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Moving Image Review  Preserving and Making Accessible Northern New England’s Moving Image Heritage
             SUMMER 2011  
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Executive Director’s Report

    Moving Image Review is back after a two-issue hiatus. During this “break” we focused on developing and re-launching our website, oldfilm.org. The “new” oldfilm.org gives us the capability to share thousands of records about our holdings, and as time goes on, thousands of video clips. As I write this we have all the records on our test site and the first wave – 50 finding aids from the Work Life project (see Grants in Action) – in place. Publishing additional records will be an incremental process, but we will be adding more as quickly as possible.
    We are also committed to publishing an electronic version of MIR. Many have asked to receive our newsletter via email, but a strong contingent still wants paper. We will continue down both paths for the time being.

The Little Things
Northeast Historic Film’s
25th anniversary inclines me to make sweeping predictions about the future and global assessments about past accomplishments. Of course, it is important to sum up and plan for the future, but 25 years is made up of moments. On any given day it’s the little things that define us.
    Whether it’s the repartee between Phil Yates and the regulars coming to a Friday night movie, or the surprised look on a first-time visitor’s face when they realize the Alamo houses more than a movie theater (yes, those vaults cost $1.8 million to build and house film collections from up and down the east coast), or Jane finding we do have that Class D semi-final basketball game Uncle Jim played in 1971.
     I’d like to think that if we take care of the little things, the milestones will roll around. But I’m enough of a realist to understand that it also takes strategic thinking, long-range planning, constant adjustment and re-evaluation, too.

Office Baby

Following a tradition as old as the company (my daughter Catherine was four months old and witnessed the founding of the company from her baby carrier), I’d like to introduce our newest office baby: Collection Manager Gemma Perretta’s daughter, Dorothy Anjelica Scott. Congratulations, Gemma.

NHF Statement of Purpose
The purpose of Northeast Historic Film is to collect, preserve, and make available to the public, film and videotape of interest to the people of northern New England.
     Activities include but are not limited to a survey of moving pictures of northern New England; preserving and safeguarding film and videotape through restoration, duplication, providing technical guidance and climate- controlled storage; creation of educational programs through screenings and exhibitions on-site and in touring programs; assistance to members of the public, scholars and students at all levels, and members of the film and video production community, through providing a study center, technical services and facilities.



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