Thank You

Submitted by David

This year NHF is celebrating our 25th anniversary. We are what is known as a "publicly supported nonprofit organization", or 501(c)3 as the IRS calls it. We haven't stayed around this long because we worked really hard, wrote a lot grants, or sold a lot of DVDs and popcorn, although that all helps. The real reason we are still in business has to do with that "publicly supported" part. Two crucial ways the public supports us is by joining as members and donating to our Annual Appeal.

We started our membership program in 1989, just three years after our founding, and it is now a group of more than 400 students, educators, individuals, other nonprofits, and businesses who believe in our mission. Members hail from as far away as Australia and as near as just around the corner in Bucksport.

Visit here to see the membership list, here to read more about our membership program, and if you didn't find your name on the list but would like to, please click join/renew.

The Annual Fund is only three years old, and continues to grow. In 2010, 173 people and businesses contributed to the future of NHF. Their donations help to ensure the safekeeping of our collections and that we can share them in a variety of ways.

In acknowledgement of our Silver Anniversary we have raised our sights and nearly doubled our Annual Fund goal. Our mailings won't go out until summer but your support is greatly appreciated in any season, click here to make your donation online. Or pick up a donor envelope at one of the special Silver Screenings we'll be holding all year. Click here to see the schedule.

Many thanks to each of you for your continued generous support.