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1) 15 Maine High Schools in Regional Play Contest
No description available   more
2) 1960 United Fund Kickoff
Shots of fund drive kickoff include people talking and sitting down to fund drive dinner.   more
3) 1962 Election
Hildreth Network Education Center broadcasting gubernatorial election results. LS and MS of studio, voting board, commentators, and a record keeper. CUs of candidates Reed and Dolloff f...   more
4) 1st Penobscot NFO meeting in Charleston
No description available   more
5) Brewer Swim Prizes
Brewer: Groundbreaking for public pool.   more
6) 750 Gallon Pumper for Brewer
No description available   more
7) [100,000th Delta Passenger]
Delta Airlines logs the 100,000th passenger to board through Bangor International Airport   more
8) [4-H Foundation]
11th annual meeting of the Pine Tree State 4-H Foundation   more
9) [5-Mile Road Race]
Record falls in 9th annual Bangor 5-mile road race   more
10) [Abenaki College Production]
Abenaki experimental college production of 'Stop the World, I Want to Get Off'; woman dancing with ape/gorilla   more
11) [Driving simulators]
Driving simulators cut driver education courses costs.   more
12) [Abenaki Program]
Abenaki leaders comment on reception of program contents by University of Maine professor   more
13) [Acadia Overcrowding]
Acadia National Park faces possibility of too many visitors/tourists   more
14) [Adult Rights For Youth]
Adult rights for 18 year-olds debated in Augusta   more
15) [Air Control Standards]
Environmental Improvement Commission (EIC) director William Adams, Jr. examines steps toward establishing Maine air control standards   more
16) [Complaints]
Solon resident files compl,aints over Kennebec River log saturation.   more
17) Air National Guard
Bangor : Dow Air Force Base, inspection of National Guard by officer going up and down rows.   more
18) [Air Quality Standards]
Maine air quality standards probably will force out marginal businesses   more
19) [Airport Arts and Crafts Show]
First annual airport mall arts and crafts show opens in Bangor; stuffed animals, crafts for sale   more
20) [Airport Construction]
Passenger loading bridges installed at Bangor International Airport   more
21) [Airport Construction]
Taxiway construction begins at Bangor International Airport   more
22) [Airport Customs Procedures]
Customs force plans new tools/procedures to prevent smuggling at Bangor International Airport   more
23) Union Station Tower
Bangor: Downtown shots include Union Station Tower, 'Spalding Headquarters -- Official Outfitters of Schools and Teams,' a panorama of one part of city.   more
24) [Airport Fuel Supplies]
Interview with manager of Bangor International Airport on fuel supplies   more
25) [Airport Growth Praised]
CAB spokesman Robert Murphy lauds the growth of Bangor International Airport   more
26) [Airport Manager on Base Closings]
Interview with Bangor International Airport manager on affect of base closings in New England on the airport   more
27) [Airport Terminal Complaints]
Norman Kaye and John Frawley air differences on concourse/terminal at Bangor International Airport; interviews   more
28) [Allied Health Workers Conference]
Allied health workers conference held at University of Maine in Bangor   more
29) [Alternate Energy Sources]
Federal funding for alternate energy; interview   more
30) [Annual ROTC Inspection]
Bangor ROTC annual inspection; footage of kids in gymnasium with guns   more
31) [Bangor Sewer Plans]
Bangor City Manager, Merle Goff, discusses city's sewer assessments.   more
32) [Anti-War Sentiment]
Governor Ken Curtis claims the public has no outlet to vent anti-Vietnam war sentiment   more
33) [Apportionment Report]
Report on apportionment presented to 106th legislature   more
34) [Army Men Hike Appalachian Trail]
Two army men begin Appalachian Trail hike from Maine to Georgia; medical helicopter lands, drops off supplies to men wearing fatigues/camoflage   more
35) [Association of Accountants Meeting]
Bangor-Waterville chapter of the National Association of Accountants hear Halderin (spelling?) speak on state tax at dinner meeting   more
36) [Otis La Bree Interview]
Telejournal talks with Penobscot County Sheriff-Elect, Otis La Bree   more
37) [Augusta Ethics Hearing]
House Majority Leader Larry Simpson outlines philosophy of ethics issue at hearing in Augusta; man is chewing something, possibly gum, while on the stand   more
38) [Automobile Registration]
Hundreds start to line up for 1970 motor vehicle registration; footage of Department of Motor Vehicles, new Maine 'WABI-1' license plate attatched   more
39) [Bald Peak Gravel]
