NHF receives $322,000 CLIR grant

Submitted by David

 As the lead partner on the grant, titled The Woman Behind the Camera: Home Movies and Amateur Film by Women, 1925-1997, NHF will embark on an 18-month project to digitize home movies and amateur film and video made by women in the 20th century, and to make this material accessible online and to researchers.


Please make a gift to the Annual Fund

Submitted by David

NHF's Annual Fund is the largest source of unrestricted gifts to the archives.

Your gift cares for collections and supports year-round operations including the Alamo Theatre. 


A Century of Movies at the Alamo: Fargo (1996) November 20 at 6pm

Submitted by abertin

Snow. Lots and lots of snow. This how Joel and Ethan Coen’s Midwestern masterpiece, Fargo, begins. At first, the only thing we can see is a blinding field of white. Then, suddenly, we begin to make out the outline of a bird flying in front of us and then a car speeding down the road. This snowy opening is probably the most apt metaphor for what it is like to watch Fargo. Just like the snow, the film itself envelops the audience in a kind of haze while at the same time revealing something unexpected out of this snowy haze.


A NEW production from Distribution!

Submitted by Jane

The world premiere of the latest video in our line of "Videos of Life in New England," "Working the Land: The Upper Kennebec Valley Region of Maine in the 1930s," took place earlier this month at Fryeburg Fair. It was also our best seller!


A Century of Movies at the Alamo: Big (1988) October 16 at 6pm

Submitted by abertin

When I think about Big (1988), I think about the dichotomy between childhood and adulthood. It is a film that blissfully captures the youthful spirit, or “inner child”, we all are struggling to maintain, but it also captures something a little bit more universally tragic – a child’s perpetual desire to be an adult and an adult’s perpetual desire to return to childhood. This desire to be older than we are is normally our first encounter with wanting to be something other than we are and thus becomes our first experience with feeling inadequate.


Get your tickets for the International Maritime Film Festival!

Submitted by beminner

Join Northeast Historic Film and Wooden Boat Publications at the inaugural International Maritime Film Festival (IMFF.) IMFF is a juried contest of documentary films celebrating the heritage, spirit of adventure, and ingenuity of boats and waterborne pursuits. Festival weekend is September 30-October 2, 2016 at the Alamo Theatre. Learn more and buy tickets at


A Century of Movies at the Alamo: Young Frankenstein (1974) September 18 at 6pm

Submitted by abertin

Dr. Frederick Frankenstein (pronounced “Fron-kon-steen”) is a neurosurgeon with only one problem – his grandfather is extremely famous for re-animating the dead – and Frederick wants absolutely nothing to do with this legacy. He is only into hard facts and legitimate science, not any of that kooky stuff like bringing people back from the dead.


Now you can submit your Stock Footage or Research Requests online!

Submitted by Ian

We've got a spiffy new Stock Footage or Research Request Form to make it even easier for researchers, librarians, curators, academics and hobbyists to access our archive of film. Simply fill out the form and we'll be back to you, normally within two weeks.


A Century of Movies at the Alamo: The Sound of Music (1965) August 21 at 6pm

Submitted by abertin

There isn’t much I can say about the Sound of Music that hasn’t already been said. You all know the story and almost everyone has seen it or at least knows the songs (If you haven’t seen it, you must have had a wicked childhood or a miserable youth; but somewhere in your youth or childhood, you must have done something good because you get to see it now). So, if it’s okay with all of you, this month there won’t be any trivia or deep insights about the film. Instead, I’m just going to talk about what The Sound of Music means to me and hopefully what it means to you too.


Please support NHF's summer appeal

Submitted by beminner

Dear friends and NHF supporters,

Northeast Historic Film celebrates our 30th anniversary this year. Since 1986, we have amassed a collection of over 10 million feet of film featuring priceless images of the culture, industry, people, and events that make northern New England a great place to live. With your help, we hope to continue collecting, preserving, and sharing these moving images over the next 30 years. I invite you to support NHF and its collection by donating to our summer appeal.

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