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             SUMMER 2011  
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New Compilations
image of DVD cover: The Fire of 1947

The Fire of 1947: The Year Maine Burned
The Great Fire of 1947 was actually more than 200 forest fires in Maine that destroyed thousands of acres and entire towns. This disaster is an important part of the local history of York, Oxford and Hancock counties. Whether you refer to it as “The Bar Harbor Fire,” “The Brownfield Fire,” “The Kennebunkport Fire,” or something else, it was a devastating disaster that forever changed many communities and the very landscape of the state. $19.95 70 min.

image of DVD cover: Northern Logging: Machines in the Woods

Northern Logging: Machines in the Woods
NHF offers a compilation of three short films that highlight the machines that worked in the woods from 1932 to 1950 and the importance of forest products.
Western Logging... Then and Now, The Tree in a Test Tube with Laurel & Hardy and Northern Logging. $14.95 48 min.

image of DVD cover: In Our Wake: Maine's Maritime Heritage on Film

In Our Wake: Maine’s Maritime Heritage on Film
From lobster pots and four-masted schooners to whitewater canoeing and seine fishing, step back in time to 1901. Travel through the decades as we explore Maine’s nautical past. Through home movies, travelogues, silents and talkies we look at Maine’s boats, freshwaters, harbors, and people. $19.95 70 min.

These new compilations, as well as all others are available in the NHF online store: oldfilm.org/store

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