers, 1938-1942--Donald Taylor--home movies. Reel 1
Reel #1A: 1938. First of Sue, Jo, Rubye, Bangor Me. Croquet. With hat. With pebbles. With pan of water and clothespins. Donald Duck. Rubye and diaper. South Portland back yard. Frank Ha...   more
2) Beach scenes, coastal Maine, children, Christmas, 1941--Donald Taylor--home movies. Reel 2
"Sunset / Dad's House / Kittredge Rd. and Flowers / 1941: Sandy Point & McGlatturies / Kids on Beach / colored Christmas";Reel #2A: Cape Elizabeth. Fletcher and Laura Means. Marcia Mean...   more
3) Children playing, box trick, farm animals, Portland water tower, 1940-1941--Donald Taylor--home movies. Reel 3
"4th Birthday Carton / Little Sebago / Bingham Annuals / Means in Hoodoo / First brown puppy / Doll Carriage";Reel #3A: Dodge. South Portland. Hopscotch. Box trick - all neighbor. Sebag...   more
4) Wedding, Disneyland, Children playing, 1959-1964--Joanne Swift--home movies. Reel 4
Wedding. Outside shot of bride, Joanne Swift, and her father at door to church with other people. Dark footage inside the church. Pan of the crowd from the back of church. Bride and...   more
5) Children, fishing, London, 1965-1967--Joanne Swift--home movies. Reel 5
Pan across front of estate. Pan across Garden with fountain and statures. (Versailles, France) Man with a little black dog in front of garage. He shovels snow while girl makes snow...   more
6) Boats and outdoor family scenes, 1957-1963--Joanne Swift--home movies. Reel 6
Two people in a canoe by a docked boat. Women with dog on the pier. Shot of a road. Another road. Trees, landscape, pan through trees. Road sign for Maine Rt.1/3. Snow in the road...   more
7) Children, swimming, ice skating, Bucksport fire, 1940-1946--Donald Taylor--home movies. Reel 7
Reel #1: 1942, Cape Elizabeth ME after a hurricane (1941?). Sue, Jo on rocks. Lighthouse - Cape Elizabeth. Backyard - Kittredge Road, South Portland. Sue Jo. Eddie & Marie Tangway &...   more
8) Fishing, camping, trip to Canada, graduation, chemical plant, 1948-1952--Donald Taylor--home movies. Reel 8
Reel #7: Moosehead Lake fishing. Rubye Taylor and Ellen Jewett. George Jewett in boat. Ellen and Rubye. Mt. Kineo. Fish cleaning. '?'. Rubye. Fish on stick. Robin feeding nest, So...   more
9) [Joanne Swift--home movies] Reel 9A
Two women, a group of children, and a dog playing next to a decorated Christmas tree. A toddler hands a camera to a man. The toddler sitting at a piano. Children and the dog playing in...   more
10) [Joanne Swift--home movies] Reel 9B
A child playing in a pile of leaves while a man rakes. The man gathers up the leaves, and the child, in a tarp. The child falls out. He gathers it all up again and walks off. He sets it...   more
11) [Joanne Swift--home movies] Reel 10
A woman, a girl, and a dog playing next to a Christmas tree. A dog sitting in an armchair. Children opening Christmas gifts. People sitting around a large table. A girl riding a horse....   more
Swift, Joanne Collection
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Credit: Joanne Swift Collection, Northeast Historic Film. Joanne Swift with her twin sister Susan and their mother, Rubye Taylor.
Primary Format and Extent
film (2250 ft.) : si., b&w and col. ; 8 mm
Secondary Format and Extent
film (625 ft) : si., col. ; Super 8
Collection Date Range
1938 – 1977
The Joanne Swift Collection consists of 9 reels of amateur 8mm and 2 reels of super 8 shot primarily by Joanne Swift between 1957 and 1968 and by her father Donald Taylor between 1938 and 1955. The films document Joanne and her twin sister Susan's childhood in Maine, and continue with Joanne's family after she is married and had children. They take place mostly in Portland, Stockton Springs, Bangor, and on boating and camping trips along coastal Maine, Moosehead and Sebago Lakes. Of particular interest are reels documenting local events, including the 1938 hurricane damage in Cape Elizabeth and the Bucksport pier fire circa 1946.
Biographical/Historical Notes
Donald R. Taylor and Rubye G. McKean were married in Bangor in 1932. They had twin girls circa 1937, Joanne and Susan. Donald owned a hardware store called Taylor-Berry in Bucksport (now the Nicholson Building across from Bookstacks). Other than the twins there are two other prominent figures in the earlier films. These are the girls' cousin George Martens III, called "Buzz," and the family dog “Bos’n.” Susan married Barney Jackson in 1957 and Joanne married Calvin T. Swift in 1959. Joanne and Calvin had two daughters, Janet and Pamela.
Northeast Historic Film
The Collection is open for research.
Condition Governing Reproduction and Use
Authorization to reuse and/or reproduce must be obtained from Northeast Historic Film. See http://oldfilm.org/content/stock-footage-licensing for more information.
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