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Members of Northeast Historic Film may borrow from our free loan collection of Videos of Life in New England. You can borrow up to three videos at a time and pay only $5 per shipment for postage. Simply email us at, call at 1-800-639-1636, or stop by NHF during normal business hours (Tues. - Thurs. from 9am to 4pm). If you prefer to mail a request form with your choices and contact information, one is available here (PDF). Become a member today to begin borrowing from our catalog.  A downloadable version of the loan catalog is also available here (PDF).


Titlesort icon Category Format(s) Year Length
24 Hours City Life DVD 1963 27 minutes
A Century of Summers Country Life DVD 1987 45 minutes
A Downeast Smile-In with Marshall Dodge Oral History DVD 90 minutes
A Midwife's Tale Feature Films VHS 1996 89 minutes
A Stolen Life Feature Films VHS 1946 110 minutes
A Stranger in the Kingdom Feature Films VHS 1998 95 minutes
A Summer Place Feature Films VHS 1959 130 minutes
Affliction Feature Films VHS 1997 20 minutes
Alaska Silence & Solitude Woods DVD 2004 58 minutes
Alice's Restaurant Feature Films VHS 1969 101 minutes
All But Forgotten Early Film DVD 1978 30 minutes
All the Brothers Were Valiant Feature Films VHS 1953 96 minutes
Alone in the Wilderness Woods DVD 2004 60 minutes
America's First Filmmakers - Alice Guy-Blache & Lois Weber Women's Topics VHS 1995 114 minutes
An American Nurse at War Women's Topics VHS 1997 36 minutes
An Oral Historian's Work with Dr. Edward Ives Oral History DVD 1987 30 minutes
Anchor of the Soul City Life DVD 1994 60 minutes
Aroostook County, 1920s Country Life DVD 1928 20 minutes
Around Cape Horn Boats and the Sea DVD 1929 37 minutes
Assignment in Aroostook New England Places DVD 1956 27 minutes
Awesome Whales for Kids Children DVD 67 minutes
Barns: Legacy of Wood and Stone Country Life DVD 2002 60 minutes
Bed and Breakfast Feature Films VHS 1992 96 minutes
Before and After Feature Films VHS 1997 108 minutes
Big Horse Children DVD 1995 30 minutes
Bluenose 1956 Boats and the Sea DVD 62 minutes
Bonsoir Mes Amis Franco-American Life VHS 1990 46 minutes
Brother of the Bear Early Film DVD 1921
Bryant Pond: The Last Ringdown Technology DVD 1982 12 minutes
Carlton Willey Student Work DVD 1990 39 minutes
Castine New England Places DVD 2004 58 minutes
Cherryfield, 1938 Country Life DVD 1938 6 minutes
Closing the Circle: The Alewife Run in Damariscotta Mills Country Life DVD 2005 30 minutes
Conversations with Farmers Country Life DVD 2000 56 minutes
Cupid, Registered Guide Early Film DVD 1921 20 minutes
Cut and Run Woods DVD 1980 40 minutes
Dead River Rough Cut: The Director's Cut Woods DVD 2002 75 minutes
Desire Under the Elms Feature Films VHS 1957 111 minutes
Downeast Lobsterman Boats and the Sea DVD 2006 30 minutes
Dynamite, Whiskey and Wood: Connecticut Log Drives Woods DVD 2005 57 minutes
Earliest Maine Films Early Film DVD 1901 44 minutes
Earliest Massachusetts Films Early Film DVD 2006 60 minutes
Earth Medicine American Indians DVD 1975 240 minutes
Eastport New England Places VHS 1999 55 minutes
Edaville Collection - Massachusett's Maine Attraction & Edaville revisited Transportation DVD 120 minutes
Eight Ways to Fish New England Places DVD 2003 60 minutes
Electra Havemeyer Webb: Out of the Ordinary Women's Topics DVD 2002 60 minutes
Evangeline Feature Films DVD 1929 87 minutes
Experience Portland Maine City Life DVD 2003 120 minutes
Experience Portland Past New England Places DVD 2003 70 minutes
Feed Feature Films VHS 1992 76 minutes
Fence in the Water Fisheries DVD 1980 45 minutes
Finest Kind Fisheries DVD 1975 28 minutes
Franco-Americans: We Remember Franco-American Life DVD 1999 60 minutes
From Pulpwood to Newsprint Woods DVD 1940 25 minutes
From Stump to Ship: A 1930s Logging Film Woods DVD 1930 28 minutes
Frozen North, The Woods DVD
Funny Farm Feature Films VHS 1988 101 minutes
