Camp Kieve, Then and Now

Submitted by Katrina

I was elated to find a note this morning from Gemma Perretta, NHF Collections Manager, pointing me to a wonderful article on Camp Kieve, subject of the CLIR Project's Camp Kieve Collection.  Ray Suarez and his PBS NewsHour team visited Camp Kieve, highlighting their efforts to help veterans and their families heal.


Uncovering the 1939 World's Fair

Submitted by Caitlin

I haven’t even been here for two weeks yet, as the first William O'Farrell Fellowship recipient, and already it has been full of exciting discoveries. Last summer, while here for the 2009 Summer Symposium, I got a brief glimpse of what was awaiting me on a tour David gave, which was when I decided I had to find a way to come back. So, I was thrilled when the O'Farrell Fellowship opportunity arose.



Submitted by David

Welcome to our new site. We hope you take a minute to explore. There are a number of new features including video, a blog, and enhanced collection records.  Out of all the new features, I am particularly excited about adding video to the site. Check out the Rotator or the Spotlight for links to videos.


Collections Management

Submitted by Gemma

For the past year NHF has been working with Whirl-i-gig to create a custom Collective Access (CA) database. The database will allow the creation of both Collection Level records and Item Level records. It will serve as a catalog for managing all the moving image materials in the archive, as well as the back-end to our new Online Collections Guide (which you can view on this website).


Giant cassette player

Submitted by David

Last week NHF received an equipment donation from the Brooklin Keeping Society.  One was very useful, namely an 8mm projector, but one with lots of bells and whistles (8mm, Super8, and sound too).  An extra projector like this will be especially useful when we celebrate International Home Movie Day at the Maine Historical Society on October 16, 2010. (We'll give you specifics as the day approaches, but Home Movie Day provides a chance for everyone to bring in their old home movies and get an assessment of their condition and perhaps even screen a couple of reels.)


Maine Community Foundation grant received

Submitted by Jessica

NHF is pleased to announce that we have received a grant from the Maine Community Foundation to create three new compilations from our collections.  This is a great opportunity to show the rich heritage of the region that is in the vaults.  These compilations will include sustainable agriculture, a glimpse of three Maine communities over time, and a look at our maritime heritage on film.

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