Home Movie Day 2011

Submitted by Gemma

Home Movie Day 2011 is coming!

Mark your calendars for October 15th.

Once again we'll be at the Maine Historical Society in Portland from 1-4pm.

The public is invited to bring in their films and video for evaluation and to screen (if you'd like). NHF technical services will be on-hand to provide inspection, projection and answer questions about your home movies.


Working Waterfronts

Submitted by Jessica

The Camden International Film Festival is just around the corner and NHF will again be part of the Made in Maine Showcase on Saturday, October 1 (10:30 am) at the Farnsworth Art Museum in Rockland, ME.  Join us as we look at moving image treaures from our collections as they relate to working waterfronts in Maine.  A few of the collections that we will be pulling from:


The majesty of moving images

Submitted by Jessica

Last weekend we were invited to screen In Our Wake: Maine's Maritime Heritage on Film as part of the Penobscot Bay Rendezvous in Camden. I was fortunate to spend Friday evening in the amphitheatre with a group of boating enthusiasts who enjoyed the variety of clips on the screen.  Their reactions to each scene again proved to me why it is so important to preserve the moving images of our part.  The content is rich and meaninful and conveys emotions that simply cannot be captured in any other medium.


Eric J. Schwartz’s love of film fueled his push for preservation of old movies

Submitted by David

Eric Schwartz has been a friend and supporter of Northeast Historic Film since the 1980s, presenting at the 2001 Summer Symposium on "Home Movies and Privacy."  He has been one of the most influential figures in helping shape and develop the world of film preservation.  It's nice to see


Belfast Historical Society

Submitted by Jessica

This looks like a great evening of old film hosted by the Belfast Historical Society at the Belfast Free Library.  We appreciate them letting the world know how to properly store film!


Silver Anniversary Screening Series

Submitted by Jessica

Please join us as we continue our Silver Anniversary Screening Series with the premiere of Harvesting Maine: A Land Use Sampler.  Farms, forests, and lakes are all a vital part of Maine's history.  We will take a journey through the past 80 years to see just how these resources have been used.  Three of the collections highlighted will the Walter Woodman Wright Collection, the


Alamo Theatre featured in Bangor Metro

Submitted by Jane

Earlier this spring the Alamo Theatre was featured in a Bangor Metro article on vintage movie theaters in downeast and midcoast Maine. The print version featured spectacular photos of each of the theaters.  We are pleased to see our marquis as the photo for the online version of the article.


Processing the WCVB Collection

Submitted by Jessica

Processing the WCVB collection is a big job, and while sorting through thousands of film reels may sound a little mundane it has, in fact, been an extraordinary experience.


Brighton Awarded Academic Honor

Submitted by Jessica

Jack Brighton, Director of New Media & Innovation at Illinois Public Media, at U/I Urbana/Champaign, was honored as a recipient of the prestigious 2011 Chancellor's Academic Professional Excellence Award. Jack is a resource and great friend to NHF. Congratulations.  Read more about Jack and his work.

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