Gabriel Women: Passamaquoddy Basketmakers American Indians DVD 1999 28 minutes
Giant Horses Country Life DVD 1993 30 minutes
Gloucester's Adventure Boats and the Sea DVD 2002 58 minutes
Golden: The Hobey Baker Story Sports DVD 2004
Goodall Mills: the Story of Chase Velmo Technology DVD 1926 115 minutes
Granite by the Sea New England Places DVD 2002 29 minutes
Great Flood of 1936: The Connecticut River Story New England Places DVD 58 minutes
Gus Skoog: Boat Builder of Vinalhaven, Maine Boats and the Sea DVD 1999 50 minutes
Hap Collins of South Blue Hill, Maine Country Life DVD 1989 56 minutes
Hard Work Women's Topics DVD 2004 59 minutes
Helen Nearning: Conscious Living/Conscious Dying Ecology and Energy DVD 2000 56 minutes
Here Comes the Groom Feature Films VHS 1951 114 minutes
Hollywood Comes to Vinalhaven: The Making of Deep Waters Boats and the Sea DVD 75 minutes
Honest Vision: A Portrait of Todd Webb Artists and Authors DVD 1996 55 minutes
I Married a Witch Feature Films VHS 1942 77 minutes
Ice Harvesting Sampler Country Life DVD 1994 26 minutes
In Days Gone By Vermont Country Ways Country Life DVD 2000 60 minutes
In the Spirit of Haystack Artists and Authors DVD 1979 10 minutes
Industry on Parade - Tape A - Reel # 2 & 150 Technology VHS 21 minutes
Invisible American Indians DVD 2005 59 minutes
Irving Berlin's Holiday Inn Feature Films VHS 1942 101 minutes
Islander Feature Films DVD 2006 101 minutes
It's the Maine Sardine Fisheries DVD 1949 16 minutes
Jazz on a Summer's Day Feature Films VHS 1958 84 minutes
Jenny's Island Life Boats and the Sea DVD 2002 42 minutes
John F. Kennedy Speech Politics DVD 30 minutes
Joshua Chamberlain and the 20th Maine City Life DVD 1994 55 minutes
Katahdin: The Mountain of People Woods DVD 2001
Keyes Fibre Company: Groundwood Mill Operations Woods DVD 30 minutes
King Spruce Woods DVD 1940 23 minutes
Knox County on Parade New England Places DVD 1940 43 minutes
Kris Kristofferson: The Vermont Concert Live! Feature Films DVD 2007 41 minutes
L.L. Bean Biography Country Life DVD 2001
Last Log Drive Down the Kennebec Woods DVD 1976 30 minutes
Leave Her to Heaven Feature Films VHS 1945 111 minutes
Legends of American Skiing Sports DVD 1982 80 minutes
Liberty School: The Show New England Places DVD 2006 71 minutes
Life Lobster: Maine Lobsterman Fisheries DVD 1976 24 minutes
Lighthouses of Maine: A Journey Through Time Boats and the Sea DVD 2003 55 minutes
Lobstertown Country Life DVD 1947 27 minutes
Lost Boundaries Feature Films VHS 1949 99 minutes
Lumberjack Sky Pilot Woods DVD 2001 60 minutes
Maine Experience Program 1 - Sen. Margaret Chase Smith: Declaration of Conscience New England Places DVD
Maine Experience Program 10 - For the Long Haul: Lincoln, Maine New England Places DVD
Maine Experience Program 11 - Wyman's Vision New England Places DVD
Maine Experience Program 12 - The Many Lives of Loring New England Places DVD
Maine Experience Program 13 - Rockland in the Limelight New England Places DVD
Maine Experience Program 2 - Neal Dow: Prophet of Prohibition New England Places DVD
Maine Experience Program 3 - Facing the Past: Malaga Island New England Places DVD
Maine Experience Program 4 - Mellie Dunham: Fiddling to Fame New England Places DVD
Maine Experience Program 5 - The Doctors of Osteopathy New England Places DVD
Maine Experience Program 6 - The Washburns of Livermore, Maine New England Places DVD
Maine Experience Program 7 - Machines in the Garden New England Places DVD
Maine Experience Program 8 - Writing the Changes: May Sarton New England Places DVD
Maine Experience Program 9 - Bangor, Maine: Lumber Capital of the World New England Places DVD
Maine Experience Programs 1-13 New England Places DVD
Maine Goes to the Tangerine Bowl Television DVD 22 minutes
Maine Masters Project - Alan Magee Artists and Authors DVD 2002 30 minutes
Maine Masters Project - Children of Iraq (Olive Pierce) Artists and Authors DVD 2002 30 minutes