Men with gravel cement truck in woods. Cement form layout. Cement truck moves into position. Men shovel cement into form. Men move cement chute. Men move more cement into form.   more
40) [Ballet Practice]
Footage of ballet practice; interview with woman on upcoming show/performance   more
41) [Ballet Preview]
Maine State Ballet to present 'Nutcracker' in Greenville and Orono   more
42) [Baltimore Restaurant Construction]
Progress report on new Baltimore Restaurant construction in Bangor   more
43) [Bangor Apartment Fire]
Fire destroys Union Street apartment house in Bangor   more
44) [Bangor Art Society Show]
Bangor Art Society annual juried art show at public library; footage of works hanging on walls; all 2-dimensional artwork   more
45) [Bangor Auto-Body Fire]
Fire at Beacon Auto-Body in Bangor; firemen push water around after extinguishing fire   more
46) [Bangor Bank Building Planned]
Merchants National Bank to build multi-story building in downtown Bangor   more
47) [Bangor Bridge Tolls]
Representative Edward Kelleher of Bangor will fight efforts to table bill to remove tolls from Bangor-Brewer bridge   more
48) Christmas Daddies
Show in which Dick Bronson and man named John request contributions for needy children's Christmas presents. Shots of them reading children's names, Ralph Lowe singing, Slim singing and...   more
49) [Bangor City Council Meeting]
Bangor City Council meeting   more
50) [Bangor Civil Defense]
Civil defense preparedness study on city of Bangor; meeting in Merle Goff's office; interview with man   more
51) [Bangor Community Center]
Bangor's new community center nearly completed; building interior and exterior   more
52) [Bangor Demolition]
Demolition of three buildings on Maine Street in Bangor passes the half-way point; razing being done to clear site of new Norther National Bank building; footage of old Bijou movie thea...   more
53) [Bangor Economic Report]
Bangor economic report; Bangor economic development director Ed McKeon discusses the city's 1969 economy; interview with city manager Merle Goff   more
54) [Students Protest]
Students continue to protest   more
55) [Bangor Election Candidates Videotaped]
Special hour program on Bangor city council candidates and school board candidates videotaped at Studio City   more
56) [Bangor Employment Prospects]
Greater Bangor area faces uncertain employment picture   more
57) [Muskie Visits Legislature]
Senator Edmund Muskie visits the 106th legislature   more
58) [Bangor Glue-Sniffing]
Glue-sniffing in Bangor worries police; footage of teens sniffing glue   more
59) [Bangor House Fire]
Bangor Fire Department contains daytime house fire on First Street   more
60) [Bangor Junior League Antique Show]
24th annual Junior League of Bangor antique show opens at Bangor Auditorium   more
61) [Bangor Mill Fire]
Six state fire inspectors fail to find cause of Morse's mill fire in Bangor; night footage of fire; firemen, firefighters, fire engines   more
62) [Bangor Park Construction]
Work underway for new Bangor park   more
63) [Bangor Police Get K-9 Recruit]
Only official K-9 dog recruit in Maine joins the Bangor Police Department   more
64) [Bangor Police Grant]
Bangor police receive intern grant for juvenile division   more
65) [Bangor Property Valuation]
Bangor property owners to receive valuation reports in April   more
66) [Bangor Rodeo Preparations]
420 yards of dirt trucked into Bangor Auditorium for championship rodeo   more
67) [Kyros on Soviet Fishing]
Peter Kyros speaks about the Soviets over-fishing off the coast of Maine; wants 200 off-shore rights/laws   more
68) [Bangor Sign Acquisition]
Sign acquisition to begin in Bangor's urban renewal areas; footage of houses, buildings   more
69) Band Concert and Brewer
Brewer: Outdooor band concert in LS.   more
70) [Bangor Snowmobile Open]
Winter thaw does not threaten 6th annual international snowmobile open at Bangor's Bass Park   more
71) [Chief for a Day Winners]
Husson College 'Chief For A Day' winners; young men and women receive trophies; man with pseudo-handlebar moustache   more
72) [Bangor Special Needs School]
Profile of Bangor's 14th Street school for children with learning disorders   more
73) [Bangor Sportsmen's Show]
35th annual sportsmen's show opens at Bangor Auditorium   more
74) [Bangor State Hospital]
Wisecarver views on Bangor State Hospital, part 3; interview with volunteers at hospital; interview with woman with big hair - really big hair; part 1 in item 1191.1225.11, part 2 in it...   more
75) [Bangor Track & Field Meet]
Greater Bangor Open track and field meet at Garland Field   more
76) [Pulp & Paper Open House]
Pulp & Paper Open House speakers declare industry will make significant pollution control efforts   more
77) [Bangor Traffic Accident]
