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Thank You

Submitted by David

This year NHF is celebrating our 25th anniversary. We are what is known as a "publicly supported nonprofit organization", or 501(c)3 as the IRS calls it. We haven't stayed around this long because we worked really hard, wrote a lot grants, or sold a lot of DVDs and popcorn, although that all helps. The real reason we are still in business has to do with that "publicly supported" part. Two crucial ways the public supports us is by joining as members and donating to our Annual Appeal.


Stillman Field Trip

Submitted by David

One of the most enjoyable things about working at NHF is taking an occasional field trip to pick up a collection. Recently I found myself in Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY where I had the great pleasure of meeting Amelia Stillman who conveyed the last portion of the films her late husband John S. Stillman wished us to have.


In Memoriam: Alan Kattelle

Submitted by David

We are saddened by the death of Alan Kattelle on December 8, 2010. For many years Alan was a mentor and dear friend. When Northeast Historic Film established an advisory board in 1997, Alan was one of the founding members. We will miss his wise counsel, his encyclopedic knowledge and generous spirit.


Google, Amazon, and NHF

Submitted by David

In Bradenton, Florida, the other day a man named Danny Patt took a notion and searched that name on the Internet. His father's name was also Danny Patt and he was surprised when one of the results was a DVD for sale on Amazon.com, Aroostook County 1920s. I had the pleasure of Mr. Patt's call on Monday and was able to give him the production date, 1994, and how Northeast Historic Film came to preserve the film and ask his father to compile a musical score as accompaniment.


Annual Appeal

Submitted by David

Our 2010 Annual Appeal letters just went into the mail.  If you aren't one of the lucky 2,000 people who received one but would be heartbroken not to participate, I can help.  Read on and I'll give you three easy options.


New oldfilm.org

Submitted by David

Welcome to our new site. We hope you take a minute to explore. There are a number of new features including video, a blog, and enhanced collection records.  Out of all the new features, I am particularly excited about adding video to the site. Check out the Rotator or the Spotlight for links to videos.


Giant cassette player

Submitted by David

Last week NHF received an equipment donation from the Brooklin Keeping Society.  One was very useful, namely an 8mm projector, but one with lots of bells and whistles (8mm, Super8, and sound too).  An extra projector like this will be especially useful when we celebrate International Home Movie Day at the Maine Historical Society on October 16, 2010. (We'll give you specifics as the day approaches, but Home Movie Day provides a chance for everyone to bring in their old home movies and get an assessment of their condition and perhaps even screen a couple of reels.)

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