Maine Masters Project - Dahlov Ipcar Artists and Authors DVD 2003 30 minutes
Maine Masters Project - Harold Garde Artists and Authors DVD 2002 30 minutes
Maine Masters Project - Louis Dodd Artists and Authors DVD 2009 30 minutes
Maine Masters Project - Olive Pierce Artists and Authors DVD 2002 30 minutes
Maine Masters Project - Robert Hamilton Artists and Authors DVD 2007 30 minutes
Maine Masters Project - Stephen Pace Artists and Authors DVD 2008 30 minutes
Maine Masters Project -William Thon Artists and Authors DVD 2002 30 minutes
Maine State Archives Collection: Flavor of Maine Fisheries DVD 1996 60 minutes
Maine's Harvesters of the Sea Fisheries DVD 1968 28 minutes
Maine's TV Time Machine Television DVD 1989 34 minutes
Maintenance of Steel and Motor Power Transportation DVD 36 minutes
Making of an American Early Film DVD 1920 14 minutes
Malice Feature Films VHS 1993 107 minutes
Man with a Plan Feature Films DVD 1996 90 minutes
Master Smart Women Jane Morrison and Independent DVD 1984 28 minutes
May Sarton: She Knew a Phoenix Artists and Authors DVD 1980 28 minutes
May Sarton: Woman of Letters Artists and Authors VHS 1995 30 minutes
Meade of Gettysburg City Life DVD 1993 40 minutes
Memories of Steam in New England: New Haven, Central Vermont, Maine Central Transportation DVD 30 minutes
Mission: Alpha Centauri Student Work DVD 1967 13 minutes
Modern Times in Maine and America New England Places DVD 1995 30 minutes
Movie Queen 2000, Bucksport The Movie Queen DVD 2000 28 minutes
Movie Queen, Lincoln The Movie Queen DVD 1936 37 minutes
Movie Queen, Lubec The Movie Queen VHS 1936 28 minutes
Movie Queen, Middlebury The Movie Queen DVD 1939 32 minutes
Movie Queen, Newport The Movie Queen VHS 1936 35 minutes
Movie Queen, Van Buren The Movie Queen DVD 33 minutes
Moving History: Two-Foot Rail Returns to Maine Transportation DVD 48 minutes
My Father's Camera Home Movies Amateur Film DVD 2000 60 minutes
My Lady O' the Pines Early Film DVD 1921 26 minutes
Mystery of the Lost Red Paint People American Indians VHS 1987 60 minutes
Myth of Fingerprints Feature Films VHS 1997 91 minutes
NESM Film Sampler and The Man in the Red Flannel Suit Sports VHS 1996 45 minutes
New England's Great River Boats and the Sea VHS 2003 60 minutes
New Hampshire Remembered New England Places DVD 180 minutes
Noble Hearts: Civil War Vermont City Life DVD 2005 60 minutes
Northern Railroads Transportation DVD 1995 60 minutes
Northrunner Country Life DVD 50 minutes
Norumbega: Maine in the Age of Exploration and Settlement New England Places DVD 1989 16 minutes
Nosey Parker Feature Films DVD 2003
Old Ironsides Feature Films VHS 1926 111 minutes
Old Man Dogs Feature Films VHS 1997 88 minutes
One Crazy Summer Feature Films VHS 1986 89 minutes
Our Fishing Heritage Fisheries DVD 1996 60 minutes
Our Lives in Our Hands American Indians DVD 1988 50 minutes
Parrish Feature Films VHS 1961 138 minutes
Part-Time Farmer Country Life DVD 1958 17 minutes
Passamaquoddy-Maliseet Language Keepers American Indians DVD 2009
Peapods of the Maine Coast Boats and the Sea DVD 85 minutes
Pemaquid: Stewards by the Sea Boats and the Sea DVD 59 minutes
Penobscot Basketmaker--Barbara Francis American Indians DVD 2002 52 minutes
Penobscot River Crossings New England Places DVD 35 minutes
Penobscot: The Battle No One Ever Heard Of Colonial Times DVD 30 minutes
Peyton Place Feature Films VHS 1957 157 minutes
Portrait of Jennie Feature Films VHS 1948 86 minutes
Prophecy Feature Films VHS 1988 102 minutes
Rachel, Rachel Feature Films VHS 1968 102 minutes
Rails and Trails: Visions of Maine's Future Transportation DVD 1992 18 minutes
Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm Feature Films VHS 1938 81 minutes
Renascense: Edna St. Vincent Millay, Poet Artists and Authors DVD 1993 58 minutes
Ride the Sandy River Railroad Transportation DVD 1930 30 minutes
River Run & Log Jam Woods DVD 21 minutes
