Archival Moments

In keeping with our goal of making accessible northern New England's moving image heritage, Northeast Historic Film presents Archival Moments from our collection before the weekly feature films at the Alamo Theatre. Below is a sampling.

Caribou Aerial Double Wedding
Phil Peterson Collection, 1930

Silent film with intertitles of an aerial double wedding in a plane called Smiling Thru.  The plane belonged to H. L. Ogg, president of the Automatic Washer Company.  He flew from Newton, Iowa, to Caribou, a town in northern Maine. 

Potato Blossom Queen
WAGM Collection, circa. 1967

Founded in 1937 to celebrate Maine's primary food crop, the potato, the Maine Potato Blossom Festival is held the third weekend in July in Fort Fairfield, Maine, when the potato blossoms are in bloom.  Television station WAGM recorded the Potato Blossom Queen strumming a guitar and singing, surrounded by, you guessed it, blossoming potato plants.

Framingham Lion Tamers vs. Providence Steam Roller
Henry Sturgis Dennison Collection, 1927

This home movie features a 1927 football game between the Framingham Lion Tamers and the Providence Steam Roller, likely played in Framingham, Massachusetts. The Steam Roller played in the National Football League from 1925 to 1931, winning the 1928 championship, and also played against many independent New England teams, including the Lion Tamers.  Henry Dunker, the son-in-law of Henry Sturgis Dennison, played fullback for Framingham and is seen carrying the ball in many plays.


Camp Snipatuit, Rochester, Mass.
Margaret D. Hall Collection, circa 1951

Color footage of campers playing music, sailing, dressed like pirates during the summer.  Shots of the camp located near Rochester, Massachusetts, in the winter as well.


Elephant in India
Adelaide Pearson Collection, Circa 1938

This colorful footage of an elephant in India was taken by Adelaide Pearson of Blue Hill, Maine. Pearson traveled extensively and carefully documented her surroundings. In this film we see, in addition to the elephant, a visit to a market including fruit sellers, musicians and craftsmen.


King Kong in a Blanket
Spindleworks Collection, 1978

This film excerpt examines the activities taking place at Spindleworks in 1978. Spindleworks is a non-profit art center for adults with disabilities and a program of the Independence Association of Brunswick Maine, whose mission is to help children and adults with disabilities achieve full and inclusive lives in their chosen community. 


Northeast Harbor Fleet at Kollegewidgwok Yacht Club
Mrs. Frederic E. Camp Collection, 1934

Summer activities at yacht club in Blue Hill, Maine.  Sailing in Blue Hill Bay, cocktails and a clambake.