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1) Assignment in Aroostook
Same as 5026-01 (DB 2090), but a black and white print, probably for television distribution.   more
2) Big Muscle
'A' Roll of film Big Muscle. Locomotives.   more
3) Big Muscle
Evidently a combination of A roll and B roll with straight cuts. No fades or dissolves. With credits. However, the reel is significantly longer than 5027-01-BARR-68   more
4) Assignment in Aroostook
Produced by the Bangor and Aroostook Railroad in cooperation with the United States Air Force Strategic Air Command (SAC), this short tells the story of Sergeant Don Butler, who travels...   more
5) Giants of the Roundhouse
'A' Roll of the film Giants of the Roundhouse. The workings of a railway roundhouse.   more
6) Giants of the Roundhouse
B roll of cat. no. 5030-01-BARR-62   more
7) Assignment in Aroostook
Negative of Cat. no.5027-01-BARR-56.   more
8) Assignment in Aroostook
Negative optical track for Cat. no.5027-01-BARR-56   more
9) Assignment in Aroostook
Positive optical track for Cat. no. 5027-01-BARR-56 or possibly for color print Cat. no. 5026-01-BARR-56.   more
10) Assignment in Aroostook
Workprint for Cat. no. 5026-01-BARR-56   more
11) Assignment in Aroostook
Reel says 'A roll printed mask' and consists of a series of black and white fades. Possibly a method of producing fades on a finished print.   more
12) Assignment in Aroostook
'B Roll Printed Mask.' See notes for Cat. no. 5036-01-BARR-56.   more
13) Assignment in Aroostook
'A' Roll for Cat. no. 5026-01-BARR-56.   more
14) Assignment in Aroostook
'B' Roll for Cat no. 5026-01-BARR-56.   more
15) Assignment in Aroostook
'B' Roll negative sound. Probably used with Cat no. 5026-01-BARR-56.   more
16) Assignment in Aroostook
Titles.   more
17) Bangor & Aroostook Railroad!
'The First 100 Years, 1891-1991. A unique documentary of an unforgettable era in Maine railroading.' ONSITE REFERENCE ONLY.   more
18) Bangor & Aroostook Railroad! [production masters]
Production field shoot and archival masters for 'Bangor & Aroostook Railroad! The First 100 Years, 1891-1991. A unique documentary of an unforgettable era in Maine railroading.' 23 hour...   more
19) Big Muscle
'B' Roll of film Big Muscle. Locomotives.   more
20) Big Muscle
B-wind negative optical soundtrack for the film Big Muscle. Locomotives.   more
Bangor & Aroostook Railroad Collection
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Primary Format and Extent
film (14,459 ft.) : si. and sd., b&w and col. ; 16 mm. masterpos.
Collection Date Range
1956 – 1991
Collection contains two factual works: "Assignment in Aroostook" (1956) shows family life at Loring Air Force Base; "Giants of the Roundhouse" (1962) concerns railroad equipment. Collection also contains an educational/cultural work, "Big Muscle" (1968) a film about railroad locomotives.
Biographical/Historical Notes
The Bangor & Aroostook Railroad Company was founded in 1891 to serve northern Maine. Loring Air Force Base, near the Canadian border, closed in 1994.
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