Salmon Country Fisheries DVD
Salt & Friends: Humpback Whales with Names Children DVD 60 minutes
Schoodic: Where Sea Meets Land Country Life DVD 57 minutes
Second Sight Feature Films VHS 1989 85 minutes
Seven Mornings in Maine New England Places DVD 55 minutes
Shadows Early Film VHS 1922 68 minutes
Signs of Life Feature Films VHS 1989 94 minutes
Simon Birch Feature Films VHS 1999 114 minutes
Ski Sentinels Sports DVD 45 minutes
So You Want to Be a Woodsman Woods DVD 1996 58 minutes
Song of the Drum: The Petroglyphs of Maine American Indians DVD 2004 47 minutes
Starting Over: Understanding and Supporting Refugee and Immigrant Experiences Student Work DVD
Stella Dallas Feature Films VHS 1937 106 minutes
Strange Interlude Feature Films VHS 1932 89 minutes
Summer Stock Feature Films VHS 1950 120 minutes
Tales from the North Country Country Life
The Bangor and Aroostook Railroad Transportation DVD 1991 30 minutes
The Cold War/Transportation/TV Commercials Television DVD 50 minutes
The Gazebo Feature Films VHS 1959 100 minutes
The House of Seven Gables Feature Films VHS 1941 80 minutes
The Inkwell Feature Films VHS 1994 112 minutes
The Jeremiah O'Brien, Homecoming Boats and the Sea DVD 1994 59 minutes
The Knight of the Pines Early Film DVD 1920 20 minutes
The Maine Lobster Fisheries DVD 1955 30 minutes
The Maple Sugaring Story Children DVD 1989 28 minutes
The Night Portland Burned City Life DVD 27 minutes
The Sailor's Sacrifice Early Film DVD 1909 20 minutes
The Seventh Day Feature Films DVD 1922 65 minutes
The Silent Enemy Feature Films VHS 1930 121 minutes
The Story of Wood in the Northeast Woods DVD 2006 30 minutes
The Stranger Feature Films VHS 1946 95 minutes
The Trees Still Grow New England Places VHS 1994 30 minutes
The Trouble with Harry Feature Films VHS 1955 100 minutes
The Viking Feature Films VHS 1931 90 minutes
The White Heron Children DVD 1989 26 minutes
Theodora Goes Wild Feature Films VHS 1936 94 minutes
Thrills and Spills in the North Country Sports VHS 1998 56 minutes
Timber is a Crop Woods DVD 1940 66 minutes
Timber on the Move Woods DVD 34 minutes
Timothy's Quest Feature Films DVD 1922 90 minutes
To Die For Feature Films VHS 1996 102 minutes
Together in Time Franco-American Life DVD 2001 27 minutes
Trail to Better Dairying Country Life DVD 44 minutes
Tugboat Boats and the Sea DVD 1978 14 minutes
Tunbridge Trilogy New England Places DVD
Two Sisters from Boston Feature Films VHS 1946 112 minutes
Under Quabbin: The Search for Lost Towns New England Places DVD 58 minutes
Up in Flames Technology DVD 29 minutes
US 1 Aroostook New England Places DVD 2001 55 minutes
Vermont is for Lovers Feature Films DVD 1992 88 minutes
Vermont Memories New England Places DVD 1994 57 minutes
Vermont Memories II New England Places DVD 1995 57 minutes
Vermont Memories III New England Places DVD 1996 60 minutes
Vermont's Great Flood New England Places DVD 21 minutes
Vermonters at War: World War II: From Home Front to Front Lines New England Places VHS 2001 120 minutes
Vinalhaven New England Places DVD 1996 44 minutes
Wabanaki: A New Dawn American Indians DVD
Waking up French (Reveil) Franco-American Life DVD 2006 81 minutes
Way Down East Early Film VHS 1920 149 minutes
Where the River Flows North Feature Films VHS 1994 111 minutes
Wilderness and Spirit: A Mountain Called Katahdin Woods DVD 2002 100 minutes
Windy Acres Feature Films DVD 2004 240 minutes
Wohelo, 1919 New England Places DVD 10 minutes
Woodcock Woodlands: Moosehorn National Wildlife Reserve New England Places DVD 1987 29 minutes
Woodsmen and River Drivers, Another Day, Another Era Woods DVD 1989 30 minutes
Words from Millie's Garden: The Story of Pettengill Farm Country Life DVD 2003 50 minutes
Working Women of Waldo County: Her Story Women's Topics DVD 1983 29 minutes
Working Women of Waldo County: Our Heritage Women's Topics DVD 1983 29 minutes
Wyman Station Ecology and Energy DVD 1928 30 minutes