Two injured at Odlin Road - 395 intersection; date may be 12/13/1971?   more
78) [Bangor Validation Parking System]
Stamped validation parking comes to downtown Bangor; people park their cars and stand around   more
79) [Bangor YMCA Camp]
Bangor YMCA Camp Jordan starts 46th year; kids swim, kayak, waterski; also footage of camp counsellors, cabins; summer camp   more
80) [Bangor's New Trash Containers]
Apparently a public service announcement for new trash containers including boys walking down sidewalk, one dropping a wrapper, other boy instructing him to pick it up and deposit in ne...   more
81) [Bank Branch Opens]
Waterville Savings Bank opens in Pittsfield   more
82) [Bank Facade Completed]
$2 million Bangor Merchants Bank completes facade work; aerial view of downtown Bangor from roof of new building   more
83) [Lubec Medical Center]
Profile of Lubic Medical Center experiment; footage of snowy scenery, hospital room with bed, floor plan, nurses, x-ray machine, main street in Lubec; facility looks newly-opened   more
84) [Bar Harbor and Brooks 4th of July]
Fourth of July celebrations in Bar Harbor and Brooks; footage of downtown parade and main street; people eat at picnic tables   more
86) [Basketball Game]
Unidentified high school basketball game; Ashland?   more
87) [Basketball Game]
High school basketball game; scoreboard reads: visitors 63, home 62   more
88) [Bath Representative Honored]
Bath representative Kathleen Watson Goodwin honored for helping elderly in legislative effort   more
89) [Baxter Hunting Restrictions]
Inland Fisheries and Game Commissioner Maynard Marsh see possible new restrictions on winter use of Baxter State Park; interview; deer hunting season predictions   more
90) [Beal College Commencement]
Congressman William (Bill) Cohen addresses Beal College commencement/graduation exercises in Bangor   more
91) [Belfast Broiler Festival]
1973 Belfast Broiler Festival; footage of beauty queens, parade, shriners, etc.; lots of food on conveyor belt   more
92) [Beth Israel Fashion Show]
Beth Israel 25th anniversary fashion show at Bangor's Red Lion restaurant   more
93) [Bicentennial Parade & Sardine Packing Champ]
Winslow bi-centennial parade; world sardine-packing champion   more
94) [Bionics Expert at Colby]
Group of men seated, in discussion. This story tentatively assigned the above title, but may not be correct.   more
95) [Blaine House Christmas]
Christmas reception at Blaine House in Augusta   more
96) [Maine Oil, Part Two]
James Keefe and oil on the Maine coast; part two of story; part one in item 1191.1026, part three in item 1191.1037   more
97) [Blue Nose Ferry Service]
Inauguration of ferry service between Yarmouth, Nova Scotia and Bar Harbor including interviews and speeches by Gov. Muskie, Sen. Margaret Chase Smith, Premier Hicks of Nova Scotia, Con...   more
98) [BOMARC]
Hauling of missile by truck including missile from several angles, and officials walking beside truck.   more
99) [Robert Marden Prophesizes]
Robert Marden predicts a Republican-controlled Legislature.   more
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Bangor Historical Society/WABI Collection
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Primary Format and Extent
film (650,000 ft.) : si. and sd., b&w and col. ; 16 mm. reversal pos. and dupe neg.
Collection Date Range
1948 – 1974
Collection contains television film from WABI-TV with a wide range of contents, including news stories, public affairs programs, commercials, political spots, sports stories, and shots of national, state and local politicians as well as people on the street and station personnel. Subjects covered include: attitudes and events during the Cold War and Vietnam War eras; President John F. Kennedy's speech in Orono in October 1963; reaction to the Kennedy assassination in November 1963; and events at Dow Air Force Base. There are about 30 pre-1958 stories, including a 1948 short film about Portland radio station WPOR and several stories about President Dwight D. Eisenhower receiving the first salmon of the Bangor (Penobscot River) fishing season.
Biographical/Historical Notes
WABI-TV is a CBS affiliate in Bangor. The station began broadcasting as an NBC affiliate in January 1953. Portions of this collection were used to create "Maine's TV Time Machine," a 34-minute compilation videotape. Dow Air Force Base was a primary employer in Bangor area until its closure in 1967. The city was affected by urban renewal in the 1970s. Collection also includes 16 mm. negatives and prints. was affected by urban renewal in the 1970s. Collection also includes 16 mm. negatives and prints.
People and Organizations
Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy
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